Monday, August 9, 2010

My 1st Bloggers Gathering

When I started blogging, my intention was just purely to record down all my baking for future references. However after starting to visit other blogs and seeing the close relationship between some of the bloggers, not that they know each other in person but through leaving messages in each other blog frequently that started the friendship. I was amazed by such friendship and hope I can be one of them (perhaps cos I never have penpal b4 so such virtual friendship is so new and interesting to me :P) and also because I am always impress by their baking/cooking that wanna give my compliments that I started to leave messages. This is such good experience after receiving response and feel that you know the bloggers well and treated them as friends. I will feel lost if I didn't get to visit their blogs for a few days, I will miss them if they didn't have new post for a period of time.

When I 1st read about the bloggers gathering in Kuala Lumpur during early this year, I was envy and thinking how nice if I can be one of them. Never that I know this could happened, all thanks to Pei Lin of Dodol and Mochi. If not cos of her, I think this blogger gathering might not be happened so soon. When she planned to visit Singapore during National Day period, she started to organize this gathering. The response was so good, most of us immediately agreed with this meet up.

And for me, I was very looking forward to this event. Even my sister inlaw had planned a short holiday trip that she invited us to join in, I immediately told dear husband that I cannot make it as I MUST attend this blogger gathering :P.

Although I was very look forward to this gathering but I still have worry deep in me cos I have a shy character that not chatty at all towards "stranger". I was afraid myself or others might feel awkward due to my quietness and hard to break the ice. Some might say hey, how can be possible that you are shy since your job need to meet a lot of people. Yes, for job, I have no choice as since company pay me, I have to do a good job so I will force myself to mingle around even with strangers. But in personal, I just wanna be my true self. Even towards friends, I can be chatty and yak non-stop but sometimes I can be very quiet to be an audience just sitting there listening to others.

However, this gathering ended up to be beyond what I can imagine. Although this was the 1st time we met up with each others for most of us (some have met and known each other for years) but it seem like meeting up with long-time friends that we were chatting non-stop. It is so amazing that we have so much to yak and the topics cover are so broad, not just about baking and cooking. Of course for such gathering with most of us are women, we gossiping a lot too hahaha...

Too bad that I need to leave earlier at 3.35pm to send dear daughter to her 1st swimming class, I almost wanted to just let dear husband do the job. When I was in the cab, I already missing so much about the gathering. I reached the swimming pool 10 mins earlier than expected time since I was able to hail a cab immediately when I left Edith house, I was still thinking that I should leave her house at 3.45pm instead so I can have 10 mins more spending with my new friends :P.

Yes, the gathering was not in one of the restaurant. So nice of Edith from Precious Moment that she suggested to host the event in her place. This is a potluck party that each of us suppose to bring one homemade dish to the event. I had headache to decide what to bring to the party since I am not good at cooking so I better dun torture their stomach :P. Some of the bloggers decided fast on what food to bring and that helped on my decision, to make cold dessert.

I intended to make Mango Pamelo Sago dessert since I saw a lot of mangoes recently but I had worry that I might not be able to get pamelo. Little did I know that I was able to get pamelo easily but it was mangoes that gave me hard time. I was not available during weekday so I planned to buy the ingredients on Saturday that I can prepare the dessert in the night after I come back from my mother's place.

I was not able to get the mangoes at NTUC supermarket and fruits store nearby my mum's place. So nice of my buddy who stay upstair of my mum, she and her husband drove me around to hunt for mangoes. We were so surprised that there were mangoes everywhere 2 weeks ago but for now, I have difficulty finding mangoes. Finally, I got the mangoes from Giant. Though the mangoes cost has gone so much higher than 2 weeks ago, I still grabbed 4 giant mangoes.

However, when I was preparing to make the dessert then I realised the mangoes are not ripe enough and was hard and sour. I was so upset, since it was so late at night that I am not able to go shop for backup plan :(. I just threw everything aside and visited blogs to release my stress. I saw the new posting from Baker Tan of Baking Library and Jane of Passionate about Baking on the food that they are bringing, I left message to them and shared my stress. Thanks to Baker Tan that he was still online and he suggested to make sour mango salad instead.

Although I had used the sour mangoes to make salad, but I still wanted to make the mango pamelo sago dessert so I decided I shall go hunt for mangoes again the next morning. I made peach flavour konnyaku jelly as well so at least I have 2 dishes to bring to the party.

