Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roasted Chicken

I have been cooking for some of the Sunday dinners, one of the dishes that I love to serve will be roasted chicken. This recipe is the roasted chicken that you can find in the chicken rice store, original recipe is using oil frying but I used oven to roast it. I am trying to minimize deep frying in my house (even though my helper can help me to deep fry but I just dislike the feeling of the whole house is so oily and smoky after each deep frying.

I am also trying to "convert" my MIL to use oven to bake the fried chicken wings instead of deep frying. Although the result is not as crispy as using oil to deep fry but still crispy and tasty, more healthy too. I love seeing the oil dripping down from the chicken when baking in the oven, feel so happy that the oil didn't go into my body :P.

Back to the roasted chicken, I used the sauce to braise some hard boiled eggs since dear daughter and myself love braised eggs. Dear daughter is crazy over hard boiled eggs, one of her tea break will be hard boiled egg if she is hunting for food. Sometimes she can eat as many as 3 eggs per day but only the whites, she will discard the yolk since is too dry for her (she is so alike of me, I dislike the egg yolk of hard boiled egg too :P). I cooked the chicken rice using ready-mix sauce to go with the roasted chicken, easy and fast and yummy :).

Recipe Adapted from Kitchen Caper

Ingredients :
1 Chicken about 1.2kg

1/2 cup dark and light soya sauce
1 tbsp chopped ginger
1 tbsp chopped garlic
2 tbsp 5 spice powder
3 tbsp honey
2 tbsp hua-tiao wine
1 tbsp sesame oil
3 tbsp salt (cut to 2 tbsp)
1/2 tsp pepper
1.5l water

Method :
1. Bring to boil all the marinate
2. Add cleaned chicken and boil briefly for about 2 mins, turning the chicken to ensure that all parts are marinated.
3. Off the fire and leave chicken in the pot to soak, turn it once in a while. Season for about 2 hours.
4. Drain the chicken and leave to dry for a while.
5. Roast chicken at pre-heat oven at 180C for 40-50 mins or knife goes in to the thickest part of thigh and water from chicken comes out clear.
6. Let it cool before cutting & serving with a mixture of soya sauce, sesame oil and water.


The chicken is too salty, I will definitely need to further reduce the salt to 1 tbsp or less if I am going to cook it again. The meat is quite tender even for breast meat but the skin is not as crispy as the oil fry version and in all, still quite delicious.


  1. It looks mouth-watering. I love to bake my chicken instead of deep-frying it too. Easier and less messy for me. ;)

  2. your roast chicken looks delicious and i agree with you that roasting/baking chicken is definitely healthier and tastier!

  3. UHooooooooo!!! Like those bought in stores~!!
    I'm seriously salivating..!

  4. Woh! Your roasted chicken cooked so evenly colored! Very delicious!

  5. I just had chicken rice for lunch but seeing yours make me craving for it!

  6. I get hungry when seeing ur roasted chicken at this hour..hahaha

  7. That's a good looking chicken, Jess. Crispy or not crispy, I never like to deep-fry in my kitchen, smelly, greasy and of course, unhealthy! If I really need to deep-fry, I'll do it outdoors, have a small stove there, my neighbours can see what I'll be doing, but I don't care! So there're 3 kitchens, dry, wet and outdoors!

  8. Oven-baked chicken? It looks good and I'm sure it goes well with the chilli sauce.

  9. This combi dish is absolutely perfect and yummy!
    Ciao Barbara!

  10. ya, roasted chicken is more healthy than deep fry chicken, but sometime i still like to deep fry it, it taste crispy and delicious..

  11. I have wanted to try roast chicken, but i heard that the oven will get dirty easily, so in the end, never try...

  12. Looks delicious! I want to try roast chicken too :)

  13. A complete set! Now when are you inviting me over? :)

  14. Well done, Jess! Looking forward to see more savory cooking from you!

  15. Me too Little Corner of Mine, since my MIL prefer to deep fry so I try to minimise on my side :).

    Thanks Nel.

    Jess, yes so much healthier esp seeing lots of oil dripping out.

  16. Thanks Coraine, you can do it yourself too, is easy :).

    Thanks Grace.I used rotisserie function to grill the chicken that's why can yield even color.

    Thanks Wen.

  17. 苏联妈妈, sorry to make you hungry :P.

