Monday, February 1, 2010

Seafood Dinner

Ever since we have fixed the meet up date with G who coming back to Singapore from Sydney, we have been cracking our head where shall we have our dinner. Of course I believed most of us will suggest Korean BBQ which is our favourite, especially wagu beef, yummilious! But since G only come back Singapore once in a year, so I suggested that should check with him what food he want to eat instead. And he suggested seafood, Long Beach at Dempsey or East Coast. However we were not able to get a table at Dempsey and East Coast is not really convenience since most are staying at the west. Thus, we finally settled at Non Signboard Vivo City.

We ordered the set menu and these were the dishes.

The food taste quite good and they served quite generous portions which our stomach nearly burst after finished all the courses.

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