Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Satay Drumsticks and Pandan Rice

Satay is one of the local delicate dishes that me and my family cannot resist, we love it so much that we will not get tire of eating. So when I saw this satay drumstick in My Little Space, I copied down the recipe immediately.

I am interested to try out the pandan rice as well so I decided to pair these 2 together for one of our weekend dinner in my mum's place.

Ingredients :
For Satay Drumsticks :
10 drumsticks
1 tsp tumeric powder
1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp coriander powder (omit it cos can't find in supermarket)
1/2 tsp cumin powder
5 tbsp sugar (reduced to 2 tbsp)
1 tspn salt
1 tbsp sesame oil

Method :
1. Marinade drum sticks with all ingredients at once. (it's better to leave over night in the fridge.)
2. Preheat frying pan with a tablespoon of cooking oil.
3. Simmer drum stick over medium low heat until golden brown.
4. Bake the drumsticks in the oven for 15mins at 200 degree and and serve hot.

For Pandan Rice :
2 cups rice, rinsed thoroughly
water for cooking
2 tbsp concerntrate pandan leaves juice
2 drops green colouring (optional but I omit cos mum's place dun have)
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp corn oil/olive oil (I used olive oil)
a few pandan leaves
a pinch of salt

1. combine all ingredients into the rice cooker and leave to cook.

The chicken drumstick is very flavourful, juicy and tender, simply delicious. I can eat 2 or even more if I didn't go with rice.
As we had omitted the green coloring, the pandan rice turned out to be white in color which I think it will look nicer if is in green. The rice smell fragrant with hint of pandan and buttery taste, if you are looking for something light and fragrant and not plain white rice, this will be a good choice.


  1. they sound easy enough to make, I should add this to my school menu!

  2. oh wow, that look delicious. Can I come to your house for lunch :)

  3. Wah I just read another fried drumpstick post. Your satay drumpstick looks delicious too! Must be very tasty and fragrant!

  4. Looks very good!!
    I love the chicken skin here, that's the most flavourful part of this satay chicken.

  5. Drumstick and chicken wings are my favourite... hehe...

  6. That's a lovely meal combo! I love pandan rice for its fragrance. If you want the green colour, pound or grind some pandan leaves and add some water and strain to get the green juice. I do this when I bake pandan chiffon.

  7. hmmmm yum yum! You're making me hungryyyy now! I love chicken and more so, a well seasoned and fried one. YUMS!

  8. wor, all look so yummy. I remembered my daughter cooked pandan rice during mother day, i never thought of this before.

  9. Not bad ar! I love satay everything too!! Pandan rice is a dish I'd like to try ...

    GOOD! Next time when you stop by KL, will bring you to Kajang to try the famous Kajang Satay!!! HAHA!

  10. droool...

    Makes me so hungry..must eat..


    My Sassy Chef

  11. This must be very aromatic! What a combo, I love such meals!

  12. i love satay too but too bad i am lousy in cooking...maybe shld try out this one one day.thanks for sharing~~

  13. Hi Jess.. its me again.. simply love ur blog..

    ask u a qn.. can we just pan fry the chicken? why is there a need to bake it?

  14. Wah you and Wendy are on a chicken frenzy here! Looks finger licking good! I made pandan chicken before not satay, will definitely give it a try, thanks!

  15. Oh my! this looks very delicious! I love chicken satay :)

  16. Hi Jess,
    You only bake well, you can cook so well too! The combi looks good as a meal and has all the nutritions required. Yummy.

  17. Hi Jackie,next time I can share some with you :).

    Chef Dennis, indeed it is easy to make and delicious too :).

    Thanks ICookFun and you are always welcome :)!

  18. Thanks Grace, the other post is it from Wendy? I saw hers too, looks delicious as well :).

    Wendy, I love the skin too, I only eat grilled and fried chicken skin :).

    Somewhere in Singapore, drumstick and chicken wings are always my favourite, in fact I just love to eat chicken :).

  19. Thanks busygran for the tips :).

    Thanks Youfei, I love chicken too :)

    Thanks Sonia. Wow your daughter cooked pandan rice for you during Mothers' Day? You are so fortunate :).

  20. Pei Lin, I love satay everything too. I remember the satay I ate in Penang, the satay man soaped the satay in the peanut sauce and grilled, sedap manz... too bad I didn't have a chance to eat during my last trip :(.

    Oh yes yes yes, can't wait to go KL to eat the famous Kajang satay!

  21. Thanks Sassy Chef :).

    Thanks Cooking Gallery :).

    苏联妈妈, I am not a good cook as well. In fact, I can use my fingers to count the no. of times I cook for my family :P. I usually like to bake chicken, just marinate and throw into the oven, and you can have a yummy chicken dish. Do try it and you will realise how easy it is :).

