Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was very surprised when recieved message from Chef Dennis that he has given me these awards. This is indeed very honorable to recieve the awards from a certified Chef and it is so encouraging especially to an amateur baker who started baking 1 year ago and blogging 7 mths ago. Chef Dennis, thank you so much and I am really very very appreciated.

According to Chef Dennis, to receive the awards one should :
(1) copy and paste the award to your blog.
(2) list 10 things about yourself.
(3) list 10 things that make you happy.

10 Things about me :

10 things that make me happy :
1. My husband, daughter, family and friends
2. Spending times with my husband and daughter
3. When my daughter is happy
4. Baking
5. When my bakes turn out good
6. Making birthday cakes for someone special
7. When someone appreciate or give compliments on my baking
8. Vacations
9. Indulge in good food
10. Gathering with friends

Although Chef Dennis never indicate that must pass on the awards but I would like to share the joy with the bloggers that I have missed out previously. I have a long list but I am trying to keep within 10 so I guess I have to leave the rest for my next awards :P.

I would like to present these awards to the following bloggers that not only I admire their baking and cooking, I am appreciated with their frequent lovely comments given and/or being my followers and/or added me in their blog list (in no particular order):

Pei Lin @ Dodol & Mochi
Kristy @ My Little Space
Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love
ICook4Fun @ My Kitchen Snippets
Shirley @ Kokken69
DG @ Tested and Tasted
Quinn @ Quinn's Baking Diary
Jane @ Passionate About Baking
Small Small Baker
Happy Flour


  1. I truly enjoy reading your blog, and appreciate your friendship...I am so happy to see that you did pass them on, and to learn what makes you happy! And I have seen certified chefs who don't have the ability you have, you are very talented!

  2. Thanks for the awards Jess, truly honoured!

  3. Hi Jess, I've been reading through all your posts and you really deserve the award. Thanks for passing it to me too! :)

  4. I collecting the lovely awards, thanks for sharing it with us :)

  5. Congrats! Keep up the passion of baking! ^^

  6. Hi Chef Dennis, you are always so encouraging and making me feel so warm and touching, hugz hugz!

  7. thanks Sook, Pynn Lee & Meow Meow.

  8. Hi Quinn & DG, you are most welcomed and you deserved the awards too :)

  9. Thanks SSB for the nice words and you are most welcomed, you deserved the awards too :)

  10. Congrats for your awards! Really a good "young" blog.

  11. Firstly, congrats to you! Jess, thank you so, so much for the awards!! I'm blessed to have stumbled upon your blog; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get to know there's a Jess who bakes so well! =)

    See you soon! =D

    Have a safe trip back home!

  12. Thank you so much Angie, Bee Bee & Tigerfish :).

  13. Pei Lin, you are most welcomed and you deserved for the awards :). And thank you so much for being the supporter of my blog, I am blessed to get known of you too. Look forward for the gathering ^^.

  14. Hi Jess,

    Congrats on the awards. I dont think you are an amateur baker anymore after producing so many mouth watering bakes. I started out baking and blogging but I dont think I achieved as much as you did. In fact, there is much for me to learn from you. You should be proud of your results =]

    Regarding the 10 things that make you happy, I especially like no 6.

  15. Hi Bakertan, thank you so much for your nice words. The lovely compliments that left in my blog and from frds & relatives keep my baking passion going on and hopes wil be able to last long :p.

    Oh my friends & relatives who recd their birthday are same as u, wil like my no. 6 hahaha...

  16. Congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for passing it to me. I really appreciates it.

  17. Thanks ICook4Fun and you are welcomed, you deserved it :)

  18. Hey Jess, congrats on your well deserved awards. And thanks alot for passing them to me and thinking of me. I am really honoured. Thanks again dear friend. Hope you're enjoying your day. Btw, how's your trip?
    Regards, Kristy

  19. Hi Kristy, thanks and you are welcomed, you deserved it. I am safe back from the trip, ate a lot during the trip so must watch my diet now :P.


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