Saturday, August 7, 2010

Red Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Yogurt Mousse Cake

Hi blogger buddies, I am not sure did anyone realise that I actually MIA (Missing in action) from blogosphere for many days. I was sick, actually I should say that I am sick cos still not totally recover yet. Since last thursday, during my 2nd day of business trip, I started with high fever then follow by cough and flu. The sickness got real bad from Friday (my colleague nearly need to lug me back to Singapore hahaha...) and I slept throughout most of the times until Tuesday, I was too sick to do anything else except sleeping :P. I supposed to travel again on Wednesday but have to cancel the trip.

I miss blogging, can you imagine that even though I was so sick and in the dreamland most of the times, I was still able to blog, I blogged in my dream. My friends, I had actually visited your blog in my dream hahaha!

Back to the cake, this was made for my younger sister inlaw's birthday which was last Thursday. I made the cake the night before my trip and initially, I was planning to send her the cake before heading to airport. However I didn't make it due to some delays so I had to get her to collect the cake from my place.

My sister inlaw is quite a health consious lady, she doesn't have sweet tooth, she is not dessert and cakes kind of person. So I had some head cracking on what to bake for her birthday. I decided that I should bake her something with fruits, definately is a better choice than chocolate or cream cake.

But what fruit? Although she eats lots of fruits but I remember she still has some restriction on certain fruits e.g. mango (she was on some chinese medication that she said have to avoid mango), pineapple (she read from book that pineapple is not so good for our body but I can't recall what is the reason) etc, there might be other restricted fruits that I am not aware.

I remember she had shared the benefits of dragon fruits with my mother inlaw before and there was a period, my mother inlaw got influenced by her that she drank blended dragon fruit juice with some other health supplement almost everyday. I scanned through my memeory and I remember this Red Pitaya Mousse Cake from My Birthday Cake by Kelvin Chai. Freezed red pitaya mousse cake is just perfect since my sister inlaw do eat ice-cream occasionally :).

There are generally 2 types of dragon fruits selling in supermarket, one is white flesh which is more common, another type is red flesh which is more juicy, sweeter and expensive than white flesh dragon fruits. The nutritional benefits of dragon fruits include help to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes and its high antioxidant amounts and vitamin C levels. (info extracted from

A few weeks before her birthday, whenever I went to supermarket to buy fruits, I will surely search for red pitaya in red flesh, just to ensure this fruit is easily accessable. Without fail, I was able to spot it everytime. However, when it was time for me to purchase this fruit, I was not able to find it. I went to a few NTUC and Shop N Save, Giant, all the supermarket that nearby my office and home, only white flesh dragon fruits are available but I want the red fresh dragon fruits!

I nearly give up, I have to find for back up plan. During my last try at another Giant, I found it, the last one at the fruit counter. The uncle told me that was the only one they left cos the stock didn't come in that day. I forgot how much red pitaya that I need for the recipe but I just grabbed it and I bought hami melon as my back up plan.

I was lucky this time, the fruit was just enough for the recipe YEAH! I cut down the whipped cream and replaced by non-fat yogurt so to make it more healthy. I cut down the sugar as well for both the sponge cake and mousse to make it suitable for my sister inlaw's taste bud.

And since my sister inlaw has changed her diet to vegetarian (she still consume fishes) about 2 years ago for healthy reason, I dare not use gelatin for the mousse. So I googled and used aga aga powder as subsitution. Luckily, the cake was still able to set nicely.

I spared some red pitaya and cut into cubes wanted to add in the mousse but I forgot! I only realised it after I covered the mousse with the last layer of sponge cake and saw a bowl of cubes red pitaya! Argh, why am I so forgetful!!!! I wanna salvage the situation, I removed the last layer of sponge cake slowly from the mousse and added all the cubes red pitaya in the 2nd layer of mousse. So there will be only one layer of mousse comes with cubes fruit but better than none right.