  22. Thanks Linlin, I am so happy to hear that :). The reason being pan fry to seal the juice and this way, the chicken will be more juicy and tasty. If you wanna save the troublesome, you can either pan fry or bake.

  23. Hi Bee Bee, ya so coincidence that we posted drumstick hahaha... Pandan chicken sound delicious, I love chicken anything :).

    Thanks Anne. I love chicken satay too.

    Jane, you are making me blushing :p. I can do simple cooking only, that's why most of my posts are cakes heeheehee...

  24. The drumsticks look so juicy...yummy

  25. I can smell the satay and pandan rice from here! Looks so delicious!

  26. Now you are talking! Satay chicken and pandan rice! I love them.

  27. Beautiful chicken drumstick and dish....drooling here...yum. I'm sure I can eat more than one piece, too. This would be great for BBQ also.

  28. I want to make these satay drumsticks cos I have most of the ingredients except coriander which I don't have too but you said can be omitted, right? :p

  29. Hey, where can i get pandan leaf juice? same as that baking type ?

  30. Hi Jess... thanks for the reply.. just got the spices from my indian colleague... shall try it over the weekends haha!! Shall update u ok..

  31. What a fun family dinner! Congrats on your 100th post!

  32. Hey Jess,

    I just bookmarked this. Love satay chicken to bits, haha. What I like about this recipe is the chicken needs to be baked, haha.

    You can try getting coriander powder from Sheng Shiong, Phoon Huat or Indian minimarts/supermarkets. I have seen it in these places =]


  33. jess your satay chicken look darn nice.. i love satay alot and this is a welcoming recipe thanks for sharing =)

  34. Looking at the pictures are already making me drooling. Not mention juicy & tender BBQ chicken + fragant pandan rice ... wouw! this must be delicious!

  35. Gosh you are making me hungry all over again.

  36. Jess, you have really caught my eye just with the title. It looks so darn good. I can only imagine the flavours ... yummy!

  37. This tastes really good with pandan rice. :)

  38. Hi Dailydelicious, bake it now :P

    Thanks neyee :).

    Thanks Pigpigcorner, the chicken & pandan rice smell very nice :).

  39. Angie, I love them too, is delicious :).

    Thanks Mary, yes I think bbq is even tastier.

    Hi Tigerfish, of course you can omit corriander powder since I didn't put too, still yummy. Next time I will get hold of corriander powder and try again to see the different :).

  40. Hi Jackie, I blended a few pandan leaves with some water and squeezed out the juice.

    Hi Lilin, you are most welcomed. Look forward for your update and hope you will like the satay chicken :).

    Thanks Cookie Sleuth.

  41. Hi ZY, I prefer to bake chicken as well. I do love fried chicken but dun like to do it at home. If I crave for fried chicken, either buy or use oven to bake fried chicken :P.

    I can't find it in Giant, next time will go indian stores or phoon huat to get it, thanks.

  42. Thanks Jess. Hope you will like this recipe :).

    Thanks DG, yes this combination is good :).

    Hahaha.. Edith, go bake it :).

  43. Thanks Jo & me too, satay & pandan will always catch my attention :).

    Hi Little Inbox, yes truely delicious :).

  44. Jess, this is a beautiful meal. The chicken looks gorgeous and the rice sounds wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  45. Wow, it's just so delicious! Can spare me a drumstick?

  46. It's now 2am and I'm salivating over your drumsticks. You're making me hungry! ;-)

  47. Wow, this sure makes a great meal...sounds SO tasty the chicken satay and the rice...I better get some lunch now :-)

  48. thanks Mary :).

    Of course can, Cheah, here you go :).

    Hahaha... Piggy, me too drooling over it when I look at the pix :P.

    Hi Juliana, this is a simple yet delicioius meal :).

  49. Oh boy, Jess! Your drumstick with pandan rice looks great. Actually, there is one place in S'pore where you can find this pandan rice. If not mistaken is Woodland Shopping Mall upper floor hawker centre! Btw, sorry that I'm late! Hope you're having a great time.
    Cheers, kristy

  50. 哇!还没有吃,我就已经闻到那pandan叶和鸡腿的香味了!

  51. looks amazing... I shouldn't have viewed this before my lunch... now so hungry hehe

  52. Hi Kristy, you are never late :). Oh so Causeway Point food court selling this pandan rice, next time I shd go take a look. Thanks for the recipes, my family like it :).

    温馨小屋, 真得很香!:)

    Thanks Wiffy, sorry for the temptation hahaha...

  53. Dear Jess...

    I tried this at home.. reallie nice .. I used wings instead and just simply fry without the baking step.. My colleagues love the chicken...

    My parents couldnt get used to the taste.. think coz of the spices used.. haha!!

    see my blog for the art piece.

    Really thanks for sharing this..

  54. Lilin, glad to hear that you have tried and like the satay chicken. :).


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