Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pineapple Butter Cake

This cake was baked for me to bring to dear daughter's school for the principle and teachers during the Parent-Teacher day.

I was requested to see the chinese teacher, which was not required for last year since her progress was good then. I was a little worried, thinking is it because of the chinese spelling that she has not been scoring good since end March after my ex-maid has gone home for good. Actually she was a little out of control ever since the departure of my ex-maid, be it home work, spelling, temper, behaviour etc. Surprising she is behaving very well in school, she is well-liked by all her teachers and principle especially her speech n drama teacher which called her is the gem of hers.

The reason of chinese teacher wanted to see me was to inform me about the situation of her late submission of home work, other than that she is doing very well, she is star student according to the teacher. I ensured to the teacher that I was awared of this situation and has been addressing to it and dear daughter has been getting better now.

Another news which was shocking to know was her teacher told me dear daughter used a pencil to poke one of the girl classmate's hand, she and another boy classmate poked one at each hand. The poor girl, kena attacked by 2 monsters at the same time for both hands. I was a little upset with the teacher that didn't inform me when this incident occurred which was happened a few weeks ago. According to the teacher, she slipped off her mind due to too busy and the poking was not serious. On top of that, my dear daughter is always very well-behaved in school except for that incident and moreover, that poor girl's parents understood and didn't puruse the matter. But this is not the case, I still owe the parents a apology for my dear daughter violet act and I also need to keep educating her not to do it again. Haiz... so upset with dear daughter and gave her a big scolding and councelling.

Well back to the cake, I did not have time to do the baking shopping so I just used what ingredients that I have at home to bake the cake.

Recipe adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover.

Ingredients : (for 9" cake pan and 5 cupcakes)
160g butter
152g margarine
5 eggs (medium size)
150g Sugar
312g Self Raising flour
10 tbsp of pineapple juices from canned pineapple
4-5 Pineapple rings cut into chunks
5 Pineapple rings (for the cake topping)

Method :
1. Beat butter, margarine and sugar till light
2. Add in egg one at a time, beat till creamy
3. Gradually add in flour and pineapple juices alternately, start and end with flour till combine well, add in pineapple chunks and mix well.
4. Place pineapple rings on the bottom of baking pan, then pour in batter.
5. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180c for 45mins for cake pan & 15 mins for cupcakes. (I covered the cake pan with aluminium foil and removed 10 mins before 45 mins.)

-This pineapple butter cake tasted even better on the next day.

The cake is moist and soft, tasted good with pineapple chunks. The principle told me the cake is so delicious that the teachers are asking do I take any order hee hee hee...


  1. Nice Cake but I prefer to brush some apricot gel on top to make the cake more shiny ;D So are you going to take in any orders?

  2. Hi Ann, agree wif u, I m going to buy apricot gel soon :). Not dare to take any order yet cos there are so many expert bakers (u r 1 of them) out there :P

  3. This is one of my favourite butter cakes! Yours looks so pretty!

  4. That is because you are so good and fabulous in baking to have teachers asking for more Jess. You deserve the attention!

  5. Beautiful cake! Love the texture. Over here, teachers always try to put things very nicely and positively, especially private schools. Sometimes it's hard to know the truth how our kids are doing in school. Thanks for sharing. MaryMoh at http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com

  6. What a gorgeous gift for the teachers! I bet they all love it very much. Well done, sweetie!
    Blessings, Kristy

  7. My teacher asked to see my mum once because my handwriting was bad! How weird was that. The cake looks amazing! Very soft and moist!

  8. Thanks Angie.

    Quinn, you are so generous on your praising but... i love it hee hee hee and thanks.

    Thanks Mary. I prefer teachers to b frank wif us so we can tackle the prob area.

    Thanks Sonia, esp your recipe sharing.

    Thanks Kristy.

    Pigpigcorner, wow ur teacher so strict, must see ur mum for handwritting. But my gal's english tutor did tell me b4, she is focusing on handwritting cos it will affect the language development too. And thanks for the nice words on cake.

  9. The golden look of the cake is really tempting.
    Wow you've got the blog looking really wide!!!!

  10. thanks wendy and ya I changed the blog template and enlarged the photos hee hee hee....

  11. Hi Jess, just want to thank for your recipe, unfortunately, it wasn't my day, despite increasing 10 more mins of baking time (tested with skewer), the centre part of the cake was still not cooked. I guess the inside of my oven temperature could be lower than the scale and therefore, require extra 10 more mins. Other parts was still eatable but I find it's a bit flat, probably due to low sweetness. Anyway, it's a good try..

  12. Hi cythia, I am so sorry to hear about it. U did the skewer test at the center of the cake? Sometimes skewer test is not so reliable so I wil poke a few times to ensure, that is where my cakes will ve many holes :p.

    You further reduce the sugar? If my memory not failing me this cake is not do sweet and light, not those strong flavour butter cake.

    If you have "heavier" taste bug perhaps u can try my banana cake or butter cake, these 2 are in my top favourite list.

    Hope it won't stop u from trying my bakes. Have a nice day!

  13. Hi Jess, don't worry.. I'll definitely try other of your recipes again :)


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