Saturday, February 13, 2010

Butter Cake

Actually I do not have any intention to bake cake today as I had used up most of my baking engery for this week as I had been busying from Monday till Thursday baking and frosting the 2 birthday cakes. Moreover, my mum's birthday is a few days down the road so I will need to bake another birthday cake so soon.

Why I ended up baking this butter cake? Because my MIL wanted me to bake the cake through my husband. No wonder she and my helper has been asking me whether am I baking cake today, probably is waiting for me to "automatically" bake the cake. I didn't know they want to eat cake cos no one seem interested on my previous marbled butter cake so I thought probably too much cakes for them liao due to my frequent baking so they have lost interest. Moreover, my SIL has baked a 9" butter cake 1 week plus ago so I thought they should be overwelming by such a big cake as I reckon this cake has been finished only by my PIL as both me & my dear husband are watching our diet and dear daughter will not be interested unless is cupcake, helper recently having bad cough so she will not be eating.

I used the recipe shared by SIL with some modication. The cake is for 9" cake pan but I used 8" and balance batter to bake into cupcakes for my dear daughter. As I have some left over chocolate ganache, so I added into the cupcakes.
I should have baked the cake another 5 more mins more than the original recipe as I had added the milk so the batter should be wetter. But as I was afraid over bake the cake so I baked for 45 mins and left the cake in the oven for 15 mins.

Ingredients: Yield one 8" cake and 10 cupcakes
300g butter, soften
7 eggs
195g castor sugar
230g cake flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp vanilla essence
1 1/2 tbsp milk

1. Preheat the oven to 160°C.
2. Beat the butter with the castor sugar at high speed for about 10 mins until white and fluffy.
3. Beat eggs with fork in a bowl, add in eggs a bit by bit at a time and mix well in medium speed.
4. Fold in sieved flour and baking powder and mix well.
5. Then add in milk and vanilla essence and mix well.
6. Pour into a greased cake pan and bake for about 45 mins, then leave in the oven for 5 mins.

The cake is nice, buttery, soft and moist. The sweetness is just right for my taste bud.

Edited on 15 Feb 2010 : the cake tasted even more yummy after overnight. This recipe is definately a keeper for butter cake.

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