Monday, June 7, 2010

Oreo Butter Cake

Remember I mentioned about my monster daughter poked the hand of her classmate in my previous post, I felt so guilty that I told dear husband that I must do something if not, the parents may think we are ignoring this incident. So I decided to write her an apology card and also bake her a cake. I flipped through my recipes shortlisted this oreo butter cake, I guess most people especially kids will like this cake.

Recipe adapted from Kitchen Caper Forum.

Ingredients : for 6" cake tin & 10 cupcakes
200g butter
150g Sugar
3 eggs
200g self raising Flour
1.5 tsp vanilla essence
4.5 tbsp milk
150g Oreo Cookies (clear the cream)

Methods :
1. Heat oven to 200 deg C. line cake tin.
2. In a mixer, beat butter and sugar till white and fluffy.
3. Add in eggs one at a time, alternating with flour.
4. Add vanilla essence , milk and Oreo cookies into it and stir lightly.
5. Pour into baking tin and bake for about 45mins.

The cake is soft and moist, oreo cookies taste great with any cake. I brought the cupcakes to my office and colleagues gave good comments.


  1. WOW! Very yummy! I'm sure the parents will be very happy to receive this cake.

  2. thanks Ann. The mum sms me and thanked me for the cake and asked me not to worry about the incident but didnt give any comment on the cake :( :P.

  3. Oh..
    At least you can let go when the mum told you personally not to worry.
    Sometimes kids just play and play until they go overboard.

  4. Wendy u r rite, the kids can play till so rough, is so lucky that the parents know this well.

  5. Beautiful! Butter cake is my new love now :)

  6. thanks Tracie, butter cake is my love too :).

  7. Wow, your butter cake is so fluffy! Will love to bake it for my kids, they are oreo cookie monsters ;)

  8. thanks HHB, do try it and let me know ur kids like it or not :).

  9. Must be very yummy. Love it.

  10. Talk about the creativity! The cake looks really cool!

  11. Wow...what a beautiful cake! Never thought of adding oreo cookies into cake. I'm sure your apology is very well accepted :D MaryMoh at

  12. thanks Angie & Mary for your nice words.

  13. Moist and looks delicious.

  14. Hi, found you from M4M.
    Looks like we started our baking journey with a similar start :)
    Happy baking~

  15. Very nice Oreo Butter Cake! I think I probably have to bake it again after seeing yours, lol! Yummy!

  16. Thanks Singapore for dropping by :).

  17. HBS, do bake it cos i believe ur gals wil like it.

  18. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about that little incident at school! I used to do this a lot too when I was younger ... Hahaha! Bad girl ... But hey, as long as the misunderstanding got sorted out, everything will be fine! Since it was love at first sight for me, I bet everyone loved the Oreo butter cake too!

    Actually I meant to drop you a few lines yesterday night ... But I've been bugged by cold ... So, I gave in and gave up and went to bed to rest for work the next day! *Sigh* What to do when you have these much to do with this little time! Sometimes, I get envious of those "tai-tai's." Hahaha! Bad on me!

    Love your blog! Already linked you up! Don't stop churning out the gorgeous work, yea?

    P.S. You don't think I'm super long-winded in my writing!!?? I'm surprised ... because I do think of myself that way ... Hahaha!

  19. Hi Pei Lin, ya I do understand we wil get a bit naughty when young but I dun think I ever been so violent lei :P.

    That was the reason I baked this oreo butter cake cos I guess & assume most pp will like it heeheehee...

    Do take care of urself, the weather isnt very gd recently. Hot at this moment and rain at next moment. I was caught in the rain for 2 days durin my biz trip to taipei, a bit unwell too. And I understand your feeling, me too sometimes envy those tai tais (those wif maid and dun need to do much house chores and ve a lot of personal times :P) but I do enjoy working life cos I ve a bunch of gd colleagues.

    Thanks for your encouragement n I hope I am able to churn out more nice baking :).

    Of course not cos I enjoy reading when I ve free time. All these posts wil let me know the person more, is like knowing a person well virtually although nvr get to meet up the person physically. but I ve to b honest, I wil skip and KIV the long post or just browse thru quickly when I ve limited surfing time kee kee kee....

