Friday, July 16, 2010

Fruits Pastry Cake

When I saw the fruits pastry cake from Happy Homebaker, I was attracted by the beautiful look of the cake instantly, what was making me even more tempting to bake this cake was the good review given by her. I immediately bookmarked the recipe and told myself I must bake this cake. That was April and I never get a chance to bake this cake cos I was not able to get the fruits I want so this recipe was put on hold. During this period, many bloggers have baked this cake so I can't resist anymore especially everyone were raving about it!

I still not able to use the fruits I want for this cake all caused by dear daughter :(. I actually prepared the fruits in advance to bake them a few days later since I was able to get both the strawberries and blueberries together, canned peach is not a problem since can get it everywhere . But who knows when I was about to bake the cake then I realised my princess had finished the strawberries, I bought 2 punnets and she finished ALL within a few days! She dun even spare me a few :/ arghhhhh.......

Luckily I still had cherries, although was not a good choice for me as the color is quite close to blueberries but better than nothing.

My cake didn't turn out as beautiful as the rest of the bloggers, the top cracked probably due to higher temperature of my oven. But it was beautiful enough to recieve a lot of "wow" when everyone saw the cake. My husband kept saying that this cake is very pretty and eye catching. This is definately a best choice to give away if you want to impressive the receivers :).

Recipe from HHB and I had increased the ingredients to make another loaf to give away to my beloved cousin cum best friend. Outlook not so pretty but nevermind as long as it taste great, right ?^^.

Ingredients: (for one 7" cake pan and one 8" x 3" x 3.5")
150g butter, soften at room temperature
210g caster sugar
75g low fat yogurt
4.5 eggs, lightly beaten, room temperature
1.5 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1.5 teaspoon lemon or orange zest (I used lemon zest)
315g plain flour
1.5 teaspoon baking powder
assorted fruits for topping (I used fresh blueberries, cherries and canned peaches)

1. Wash, cut (chunks or slices, as desired) and drain fruits, toss with siugar (if desired) and set aside. (if using canned fruits, wash the fruits to remove the syrup, omit the sugar).
2. Grease (with butter) and flour the side of the cake pan and line the base with parchment paper.
3. With an electric mixer, cream butter, sugar, yogurt till light and fluffy.
4. Dribble in the eggs gradually and beat till incorporated in the batter. (The mixture may appear slightly curdled.)
5. Add vanilla extract and zest. Mix to combine.
6. Sieve over flour and baking powder and mix till smooth. (To avoid getting flour all over the work surface, you may mix the flour into the batter using a spatula, just a few strokes will do, then use the electric mixer to mix the batter till smooth.)
7. Pour batter into prepared pan and smooth out the top with a spatula.
8. Arrange fruits on top, don’t press the fruits down into the batter. Decorate the fruits as desired.
9. Bake at pre-heat oven at 180C for 60-70 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean when inserted into the cake. Cover the top with foil in the last 15 mins of baking to prevent the top from getting over browned.
10. Leave the cake to cool in the pan for about 5~10 mins. Unmold and transfer to wire rack to let cool completely. Dust the cake with some icing sugar if desired.

The cake is soft and moist, not oily at all and sweetness is just right for most of us, might be not so for someone who has sweet tooth. The aroma of the cake filled the house during the baking session. And like what HHB said, this cake is very addictive that you'll not stop at one slice but keep going back for more instead. The cake was finished within 1/2 day by my family, everyone loves the cake. Another keeper.


  1. ya, this recipe is so easy to handle and taste wonderful, look at your, I think i want to bake one tomorrow.hehehe..

  2. What a lovely cake. It appears to be an easy recipe and I like that very much. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Oh Jess, I'm sure you're going to make this again. Just love this cake, I already baked this 3 times ;DD

  4. I come over for a cup of afternoon tea, okay? This looks really good!


  5. Wow, seems like this is a really good recipe since everyone is raving about it. Got to try it. ;)

  6. Jess,
    Your cake is so beautiful, with pattern some more...

  7. Lovely!! Colourful fruits on top of the cake, make me tempted to try it too!

  8. hi Jess
    your cake is beautiful, and I bet the aroma was making everyone so hungry.....the crumb looks perfect and you don't want a cake too sweet, it hides all those lovely flavors!! my wife eat my fruit before I get to use it too...I feel your
    but this is a truly wonderful cake...I would love to have had a taste!

