Friday, July 3, 2020

Crispy Roasted Pork 脆皮烧肉

Finally had uploaded most or probably all of my baking and cooking that done a few years ago from year 2014-2018 lol. I baked or cooked very little during year 2018 and 2019, most of the photos taken during these 2 years, were accidentally deleted :(.

I started to bake more actively during CB period as dear husband hinted he missed my baking and cooking lol. After finally settled down and get use to working from home, since I have saved a lot of times from travelling to work, so I used the extra times to do some baking.

I started to bake butter cake, bread... until my friends shared with me the brown sugar pearls, muah chee, roasted pork that they made that enticed me to make it as well lol.

Roasted pork is dear husband's favorite, when he knew that I am going to make it, he was so happy. 

My MIL sliced the pork belly into 3 pieces before I can tell her that is not for her cooking lol.

Recipe adapted from 搵到食

Ingredients :
1.2 kg pork belly
½ tbsp white vinegar
1 tbsp oil

Marinated Ingredients: (mixed well)
3.5 tsp salt
1.5 tsp sugar
1.5 tsp five spice powder
1 tsp pepper

Methods :
1.      Wash and dry the port belly.

2.     Boil a pot of water, cook the pork belly for 10 mins, remove the pork belly from the pot and soap it into a bowl of water to cool. Tap dry the pork belly with kitchen tower. Prick the skin until the skin is completely punctured with holes (you can use satay stick or fork), this is crucial in order to create a crispy skin.

3.     Place the meat side facing upwards and use a knife to slice the meat at equal intervals. (take note do not to slice through the skin)

4.     Rub the meat sides evenly with the marinated ingredients even the sliced areas. (take note do not rub the skin with marinated ingredients)

5.     Wrap the meat with aluminum foil, do not wrap the skin, let it expose.

6.     Brush the skin evenly with white vinegar.

7.      Store the pork belly in fridge (I actually store it in a Tupperware) and chill in the fridge for 2 days (I chilled for 3 days cos no time to bake). This is to dry out the skin.

8.     Allow pork belly to return to room temperature on the day of roasting.

9.     Use a long satay stick to poke through the pork belly to prevent the meat shrink during roasting.

10.  Roasted the pork belly in preheated oven at 200C. Place the pork belly at baking rack at the center of the oven, skin facing up. (place a baking tray lay with aluminum foil to contain the oil that dripping)

11.   After 40 mins, adjust to 250C, use only top heat, move the pork belly to the top layer of the oven, roast the pork belly skin until bubbles (about 15-20 mins)

12.   Remove the pork belly from the oven, use a small knife to scrap away the charred parts of the skin

13.   After scrapping, brush the skin evenly with cooking oil. 

Cass has provided step by step photos, you may hop over her blog for reference.

The pork belly is very tasty and the skin is so crispy and crunchy after 2 times roasting. My family love it, especially dear husband kept asking for encore. A definitely keeper.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Nutty Chocolate Chiffon Cake 榛果巧克力戚风蛋糕

Recipe adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover

Ingredients :
4 egg yolks
15g caster sugar
35g sunflower oil
55g milk
80g self-raising flour
40g roasted hazelnut (roast at a pre-heated oven 180C for 3mins, remove skin)
10g corn flour

4 egg white
60g caster sugar

2 tsp cocoa powder

  1. Put the self raising flour, corn flour and roasted hazelnuts in a food processor, and whizz until the nuts are finely ground.
  2. Add in sugar into egg yolks, immediately lightly whisk the egg yolks and sugar till light.
  3. Add in the oil, mix well. Then add in milk, stir well to combine. Add in flour mixture, stir to well combine.
  4. Beat egg whites till foamy, gradually add in sugar in there batches and continue beat until soft peak formed.
  5. Take 1/3 of meringue and use a hand whisk to mix well and lighten the egg yolk batter.
  6. Now change hand whisk to a silicone spatula, fold in 1/3 of meringue, gently fold with egg yolk batter till slightly combined. Fold in the balance meringue and gently fold till well combined.
  7. Pour 1/3 cake batter into chiffon pan, sift a thin layer of cocoa powder on it. Repeat the rest of layers.
  8. Bake at pre-heated oven at 170c for 45mins at middle rack or until cooked.
  9. Once done, turn your chiffon tin upside down and cool completely before remove from the tin.

Hokkien Prawn Noodle Soup

This is dear sis's signature dish that is our family's favorite, we never get tire of eating it. The soup taste really yummy especially consume the next day.

Recipe adapted from Feast To The World 

Ingredients :(Serves 4)

For the broth:
250g pork spareribs
250g fatty pork chop
16 large raw tiger prawns
2 tbsp lard or sunflower oil
2 tbsp crushed rock sugar (from any good Chinese supermarket, alternatively use granulated sugar)
2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
1 tsp whole black peppercorns
3 litres water
30g dried anchovies/ikan bilis (optional but will yield a tastier broth)
2 tsp light soy sauce
2 tsp dark soy sauce
sea salt, to taste
freshly ground black pepper

For the garnish:
Fried shallots
1 spring onions, green parts only, cut into rings

To serve:
400g fresh egg noodles
200g kangkong (water spinach)
100g bean sprouts
2 large red chilled, cut into rings
2 tbsp light soy sauce

Cut the pork spareribs apart into manageable size pieces. Bring a pan of water to the boil, add the ribs and blanch for 2-3 minutes before draining and rinsing with plenty of cold water to get rib of any visible blood. These will give you a clearer stock. Set aside.

Prepare the prawns. Remove and reserve the heads and shells. Cut a slit along the back and remove the thin black thread intestines, Wash thoroughly and pat dry. Set aside in the fridge.
(Note: If like me, you have plenty of frozen prawn heads and shells laying about in the freezer, you can use them instead and leave these prawns whole and skip this step. )

Heat the lard or oil in a wok over medium-high heat. Once smoking, add the prawn heads and shells to the wok and fry for 1 minute before adding the rock sugar, garlic and peppercorns and continue to fry for another 3-4 minutes, until the prawn heads and shells have turned a deep red colour and coated with glossy lightly caramelised sugar.

Pour in the water, add the blanched ribs, trimmed pork chop and anchovies and bring to the boil.  Lower the heat and simmer uncovered for 2 hours. Skim off any floating foam occasionally.

Remove the pork chop from the simmering stock after 30 minutes, which should now be cooked and tender and set aside to cool. Once cooled, thinly sliced the pork and set aside.

After this time, remove the ribs from stock and discard as they will have no more flavour. Strain the stock through a fine sieve lined with a muslin cloth into a clean pan, pressing on the heads and shells to extract as muck stock as possible. Season with light and dark soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Bring the stock to the boil, add the shelled prawns and blanch for 2-3 minutes, until they turned pink and just cooked through. Lift out with a slotted spoon and set aside. Keep the stock on a simmer.

Bring a pan of water to the boil. Blanch the noodles until just heated through, then drain using a slotted spoon and divide into separate serving bowl.

Using the same pan of boiling water quickly blanch the kangkong and bean sprouts for a few seconds, until just cooked through. Divide the vegetable, cooked prawns and sliced pork and arrange neatly onto the noodle among the serving bowls. Pour enough hot stock over these to cover the noodles and top with the garnishes.

Place some light soy sauce in a small sauce dish with some sliced red chillies on the side.


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