I was lucky to get the ripe mangoes on Sunday morning at my 2nd stop of hunting. My whole morning just non stop rushing for all the chores, send dear daughter to her Chinese class, hunt for mangoes, fetch her back, made the dessert. I dun even have time to sit down taking a breath, no time for my breakfast as well. My dessert was ready only just before the time that I need to leave my house to Edith's place. Phew... luckily still manage to churn out the dessert on time :).

Pei Lin, thanks for organised this gathering and Edith, thanks for lending out your beautiful place. And my blogger friends, thanks for making this a success and fruitful gathering, I truely enjoy this yakking and makan session so much and is really honour to know all of you in person.

The food that you had prepared, simply delicious. I was hoping that I have bigger stomach so that I can indulge more, even I was so full but I still managed to taste all the food. I told dear husband that I had a buffet spread that even tasted so much better than 5 star hotel.

Edith @ Precious Moments : beverages & bandung drink
Shirley @ Kokken69 : mee rebus
Pei-Lin @ Dodol & Mochi : durian tart & chocolate chips cookies
Zhuoyuan (Baker Tan) @ Baking Library : assorted chocolate truffles
Josephine @ Sugar & Everything Nice : curry chicken
Yan Ee @ Sweeter Side of Life : wholemeal sandwiches & wholemeal cookies
Jane @ Passionate About Baking : almond cream (& mixed nuts for us to bring back)
Bee Bee @ Honey Bee Sweets : ban kuang kueh
Grace @ Kitchen Corner : mini burger & blueberry bakewell tarts
Aimei @ My Baking Cottage : Pork-floss Swiss roll (& cookies goodie bag for us to bring back)
You Fei @ Loving Baking : as she can made it to attend only last min so she didn't prepare food

I have missed out photographed some of the food e.g. almond cream and ban kuang kueh, even the mango pamelo sago dessert and konnyaku jelly that I made, please hop over the above blogs for more photos. We were so busy chatting and eating that we also forgot to take a group photo too! Hope we won't miss out again during our next gathering :).

Mango Pamelo Sago Dessert

Recipe adapted from Happy Home Baker but I triple up the ingredients which basically can serve about 20 bowls and more.

300g sago pearls (I only used up 3/4 of the cooked sago)
450g mango puree (I used more than that but I didn't weigh exactly)
4 fresh big mango, peeled and diced
3/4 fresh pomelo, peeled and separated
600 ml fresh milk
750 ml evaporated milk
150g white granulated sugar (I cut down about 60%)
600 ml marigold mango juice (original recipe used water)
500g ice cubes

1. To make the mango puree, remove the flesh of mangoes and blend it in a blender. If you do not have a blender, simply mash the mango (use very soft and ripened mango) with a fork.
2. Soak sago pearls in water for 5 mins, drain and set aside. Place about 2 litres of water in a large pot and bring it to a full boil. Add the sago pearls and cook until translucent (about 5 ~ 10mins). Keep the water at a rolling boil all the time, stirring occasionally to prevent the pearls from setting to the bottom of the pot. Remove from heat, cover the pot and set aside for about 5 mins. Drain and rinse the sago pearls under running water until cool (this helps to remove any excess starch), drain and set aside.
3. Mix fresh milk, evaporated milk, sugar in a pot. Heat over low heat and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add the ice cubes. When the ice cubes are melted, add in fresh milk, mango juice and mango puree. Stir to combine. Mix in the sago pearls.
4. Allow the mixture to cool completely and chill it in the fridge for at least 3 hours.
5. Serve with diced mango and pomelo.


  1. wow Jess, a real comprehensive write up. I am glad that you enjoyed it as much as I do. Next time, allocate 6 hours! Yes we spent 6 hours chatting non stop! hahhaha

  2. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for such a comprehensive write-up. I can empathise with your stress-ness as i felt the same too! :p Actually, we could have both the sour mango salad and the mango pomelo sago too! Realised we didn't have greens? Hahaha...
    I want to let you know, I love your mango pomelo sago and your jelly too! Good thing, I brought home some of your mango pomelo sago. You know what? I think we didn't have enough mango pomelo sago to bring home. Yan Ee was asking for it! Hahaha...I told her I asked you to bring back. Subtlely, I regretted! :p
    You don't look like the shy type at all! Wished you could have stayed longer! We could have yakked non-stop!
    I'm very happy to have met you. Next time, we must meet up again yah?

