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Coconut Cream Cake

This cake was for my friend A who I knew for many yrs. She has the same name of my dear daughter's favourite cartoon charactor, sometimes I am wondering why dear daughter love this cartoon charactor more than others? Is it influenced by A cos she had given the doll of this cartoon charactor as birthday present when she was 2 or 3 years old? This doll was the 1st big doll she had received, the few dolls that she had was barbie dolls, so definately impressed her for seeing such big doll. I didn't buy any doll for dear daughter as I dun really wan her to be so girlie that spending all her times with dolls. Not sure is it cos of me or she is by nature, she dun play doll until she was over 4 or 5 years old and rarely play as well.

A likes anything with coconut so I had set in my mind long time ago that I am going to bake her coconut cake. I had searched for recipes since then and keep as record so that I can choose the best (base on my assumption lah) to bake during her birthday.

You see, when I need to bake a cake for special event, definately will not be a smooth journey. For this time, I nearly forgot her birthday! I was sick for the last 1 week and still not totally recover thus I didn't monitor the date at all. I got to know her birthday was around the corner just 2 days before and it was the time I knocked off from office. When on the way back, I kept recalling the ingredients that will be required for the cake (worst is I still have not decided which cake to bake :P) so that I can make the purchase before go home. Since I dun really can remember what ingredients that require so I just made the purchase based on my gut feel, those that I think are definately a must e.g. coconut milk, coconut flakes, whipping cream, lemon, fruits for deco etc.

Once after shower and dinner, I went to dig out all my recipes and searched for the suitable one, one which sound or look good and also most importantly, I will need to have the ingredients that required at home. For cake, I selected the orange coconut cake from Cooking Ninja. She shared 2 method to make this cake, i opt for the 1st method which according to her will produce light, moist and fluffy cake. For frosting, I love the outlook of the cake photo for the tropicana cake in Romancing with Cakes by Connie Leaw so I decided to use her frosting.

I baked the cake after dear daughter sleep, I was quite sleepy too but I still need to get working on it. I did not have enough time to delay for another day since I can only work on the cake late at night so one day will be for baking cake and the other day is to frost the cake.

Well, must be due to my tireness (excuses! the real reason must be due to my sucks folding skill), I had over folded the batter again :( The cake was quite dense and compact in some area rather than fluffy and soft. I overlooked of the notes from Cooking Ninja that she will reduce the amount of milk for next baking, thus the batter is very watery. It was not easy to mix well the eggwhites, I took longer that probably causing the deflating.

For Lemon Coconut Cake : Recipe adapted from Cooking Ninja.
Ingredients : Yield 6" cake pan & 12 cupcakes)
2 eggs
125g butter (softened)
50g dried schredded coconut (I used flesh coconut flakes)
250g sugar (I reduced to 120g cos I think 250g is way too sweet)
180g self raising flour
1 tbsp grated orange peel (I replaced by lemon since I dun ve orange at home)
250ml milk (I regretted that I should go ahead with my initially thinking of by replacing some with coconut milk)

Method :
1. Preheat oven at 180°C and greased a 6" round cake tin.
2. Separate the egg white and egg yolk.
3. Beat the egg yolk, softened butter and sugar together in a big bowl till it is creamy and fluffy.
4. Stir in the grated lemom peel and the coconut flakes and then add in the flour.
5. Pour in the milk and stir till combined.
6. Beat the egg white until stiff peaks formed. Fold it into the mixture till combined.
7. Bake it for about 60 minutes until the wooden stick comes out clean.
8. Leave it to cool for 10 minutes before turning it out on the wire rack.

For Frosting : Recipe from Romancing with Cakes by Connie Leaw.
Ingredients :
50g milk
50g coconut milk
1/2 tbsp gelatin powder (mix with 2tbsp boiling water)
200g whipping cream

Method :
1. Warm the milk and coconut milk (do not overheat).
2. Add in dissolved gelatin and mix well.
3. Whip the cream and mix well with coconut milk mixture.

