Thursday, May 6, 2010

My 1st awardssss


I have never dream of having awards in my blog. I do seeing many awards in other fantastic food blogs, ok I admit that I do having little day dreaming that when will be my turn, will I have luck to receive any award.

To my greatest surprise, I never know this day will come so soon with not only one but many awards (to me lah) given to me . When Kristy of My Little Space awarded me with these awards, my reaction was so stunt and unbelievable and of course, over the moon. Kristy, thank you so much for awarded me with all these beautiful awards. It is an honour and I really appreciated them so much.

According to Kristy, to receive the awards one should :
(1) thank the person who passed you the award.
(2) paste the award to your blog.
(3) pass it to another 12 bloggers or more if you prefer.
(4) write 10 things about yourself.

I don't have any fellow food blogger friend to pass to, and still yet to explore other wonderful food blogs cos I just started to participate more actively on blogging. So I would like to pass the awards to the food bloggers that inspirated me and I admire a lot when I started my baking journey, food bloggers that I am the loyal readers of their blogs which I had copied down most of their recipes:

1. Yochana's Cake Delight
2. Happy Home Baking
3. Kitchen Corner
4. Precious Moments
5. Do What I Like
6. Corner Café
7. Anncoo's Hobby
8. Baking Mum
9. All That Matters
10. Honey Bee Sweets
11. Keep Learning Keep Smiling
12. Nasi Lemak Lover
13. Angie's Recipes . Taste Of Home
14. Table for 2.... or more

Kristy, the no. 15 place actually is meant for you :P.

Hmmm... hope I didn't miss out any blog, too happy to get the brain function properly :P. Well, if I did miss out any, hope to receive another award soon so can do some compensation hahaha...

About myself
1. Born in Singapore and married to Singaporean.
2. I love to eat especially chocolates but at the same time, need to watch over my waistline so watching over my diet seem to be my full time job as well.
3. I love to travel but stop travelling (except for business) due to my dear daughter. Well, since she is a grown up, we shall be able to travel together very soon.
4. I love to bake, especially birthday cake for someone special.
5. I love to read, I will read during TV commercial break, in MRT or bus or when I am available.
6. I love to laze around or take a nap when I am at home.
7. I love to watch drama, Taiwan variety show, celebrities news.
8. My world become smaller after gave birth to dear daughter, most of my times are given to her.
9. Ever since starting to bake, I like to shop for baking supplies and books.
10. I hope I am able to spare times to attend some cake decoration classes.


  1. Awww....thanks very much for the lovely awards. That's so sweet of you. Really appreciate very much. You have a lovely blog. Keep Blogging Keep Smiling! :D MaryMoh at

  2. Thank you very much for the lovely awards. This is the first I received so many awards at one time. hehee...I need to bring a bag to collect these awards.

  3. Hi Mary, u are most welcomed and thanks for the compliments.

  4. Hi Ann, you are most welcomed. I will bring bag to collect the bento set from u hee hee hee...

  5. How sweet of you sharing all the award with me! Thank you!

    Have a nice day!

  6. Thank you for thinking of my blog. It's so nice of you to do this and I really appreciate it. Cheers!


  7. Hi Bakericious,
    Thanks for thinking of me when you want recieve this award. However I do have to apologies to you about my "practice" when getting awards...I don't pass it on! Reason being I find that it's almost like an endless chain mail that never ends. So I will probably break the rules ....thanks anyway. ;)

  8. Hi Sea Dragon, you are most welcomed.

  9. Jess, you deserved the awards. Hope this will brings in more traffic to your blog and hope you'll enjoy blogging at the same time! Have fun!


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