  3. I believed u guys mush be hv lots of fun. btw....where is the grp photo ? hehe

  4. how wonderful it must have been to actually meet the people behind the blogs. Takes some effort but how great that is!Bravo for you!

  5. Hi Jess, I will be as stress up as you if I were in your situations ;) I read your comment you left at Bakertan's blog, glad to hear that everything went well :)

  6. Good food, great company! Thanks for sharing. Next time i shall join you ladies.

  7. Hi Edith, I guess Pei Lin "long-winded" virus has spread to me hahaha.... This is one of the most memorable and unforgetable gathering I ve ever attended, I enjoyed every second of that! I will definate free myself and just allocate the whole day for next gathering. My regret for this event was me and Bee Bee not able to stay throughout, You Fei not able to come earlier and of course, forgot to take group photo.

  8. Jane, as long as able to churn out nice food and are well received, all the stress is so worth it! I didnt bring the mango salad cos I thot will be too much mangoes liao heeheehee.... next time shall include salad as well so we will ve balance diet, luckily there are some greens from Yan Ee's sandwiches and Grace's mini burger.
    Glad to hear that you all like the dessert, I shdnt bring it home, shd skin thick thick leave it behind for u all :P.
    I also dunno why, probably is wat Pei Lin's said is "yuan fen" cos we can click so well, not much effort to break the ice. I wish I can stay throughout too, next time I will make sure I make myself available. Hope to meet you all soon!

  9. 苏联妈妈, we had great fun and I believed everyone were enjoying so much. Too bad, our mind were all occupied by talking and eating that we forgot about group photo :(

  10. Thanks Jelena, this indeed was a wonderful gathering.

  11. Thanks HHB, the stress is worthwhile, I recd compliments for the dessert, thanks to your recipe. Too bad you are not able to join us, although not able to meet you in person but reading your blog also enough for me :).

  12. Sure, Jessie, hope you are able to join us next time.

  13. Thanks for sharing so much about the gathering! I though I would be able to "see" some of u from the photos. The food looks great! :)

  14. Jess, I think I am more quiet than you, I'll probably be sitting in a corner if I were at the party...I am happy just to keep the delicious food 'company' ;)

  15. Oh wow Jess, this sounds so much fun! Your sago dessert looks truly addictive. Everyone bringing in so much good stuffs! You ladies must have put on a few more pounds after the potluck party! hehe.... Have a nice day!
    Cheers, kristy

  16. What a fun and flavourful gathering! Could you gals really finish all the food there???
    I love your mango sago dessert! Sadly the mango here in Germany tastes bland.

  17. SSB, we were too busy yakking and eating, no one seem remember to take photos on human being, everyone just attacking the food hahaha... Hope you can join in the fun for the next gathering

  18. HHB, there is no chair nearby the food area so I ve no chance to glue to the food hahaha... Initially I thot I will take long time to able to join/blend in but to my surprise, the ice was broke immediately after I stepped in the hse, not even seated yet. I believed that is the magic created by the friendly and chatty blogger friends that they made me feel so comfortable and like long time friends.
    I hope you are able to join in the fun next time, you will understand wat I meant. I do understand your husband's concern cos although my husband is very supportive on this meet up but he did "warn" me when on the way he sent me to Edith's hse, that this might be a trap, asked me to be more alert. When I asked him what does he meant, he jokingly said might be selling tubberwares hahaha.. so silly of him.
    And hor, just wanna share thatnnot only you being so "navie". One of the foolish thing that I had done was to lend my IC to my ex-colleague. She told me she is pawning her gold chain and the pawn shop need 2 IC so she need my help and I pity her so much that I passed her my IC during lunch time. My other colleagues scolded me so badly, said she might use my IC to borrow $ from loan shark. Tell you, I was in deep fear for many yrs and I not dare to tell my mum abt it, she sure scold me to death. I was early 20s then, not teenage ok, still can be so stupid. There are still many other incident e.g. being cheated by gd frd to sign guarantor letter etc... So you see, I am so much worst than u :P

  19. OMG, all foods look so yummy, hope I can join next time.

  20. Kristy, we had so much fun and I believed everyone enjoyed as much as I do. I was like kept stuffing food into my stomach, too gd to be missed, even put on a few pound is also worth it :)

  21. Angie, we tried our best but no, the food cant finished so some bloggers packet the food back home. The dessert is real yummy, probably you can replace by other fruits.