To Assemble :
1. Slice the cake into 2.
2. Apply sugar syrup on the cake to keep the cake moist.
3. Apply coconut cream on each layer of cake and sprinke some coconut flakes, chill for 30 mins.
4. Cover the cake with the remaining coconut milk and decorate with coconut flakes.
5. Chill the cake till serve.

* The whipped cream became a bit running after I added in the coconut mixture, thus I had to chill in the fridge to harden for easy spreading.
** I only used up 1/2 portion of the whipped cream.

The cake is full of the aroma of lemon and I can tasted the cruncy coconut flakes during each bite. The sweetness of the cake is just nice for me and the cake tasted good, I believe it will taste so much nicer if it is not deflated.
A was so impressed when she saw the cake especially was a coconut cake :). She said the cake was well received by her family, even her 3 yrs old son kept asking for more. A feedback was the cake will be perfect if the the texture is slightly more fluffy.


  1. Your friend is lucky to have a friend like you.

  2. That looks just like a "white forest" cake! Beautiful!

  3. Lovely-looking cake, so white and pure! Anything with coconut is always tasty.

  4. Thanks Angie, u are right, now then I realised it did look like white forest cake hahaha...

  5. Thanks busygran, this is wat a coconut lover wil say :)

  6. This is such a beautiful cake, just like the one on the cover of my fav cake book, "Southen Cakes".

  7. I love the coconut flakes at the side of the cake, extra pretty :)

  8. This cake looks like the coconut cakes I have seem from cake books,tall and majestic looking. Does'nt look like you have overfolded the whites.

  9. Hmm looks very moist. I think Capn't Hook would love this cake.

  10. Wow...this is such a fabulous cake! It looks very moist and delicious. I love everything with coconut too. The frosting looks really pretty...perfect as a Christmas or winter cake. Thanks very much for sharing. MaryMoh at

  11. Jess, this is a beautiful cake. I love your frosting!

  12. I love this cake. Very beautiful because of the pure white color.

  13. thanks everyone for your nice words :).

  14. as simple as it looks! it looks super delicious!! keep it up!!

  15. Hi everyone, thanks so much for the nice words :)

  16. Hi Everyone, thanks for the nice words :)

  17. LOL! No lah ... Not your folding skill lah ... It was probably you were jaded! That happened to me, too, when I was feeling like a zombie ... a few days back ... Haha! Dear, you have amazed me so much with your ability ... to cope with a full-time job, family, our passion for baking, and blogging. Not to forget about the photography session for our food! Haha! Kudos to you! (In fact, I'm starting to have migraine now. Jaded, man! But, need to visit with you because I miss reading your blog!)

    With so much effort and time spent, I'm sure A would appreciate the coconut cake. You just made me feel bad again. Why are all you cake bakers making me feeling guilty!? I don't get the opportunity to make layer cakes!! *Sob* But I don't mind though. =D Hope I can be just like you! Keep it up!

  18. Lovely, cake so beautifully!

  19. Hi Pei Lin

    Thanks for your confidence on me :P.

    Sometimes I do feel tire too, lazy to do the baking but I wil miss it if I didnt lay my fingers on my baking stuff for a period. My husband always nag at me, ask me to rest if I ve extra time. I told him baking is my stress relief therepy and he gave me a kind of weird look, I guess he wil nvr understand, he must b thinking i am seow liao (crazy in dialet) hee hee hee....

    Thanks so much Pei Lin, although sometimes I feel lazy but knowing that someone like you who are so supportive on my blog that motivate me to update my blog regularly :).

    Do take care of urself, rest more and drink more water. Get well soon!

    Do not need to feel guilty, if u dun ve opportunity to make layer cakes, make one for me next time when I visit KL :P.

  20. Ah you're killing me here... I love coconut! And that cake looks super delicious... Yum!

  21. your cake is positively beautiful!!! I bet it tasted just as good too!

  22. thanks Chef Dennis, your words are always so encouraging :).

  23. The cake looks so lucious! YUmmm... Love the pure white look.


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