  9. Hi Sonia, yes easy recipe and yet produced such wonderful cake. I actually kept thinking of baking again too during this period :P

  10. Mary, you are right that this is an easy recipe and delicious cake :) You have a nice day too.

  11. Ann, you are right, I actually thinking of baking it again this wkend :P.

  12. Angie, I am going to bake it again tomorrow, you are welcomed to come over :).

  13. DG, try it, this is truely delicious :)

  14. Chef Dennis, thanks for the compliments. I guess next time we will ve to hide our fruits to keep them for baking :P

  15. Wow, your fruit pastry cake looks really good! I like it too. Nice and healthy with all the fruits.

  16. Beautifully done unlike mine which i used pineapples and the colour didn't come through. :(

  17. SSB, you are so kind :). My cake compared to yours really cannot fight, yours are so beautiful lei!

  18. Hi busygran, look doesnt matter much as long as taste great :). If you want the cake to be eye catching, use more coloful fruits, the appearance definately will be superb :).

  19. Jess, so long as the taste was great, everything should be fine lar ... Luckily, you haven't been too harsh on yourself. Hahaha! Makes life happier, right?

    I couldn't help but to chuckle as I read the first part of this post. Your daughter is such a big eater meh? Haha! Sounds like me ... She's reminded me of the little Pei-Lin back then. My parents and relatives kept telling me when I was SO cute and likable back then was because I was an overweight baby. LOL! That baby I just told you can 幹掉 two bottles of milk in a shot, with one bottle of orange juice as dessert afterward. Geng leh! Haha! Learned from you. Next time should I ever become a mom, I'll need to have plans B for everything I bake/cook. LOL!

  20. That is such a lovely cake. It looks perfect! I'm sure my family could finish it in 1/2 a day too!

  21. Pei Lin, ya although sometimes appearance do counts but hor, I am much more lenient to myself so I always console myself taste stil is the most important factor than others :P.

    Yes my daughter is a big eater! Sometimes we have to bet her to stop eating :P. Hahaha... I saw your baby photo, your parents and relatives are right that you were so adorable, a cute chubby baby turn out to a pretty and sweet young lady :).

  22. Your cake looks just as good as the others, the choice of fruits is also a good combination. Think fruit cake is now in season!

  23. Oh my gosh! Your pastry cake looks incredibly delicious! It looks beautiful and I wish I had a slice right now to go with my coffee! I'm new here and know that I will be back!

  24. Thanks No-Frill Recipes. Yes now is the trend of baking this fruits pastry cake :)

  25. Thanks Pam for your nice and kind words. Do drop by often :)

  26. Still looks amazing to me! Bookmarked!

  27. i will try this one more time .The earlier one failed due to reduced too much of sugar .hehee

  28. Wow! I am bookmarking this recipe! It looks so good I can hardly wait to make it.

  29. Thanks pigpigcorner.

    苏联妈妈, try it again cos I also reduced sugar, the sweetness is ok for me :).

    Thanks Linda for dropping by.

  30. Geez...I thought it looks really good!

  31. i would turn this cake into cupcakes...well i would turn all the cakes into less...enjoy more...looks very moist

  32. wao,amazing~
    it is look's very wonderful yummy!!

  33. Hi Jelena, I will bake into cupcakes for my daughter cos the rest seem prefer eat by slice :).

  34. I remember this cake! It does look delicious with all that fruits!

  35. Eh, how come I so late see this geh...
    The last cake will look fabulous if you arrange the peaches in one direction, but nontheless, it still looked good.
    What's better than dear hubby tells you the cake is fabulous.
    My hubby hardly comments about my stuff, except chocolatey stuff that he'll eat with "urmm, urrmmm"

  36. Ya lor, I agreed with you, Wendy. Display the fruits on this cake just like playing chess, 举手不回 cos the fruits will sink into the batter :(.

    My husband also hardly comment on the outlook of my baking, that was rare case. For taste wise, I wil "force" him to eat and get feedback from him (I think he has eaten the most cake in his whole life after I started on baking hahaha).


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