  22. Sonia, let us know when you are coming to Spore, we will organise one for you, I hope can meet up with you too

  23. Jess! So so good to finally meet you in person! You are as sweet and sincere as in person! I do agree you might be the slightly more quiet ones, but believe me, if everyone is chatty then it will be chaos, lol! Your mango pomelo is very good, with the right sweetness, I like! ;) Too bad I did not get to taste the agar agar. Yes, really hope we get to meet up again soon, especially since we both have daughters, maybe can arrange play dates too, lol!

  24. Jess, it is wonderful to be able to match a face to the name (I am still struggling to match names to blog...). I was just talking to PeiLin just down and realised we did not manage to get a group photo :D!

  25. Wow, what a nice experience! I hope I could be able to join with food bloggers too in a future! I love all the food and presentation! The mango dessert you made looks really delicious. I hope you guys have photo of bloggers too, that would nice remembrance! Keep it up!

  26. I am so jealous you guys get to meet up :( I wish I can bet there too as I would love meeting with all of you. Maybe the next time when I to back to Malaysia we can have a get together like this. Glad that you guys had a great time. Good food good company. What else can you ask for :)

  27. wah!! jealous!! so much food and people went!! Hope there'll be #2 :)

  28. Wow! Sounds like you all had a lovely time!!
    And all the food looks amazing too. Hope I can join in next time...

  29. Hi Jess
    it sounds like it was a wonderful event and you all had a great time!! What a great assortment of food! I wouldn't have know where to begin! and your mango jelly and mango dessert looked so very very good!
    I'm glad you had such a good time!

  30. What a wonderful afternoon you all must have had. The food looks wonderful. I hope you've had a great day. Blessings...Mary

  31. So fun to have a bloggers' gathering :D
    And look at the delicious spread.Wow!

  32. Jess, I only got to know much later that the event will be held at Edith's place. If not I would have baked something and send it to her house.

  33. Dear Jess:

    I'm sorry that you went thru so much just to feed us! LOL! Hey, everyone loved your desserts! I missed that jelly, but had the 楊枝甘露. It was freaking good!!! You and Jane can start a tong sui biz now ... Haha! I'll be your first customer!

    Yea, sorry that you had to leave earlier. =( ... You're VERY beautiful leh ... Beyond my imagination ... Hahaha! Now, you know this 妹妹 hasn't been joking all along lor hor ... Hahaha! Are you convinced of my size now? Hahaha!

    Yea, when I was talking to Shirley yesterday, we suddenly remembered we didn't take any group photo!! Haha! That was a bummer! I wonder if that gathering would be my one and only ... since I'm a few hours away from you guys ...

    When you visit KL, let me know, K? Can bring you out and makan ... Take care, don't overtire yourself!!! Bye, leaving soon ... Will miss you all so bad ... =(

  34. Bee Bee, I am so so happy to finally meet you in person. Oh yes, I am one of the quiet ones and I enjoying being the listening ears, I am famous on being counsellor among friends hahaha... I am on for our daughters's play date, my gal will sure scream for it since most of her times (except sch and meeting wif her cousins occasionally), she is playing alone or her playmates are adult :P.

  35. Shirley, I think most of us can only remember to take photos on food hahaha... So nice to meet you in person finally :)

  36. Thanks Lani. I hope your wish of bloggers gathering will come true soon, wish you all the best. Yes, a group photo would be nice remembrance but guess all of us were to excite to remember heeheehee...

  37. ICook4Fun, pls let us know when you are back to Msia, definately a lot of us here wanted so much to meet up with you too!

  38. Swee San, hope you are able to join us during the #2 too :)

  39. Nel, we had great great time. Hope you will join us next time :).

  40. Thanks Chef Dennis, all us of enjoyed ourselves so much. The gathering was started at 12noon and ended at 6pm, wish I can be there throughout.

  41. thanks Mary & Tigerfish, the food was so so good, all of us enjoyed so much :) Great food, great companion, nothing more can ask for.

  42. HHB, next time you can drop by and say hello. I believe all of us "dun mind" to host it at Edith's hse again, her house is so cosy and beautiful, we love it so much :)

  43. Pei Lin, all the effort are worthwhile since all of you enjoyed the dessert. Your praising are making me blushing now lei, thanks so much ya :P.

