Friday, May 28, 2010

Makan Marathon

There was a game played during my company DnD, to guess the 4 digits in a sealed big envolope that prepared in advanced by the event organiser. The pool of money was donated by the managements that seated at VIP table, total 9 of them. Why 9 of them? cos the 10th VIP which is the pioneer of the company, she is the 1st employee of our company. Thus, although she is just holding a manager position but was honored to be seated with all the VIPs since the 1st DnD. However for this year, she didn't sit at VIP table, she sit in my table for sales & marketing. She was darn lucky cos she was able to escape from the donation hahaha... The donation started with the emcee called for the 1st VIP to donate x dollar and the 1st VIP will need to nominate next VIP and he/she is require to donate any amount that is more than the previous VIP and this went on until the last VIP which was my CEO.

The total amount of the donation was about S$2100 including US$50, Euro$200, robinson voucher (each of us got a door gift of S$50 robinson shopping voucher) S$350. Each guessing of numbers cost S$2, initially no one dare to join in the fun except from my table, all the sales & mktg folks from my company are gamblers hahaha... The crowd started to join in the game when the numbers became lesser and lesser where chances are higher :P. The winner was one of my Sales Director and so generous of him, he donated the $ out as a makan fund for us YIPEE!

So here came the 1st usage of makan fund! Only 6 of us joined in cos some of them were out-station, well since my VP was so keen on this makan session so the rest will have to wait for next makan arrangement :P.

My VP planned the makan places, he suggested for wagu beef sabu sabu at Vivo City since all of us love wagu beef. He ordered 2 big plates of wagu beef and 2 sets of set lunch set including veggie, wagu beef and pork belly.

Shabuya / Tajimaya

We ordered grilled wagu beef as well and I still love the grilled version the most.

VP said the chocolate fudge cake at Max Brenner Chocolate is best so here we were, ordered chocolate fudge cake and souffle.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

VP suggested to go and have his favourite ice-cream, so there we went.

Haagen Dazs

All of us were so full after the makan marathon but very satified with the meal, yummy yummy. Of course if we can end at Max Brenner will be the best, too much for me to continue to Haagen Dazs, I was so full until I felt that the food will come out any time from my mouth when I burp :P. So that night, I skipped my dinner since I was still full until late at night.


  1. Your superior is so nice....
    It's nice to work with a nice boss.

  2. Hi Wendy, are you talking abt the sales director that donated his won $ as makan fund? If yes he is not our superior but he is a very very generous and nice person to work with. He is also the one that I posted b4 who invited us to his place for bbq and spent over S$1k. :P He is 1 of the favourite SD that support teams like us love to work with. :)

  3. I had been in this restaurant once...really love the wagyu beef :)

  4. Hi Ann, yes is yummy but hor, i stil refer grilled version vs steamboat. If u like korean bbq too, try Chang @ Dempsey, the bbq wagu beef superb too

  5. Wow ..everything is yummy!. Drooling already..:D :D

  6. What a feast! The beef slices are great!

  7. I'm not a big fan of beef but.... definitely I'm drooling over the desserts! haha.... I almost gone crazy just by looking at those sweet sweet stuffs. haha... Thanks for sharing.
    Regards, Kristy

  8. Kristy, I love dessert too! even how full i am after main course, I stil ve space for dessert hee hee hee...


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