Another hiccup was the red pitaya glazing to cover the cake. I bought the decogel from Phoon Huat a few weeks ago and when I opened it that night, I realised there was a layer of mold at the center of the decogel. Hello, that was an unopen bottle that I just bought a few weeks ago, how come so fast got moldy? I am so regretted now that I had threw the decogel away, I should bring back and question Phoon Huat about it:(. I tried replacing the decogel with aga aga powder but the glazing was very watery instead of jam texture as per the picture shown in the recipe book. I dare not take the chances so I decided to omit the glazing.

So sweet and thoughtful of my sister inlaw, she email me the photos of the cut out cake
to share with my readers after she saw my posting. She also posted the cake in her blog as well, if you are interested on vegetarian food, you may drop by her blog to take a look :).

I didn't use the sponge cake recipe from Kelvin Chai but used this instead.

Ingredients :

For Sponge Cake : Adapted from Foodhouse88
70g plain flour
2 eggs
15g milk
50g caster sugar
1 tbsp glucose
1 tsp vanilla extra
salt 2g
15g oil
1/2 tsp baking soda

Method :
1. Sift flour and baking soda.
1. Beat eggs, sugar and salt on medium speed till foamy.
3. Add in glucose and continue beat till 5 times in volume and ribbon-like.
4. Add in sifted flour and baking soda, beat on LOW speed till mix well.
5. Mix oil and milk and pour 1/3 of the batter and mix well.
6. Pour the milk batter to the remaining flour batter and mix well
7. Pour batter in a round pan and bake for 20 - 30mins at 180c.
7. Remove from the oven and invert the pan immediately. Let cool completely before unmould.

For the Filling : Adapted from My Birthday Cake by Kelvin Chai.
Red Pitaya Sauce :
200g red pitaya fresh (chopped)
100g caster sugar (I reduced to 50g)
2 tbsp lemon juice

Red Pitaya Mousse :
2 tsp gelatin powder (I replaced with 2 tsp aga aga powder)
2 tbsp hot water
200g fresh cream (whipped) I reduced to 100g & replaced by 150g non-fat plain yogurt
2 tbsp kirsch (I replaced by vanilla extract)

Red Pitaya Gel : (I omitted it)
50g red pitaya sauce
100g decogel

To make sauce : bring chopped red pitaya, sugar and lemon juice to boil for 5 mins until mixture slightly thickens. Remove from heat and leave to cool.

To make mousse : stir aga aga powder into hot water or stirring over simmering water until melt. add in 150g of red pitaya sauce and mix well. Fold in whipped cream, yogurt and vanilla extract.

To make glaze gel : stir red pitaya sauce with decogel until mix well. Glaze over the cake.

To assemble : Line cling wrap inside a big bowl. Pour in half of mousse, cover with a slice of sponge cake. Pour the balance mousse and cover with the last slice of sponge cake. Wrap well and freeze for 4 hours or over night.


  1. Gosh, what an awesome cake! Your sis-in-law is sure one lucky lady! Looks so cute and sweet, just beautiful!

  2. I have this Kevin Chai book as well :) Your cake have a bright beautiful colour sure brighten up the heart that whoever receive this cake :)
    Take care!

  3. Wah Wah wah..... very pretty.
    Can use konnyaku to glaze ma ... hehehe, and it's made from a root, not animal, so, vegetarian. Plus konnyaku is freeze stable.

  4. I love the colour but not the fruit. The cake is beautiful! I wonder if the flavour is strong in cakes?
    I once made jelly with it and after one piece, nobody wanted a second. They don't like the flavour.

  5. Never had a frozen mousse made with dragon fruit. Looks very pretty!

  6. Did you visit me in your dream? hehehe..hope you have recovered by now. This cake is amazing beautiful.

  7. I think this is such a sweet looking mousse cake! Well done!

  8. never heard of the looks so exotic...what a wonderful flora our planet out of this world...