    As I told u, u are not fat at all ok so I am not convinced at all :).

    Pls come back again, you still owe us a group photo so die die must come next yr ok :P.

    You have a safe trip back and take care.

  44. that's a lot of good food on the table!! what a feast :D

  45. Hey, your mango pamelo dessert really a good one! I love mango a lot so my hubby and I really eat a lot that day. Thanks for your effort to make this lovely refreshing dessert!

  46. thanks Grace. I am so delighted that so many of you like this dessert and especially happy to hear that you and your husband ate alot :). So nice to meet you in person and hope to see you again, keep in touch ya.

  47. Wow... so many good food... drooling now...

  48. Hi Jess,

    You brought quite alot of stuff even though you mentioned you might have difficulty preparing your mango dessert. I am glad that you are able to turn up. Love your mango pomelo and fruit jelly. I brought home one box of fruit jelly (about 10 pcs) and ate them all by myself. So nice lar! Quite a pity we din get to taste your sour mango salad. I am sure it would taste good as an appetiser.

    I agree with Pei-Lin that you are really beautiful, in fact a pretty working mum who likes to bake.

    Nice meeting you at the party. Yup I do notice that you are a little quiet. I am like that at times too. But I felt quite comfortable over at the party to express my views and chat in front of everyone. I am sure you will get used to it and open up more when we meet up in time to come. I wish we will be meeting up frequently if possible, haha.

    Cheers and happy baking and blogging =]

  49. What a quick recovery from your illness.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself

  50. Quite a variety of good food down there, made us drooling in front of computer down here ... hahahaha ....

  51. what a feast ! wish i'm there, so much inspiration for me to "mess" up my kitchen :)

  52. neyeeloh, yes the food are so so good, the best buffet spread that I ve eaten, even 5 star hotels n restaurant cannot fight at all. I am a lucky gal that able to taste such good food :)

  53. Hi ZY, I shd bring the sour mango salad too, I thought too much of mangoes will be too heaty :P.

    I love konnyaku jelly, I can eat 5 or 6 pcs at one go. I used to make very frequent so did my sis, so I ate almost every week during a long period hahaha...

    You are Pei Lin are making me blush but thanks for the compliments, I love hearing that :P.

    Yes I was a little quiet when the crowd started to come in, shy personality came out again when too many pp. Jane dun feel I am shy cos I talked quite a lot when it was small grp just me, Jane, Jo & Edith.

    Looking forward to meet you all again!

  54. Wendy, I wasn't actually totally recover yet but this is the event that cannot be missed, I know I will in deep regret if I am not able to attend. I guess Grace has the same feeling, she wasnt very well but she still atended :).

    Now, I am looking forward to meet you!

  55. DG, dun need to drool, join in the fun next time.

    Jackie, you are welcomed to join us next time :).

  56. Now I'm turning green here...haha. How I wish I was there to join all the fun. So much mouth-watering food! Thanks very much for sharing. MaryMoh at

  57. It's very exciting to meet virtual friends face to face. What a great meet-up party you have had. Oh, so many yummy dishes.

  58. That sounds so fun! and lots of yummy food, wish I could attend to!

  59. Haha.. didn't know you had the same worry as me but we were glad we just go for it ya! There'll sure be things to chat about since we all share the same passion. Hope to see you again so that we can chat longer. :)

  60. One more thing, I love your mango pamelo sago dessert. But i was too full to have more servings. :P

  61. Mary, hope you able to join us too next time if you visit Spore.

    Christine, yes that was such a great experience! Hope you able join in too if you visit Spore.

  62. Pigpigcorner, join us if you visit Spore, I am sure you will have fun too :).

    Aimei, yes indeed I was quite panic, afraid hard to break the ice and silent, that will be so awkward, luckily tat situation didnt happen. I am so glad that I was daring enough to join the gathering. Hope to meet you again too and so happy to know you love the dessert too.

  63. Envious of yuor talented ladies and your feast! Wish I was in your country to join in! Sounds like you had a great time! It's heart-warming to read that even if you are shy in a group of new faces you soon forget your shyness and can chat about everything! Sounds like my kinda group!!

    I look forward to reading more about your meets!

  64. Hi Plumleaf, you can join us when you visit Spore :).

  65. THX for sharing


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