  20. Oh Pei Lin, forgot to thank u for linking me up ^^

  21. Hello.. I tried baking this as well.. result was great.. but i guess my oven was too hot.. then the cake became overbrowned.. haha

  22. Babe.. Check with you.. I tried baking this cake as well.. the middle cake is uncooked but the other areas all cooked already .. why issit so?

    Should I reduce my oven temperature?

  23. Hi Linlin, if the center of the cake is uncooked, you should extend the baking time for another 5 or 10 mins, use the skewer to test the doness by poking through in the center of the cake. If skwer comes out clean, the cake is done.

    If the oven is too hot, a crust will form over the top before the cake has risen sufficiently and the cake will break open on the top which cause the crack.

    So since you had overbrown top and center of cake is uncooked, the issue shd be oven too hot, probably you can reduce temp next time.

    This is what I normally will do, I will check the cake after 15 to 20 mins in oven, if the cake is brown on the top but still wobbly, means oven temp is too hot so I will reduce the oven temp slightly and use aluminum foil to cover the cake top.

  24. Hi Jess, thanks for the reply.. ok I shall reduce my oven temperature the next time I make..

    Coz just like what you sae.. it forms a crust on top of my cake.. so I change the temp. to 180degree.. u think ok?

  25. Hi Lilin, of course you can. My oven temperature is hotter too so I always reduce about 10 to 15 degree from the temperature of the original recipe.

  26. Hi Jess
    its me Xris again.
    I would like to make this cake this week.
    can you explain to me on the below:
    1.Add in eggs one at a time, alternating with flour. (DO I STILL USE THE ELECTRIC MIXER WHILE DOING THIS? AT WHAT SPEED)?
    2.Add vanilla essence , milk and Oreo cookies into it and stir lightly (THIS I JUST USE A WHISK TO STIR RIGHT)?
    Sorry Jess I am very kiasi when it comes to baking so I am very lor so in questions!
    oh and at what point did u put the orea cookies on? it look sunk into it?

  27. Hi Xris
    1. Yes I was still using mixer. For mixing eggs, I used medium speed, while mix in flour, I used the lowest speed if not the flour will "fly" everywhere.

    2. Yes, you can use manual whisk or like me, I used plastic spectula.

    3. I put my oreo cookies after I pour the batter into the cake tin (just place lightly, dun press into the batter), level it. When baking, the batter will expand and the oreo cookies will move slightly (thats why the display of oreo seem not even) or sink in. What I was thinking that time, if I bake it again, probably can bake the half way e.g. after 20 mins baking, remove the cake out to put in the oreo, not sure is workable or not heeheehee...

    No worry Xris. I do understand your lost, I had been thru the stage, even now I am too when baking chiffon. So jsut throw me any questions, I will try my best to answer, though I am not an expert.

  28. Hi Jess thanks!
    back to question 2. do u stir stir or fold? haha... my cake always dont rise lor. so i must make sure if its stir or fold. they said stir too much wont rise... :p is that true?
    haha sorry Jess...very lor so...

  29. Xris, you are welcomed to throw any question, we are here to help each others so no worry.

    for flour, I will normally use spactula to fold, unless specify in the recipe that using mixer. For this recipe, I used mixer to stir in the flour alternative with eggs, once eggs and flour mixed in, I used spactula to fold the batter to ensure the batter is well mixed.

    Over fold of batter will deflate the cake, especially for sensitive cake like chiffon and sponge, normally won't have much prob for butter or pound cake but try to minimise the folding, once the flour has incorporated in the batter, no trace of lumps or flour, stop the folding. There are many video clips online that you can google to take a look, I cannot teach you on folding of flour into the batter cos I am sucks at it too, that cause many times failure of my chiffon cake, so I do not wanna blind lead the blind :P.

  30. Hi jess!
    have you reach your travel place? hope ur flight was good.
    one more question hehe. do u use salted or unsalted butter for this oreo butter cake?

  31. Hi Xris, I used salted butter, normally if recipe call for unsalted butter, there will be calling for a pinch of salt too.

  32. Hi Jess, I came across your blog by seeing one of your posts on howtobeperfect blog. Love the look of your oreo butter cake....looks delicious! Thought you might be interested in my cookies 'n' cream cupcakes
    I have only just started out blogging and want to know what people think.
    Hope all is well with your daughter starting school x

  33. Nice cake! I love anything bakes with Oreo =)


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