  9. Oh! I love this, sweetie pink. :)

  10. a beautiful cake! I'm sure your sis-in-law was all smiles. I would really like it :D Thanks very much for sharing. MaryMoh at

  11. DG, I love most of the outlook of the cakes in that book and thanks for the nice words :)

  12. Thanks Wendy. I dun ve konnyaku powder at home but thanks for the tips, I will remember to use it next time :)

  13. Thanks Busygran, I am not sure about the taste cos no chance to taste it but my sil and her husband likes the cake. I guess the flavour shd be quite mild, same as the fruit itself, not many pp like dragon fruits but happened to be my sil is not one of them :)

  14. Thanks Angie, HBS, Happy Flour & Mary :)

  15. Of course Sonia, your blog is one of must visit blog for me. And thanks, I am so much better now, shd b recovering soon :)

  16. Jelena, the dragon fruit produce by a night flowering vine-like cactus. Native to Mexico and Central and South America and also cultivated in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. They are also found in Okinawa, Hawaii, Israel, northern Australia and southern China.

  17. Hi Jess....hope you are much better now :) Your dragon fruit mousse cake looks great. I would like to try this out one day. Have KIV it. Thanks and take care...looking forward to your new posts and recipes :)

  18. hope u are fully recover now. your cake is so sweet & beautiful

  19. I love the colour of the cake and best of all, it's natural in colour. Is the red flesh dragon fruit tastes any different from the white ones? I know the white ones doesn't really have fragrant in them.

    Wow! You work full time, look after your kid n yet you can cook and blog. Hats off you. I need to reorganise my time management.

  20. Oh oh, how are you now? Hope you have recovered.

    I love the purple hue of this cake. So glorious.

  21. Very pretty colour! May I ask you replace gelatin with agar agar powder, any difference in texture? Do you replace with the same amount? I also cannot use gelatin cos my mother is a vegetarian.

    Have a good rest and recover soon!

  22. Hi, hope you get well soon.
    Your cake's very beautiful. Love its bright and vibrant colour.

  23. This cake is georgeous, love the colour and it looks very refreshing.

    Jess, we had the same destiny. I had been sick for the past few days that's why I didn't update my blog. And guess what I also dreamt of blogging and visit my fellow blog pals' lovely blogs. haha

  24. Hope you've recovered. The cake looks so georgeous

  25. Thanks Elin & 苏联妈妈, I am getting better now :)

  26. Hi Cooking Ninja, the red fresh actually taste nicer than white fresh but hor, still not really my cup of tea :P.

    I dun cook cos mother inlaw will do the cooking, I just like baking cos I hate getting sweaty after cooking but occasionally I still cook when husband request as mil always out on wkend :).

  27. Thanks Tigerfish, I am getting better now. I like the color too, tat is 1 of the main reason I made this cake :)

  28. Thanks SSB. I am not sure the different of the texture since I dun get to taste it but it set nicely, firm like ice cream after I freezed it. I replaced the same amount.

  29. Angel, hope you are getting better now. Hahaha I thought I am so kua zhang tat even dream of blogging, glad I am not alone heeheehee... so did u visit my blog in ur dream? hahaha...

  30. Hi Jess,

    Do take care and hope you recover soon. Your post on this cheery looking pitaya cake makes me want to try out this cake too. I happen to have the same book by kevin chai. Lovely book with lots of cakes suitable for special occasions and birthdays.

  31. Jess, that bombe looks gorgeous! (Yes, I call it a "bombe!")

    Ah, if I were in your situation, I'd be having major headache ... LOL! As much as I'd like taking it as a challenge, I don't like the idea of dealing with eaters with many restrictions. Sorry lar! I've been dealing with fussy eaters (my family) ... A bit takut here ... Hahaha!

    LOL'ed at the fact 當我們不需要某些東西的時候,它們就是偏要出現。反之,當我們很需要它們的時候,它們偏不出現!Haha! Luckily the one last red pitaya you got there was sufficient for the bombe!

    Wah, this kind of problem also happens there meh? I thought only me kena cheated a lot here ... by being a consumer in the country next door ... Hahaha!

