Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cream Cheese Brownie

When I saw this cream cheese brownie from Nasi Lemak Lover's blog that she got the recipe from another blog Moon 月亮, the photos of the brownie looks so inviting that made me set my mind that I must try this recipe.

My cream cheese brownie cracked during baking, luckily the cracks are not very visible after cooled down. I will try using water bath in future.

Initially I thought the spider web design will not be easy to manage but in actual fact, it is not difficult at all. I didnt even use pipping bag, I just used a small plastic bag and cut a small hole at the corner. :P

Although my spider web didnt look perfect but I guess practise will makes perfect. I will use this design for birthday cake decoration in future :).

And think my oven's temperature too high so the top a bit brown, next time I will cover it with aluminium foil.

Recipe from Nasi Lemak Lover that she adapted from Moon 月亮.

Ingredients : (I used 8" cake tin)
Brownie Layer:
120g dark chocolate
120g butter
20g brown sugar
2 whole eggs
60g all purpose flour (sift)

Cream Cheese Layer:
200g cream cheese
40g sugar
½ tsp of vanilla essence
1 whole egg

Steps for brownie layer:
1. Melt dark chocolate, follow by butter and sugar in a pot over simmering water.
2. Add in eggs into mixture 1 and mix well.
3. Sift flour into egg mixture and combine well.

Steps for cheese layer:
1. Beat cream cheese and sugar till creamy.
2. Add in eggs and vanilla, beat till well combine.

Combine both layers:
1. Pour brownie mixture into a baking pan, keep 1 tbsp for decoration.
2. Pour cheese mixture on top of brownie mixture.
3. Fill the 1 tbsp of brownie mixture into a piping bag, and follow to Moon’s step here to decorate.
4. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180c for 40mins.

This is very similar to the chocolate swirl cheesecake, except for the chocolate portion, as this is brownie so the texture is more compact, fudgy unlike the chocolate portion of chocolate swirl cheesecake which is soft, fluffy and moist. However both recipes are truely delicious, and of course very sinful :P.
I shared the cream cheese brownie with my friends and they gave thumbs up.


  1. Could you pls advise how many mashed bananas required for the Brownie base.

  2. Hi Beth, sorry for the confusion, I actually omit the mashed bananas but if you want to add in, you can add in 3 bananas and mix well after you whisk in eggs.


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