    Thanks Cheah. I wish I have a outdoor space for me to do the deep frying. If I do it outdoor which is at the common corridor, I think I will sure recieve lots of complains, probably my neighbours will bring a chopper to my house hahaha... I have dry and wet kitchen, so envy you have a outdoor kitchen too like my elder sil.

    Yes, busygran, is oven baked, delicious ya.

  18. Thanks Barbara.

    Sonia, I love deep fry chicken but trying to minimise it esp doing it at home.

    Somewhere in Singapore, the oven will get dirty but is so much better than the whole kitchen dirty, oily and whole house smokey. So to me, cleaning an oven is easier than cleaning the whole kitchen :).

  19. Jessie, do give it a try, very easy.

  20. Edith, any time when you are available but I still prefer to go your place, warm and cosy that we enjoy staying at your house :p.

    Thanks Shirley, my savory dishes are actually quite limited and boring, pizza, grill chicken, western set dinner heeheehee... I will try to touch on other dishes too, must provide varieties to my family too.

  21. Jess, haha ... Finally .. Another savory post from you! I know you can cook one!

    Yea, I myself try not to deep-fry as much. This roast chicken of yours looks so yummy. Btw, love how you talked about your girl. Actually, it's better to take less yolk. Right? =)

    Happy long weekend to you! Rest more!

  22. 哇...你很厉害咧.....

  23. Hate deep frying, the oil just "flies" everywhere! The chicken looks great, so evenly coloured!

  24. the color is amazing!!! love the side dishes too!

  25. The roast chicken looks so inviting... yummy

  26. You are not only good in baking, but seems in cooking too! The roast chicken looks delicious ;p

  27. Saw that you are gg to Japan at Jet's blog.

    Are you going to Tokyo? Just a sidetrack (nothing to do with green tea powder), I will recommend you to go to Kappabashi (Kitchen Town), there are many kitchenware and bakeware. :)

  28. Wow...your chicken rice looks very delicious! I haven't baked a whole chicken yet. Must try. I'm sure my family will like this. Thanks very much for dropping by while I was away. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  29. Sorry Jess, I'm 2 days late. Should have come here earlier so that you can share this delicious roasted chicken with me :))

  30. Delicious!!! Can I have the chicken please? :-)

  31. Great sauce! So much better than a regular chicken!

  32. I don't have an outdoor kitchen too! But if anything need to be deep frying, I will still go ahead. Trying to avoid them most of the time, of coz! I prefer baked chicken, the meat is so moist and tender. If my kids request for fried chicken, I'll get the KFC for them. haha.... Save time & energy & also cooking oil! haha...Sometimes, we even have KFC and some home cooked dishes & rice for dinner. No complain at all! COOL huh!
    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  33. Jess, you are amazing! The chicken looks so darn crispy!

  34. Thanks Pei Lin, you always give me encouragement, and you know this has motivated me a lot :). If you have chance talk to my gal, you will even more like it, she can comes out a lot of nonsense and funny stuff :P. Ya is true that lesser yolk is better, that's why I didnt lecture her for food wasting, cos I am guilty of that too heeheehee...

    鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 , I also dunno how to chop chicken lah, I use kitchen scissor to cut cut cut, easy pissy :P.

    Pigpigscorner, same here, I will stand far far away from wok if need to deep fry.

  35. Thanks Mr Pineapple man.

    Thanks Neyeeloh.

    Thanks DG, I am trying to pick up cooking too :D.

  36. Thanks Hanushi for your info. I am not sure I have time to go shopping cos I am going in tour group and especially with my daughter, sure she will surrender after 15 mins walk unless I keep stuffing her with tidbits hahaha... You are tempting me, dunno whether can I dump her to my husband for a few hrs...:P

    Thanks MaryMoh. Try baking whole chicken, my family love it too.

    Ann, no worry, as long as you drop by, how long I also will wait for you hahaha...

  37. Sure, Esther, I am more than happy to share the chicken with you :D and thanks so much for the praising, you are brightening my day heeheehee...

    Kristy, I also prefer out-source if craving for fried chicken or just use the regular fried chicken recipe to bake the chicken instead of using oil to deep fry.

    Thanks Angie :)

  38. Hi, just wondering if you can use frozen chicken for this? Wonder if the taste is ok with frozen chicken parts. Also is it safe to soak chicken for 2 hours after you parboil it? Sounds like bacteria-friendly temperature there. Though I must say it looks yummy and looks more like braised soy sauce chicken than roast chicken.
    - Yvonne


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