    Hey, buddy! Speedy recovery to you, K? I did notice you were MIA over the past few days ... Me, too lar ... No time to write ... Luckily I didn't go to KLCC to go cari you ... LOL! Aiya, so bad meh? Had to have your colleague lug you back from Penang to SG!? As for now, take as much as rest as you can. Don't work yourself out if you really feel fatigued. Looking forward to a sunny Jess!

  32. She is very fortunate that you went to this much effort for her cake. It looks wonderful. I hope you are still on the road to recovery and feeling better. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  33. Hi Bakertan, thanks and you have the same book as well so have you try out any recipe from there?

  34. Thanks Pei Lin :). Actually I always having headache when I wanna make birthday cake most of the times as I wanted to make something that likeable by the birthday boy/gal. Hey, I am another fussy eater too, wait till you know me better you will know hahaha...

    Oh yes I also realised that when I need something always difficult to get it argh... Ya I also count myself lucky, happened to have last small pitaya left over at the counter for me :).

    Thanks Pei Lin, I hope to recover by Sun, dun wanna spread to you to bring back KL, I guess enough of illness for u too :P. Oh yes it was really bad cos I cant seem to get out from the bed. Can you imagine I have to go lie down after I brushed my teeth cos my eyes simply wanna close up and felt so giddy. I woke up many times, after doing some little chores and I tabuleh tahan and told my colleague spare me sometimes to lie down as I was spinning, then I went to bed and just dozed off unconsiously... Luckily I managed to get up to head to airport though I was walking like a drunker hahaha.

    Oh I cant guarantee you are able to see a sunny jess but you can definately see a panda jess :P. I slept for so many days yet my dark circles are still so jialat!!!

  35. wow, first time to see dragon fruit cake, interesting! looks really yum! happy weekend!

  36. Hi Jess,

    I got the book quite recently. Haven had the chance to use it yet. the 1st recipe that I want to do will be the hazelnut cream (nutella) cake. Happens that I have whipped cream on hand. Probably will be doing it next week =]

  37. This is a spectacular cake. I'll wager it is as delicious as it is beautiful. The color is remarkable. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  38. thanks Lani, Cookie Sleuth & Mary :)

  39. Hi Bakertan, this is the 1st cake I made from the book as well, this indeed a great book for birthday cakes. Hope to see your nutella cake soon!

  40. sorry to hear you were sick, hope you're better now. I love the gorgeous pink colour of your cake, the cross section slice is so beautiful.

  41. I hope you are better now, and your cake looks amazing!

  42. I am almost recover, thanks Wiffy & Me Pineapple Man :)

  43. Jess, i wonder where's my comment goes! I made a comment on this post a couple of days back and it's gone. Darn! Anyway, I hope you are well now. This cake looks really gorgeous but why do you need to freeze it. It looks more like an ice-cream cake. LOL! Still very scrumptious though looking! yummm....
    Regards, kristy

  44. Oh Kristy, the comment section has prob again? Thanks I am so much better now and recovering soon. I freezed the cake to let it tasted like ice-cream, chilled cake a bit too soft, tasted like mousse than ice cream :)

  45. Wow! This looks fantastic! Dragon fruits are delicious in the summer!

  46. wow... lots of nice food! great ppl great food I believe.

  47. Hello, I am wondering if the GLUCOSE in the sponge cake ingredients is liquid or powder form? I have corn syrup and powder glucose.

  48. Hi Bee with Style, the glucose is thick liquid form.

  49. Thank you. I thought so - similar to corn syrup. Somehow I have a can of dry form of glucose in my pantry. I made this delicious looking dessert and it is still in the freezer. I can't wait to unmold it for my Grandson's B Day party this weekend. :-)

  50. Hihi,

    Where can I buy the book "my birthday cake" by Kevin Chai? Thanks!

  51. Thanks Bee with Style for trying the cake, hope your grandson and family will like it.

    Hi anonymous, I got the book from popular book store.

  52. yes I really like dragon fruit and I always take it every day with the family. It is true that the benefits of dragon fruit was incredible. YES of course i like this article for you, get it now Cara Menjadi Member Green World of course me


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