Monday, September 6, 2010

Apple Cinnamon Cake

I have a lot of apples that bought for more than a week, normally dear daughter can clear the stock fast (she can eat as many as 3 apples per day if we didn't stop her) but dunno why she seems to lost interest on apples during last week. Since I am baking a cake for her kindergarten teachers, so must well bake an apple cake to clear off those apples.

There are many apple cakes recipes in my folder but I finally decided to bake this apple cinnamon cake from Anncoo. As I do not have walnut at home, I used another recipe for the crumble topping instead.

My original plan was to bake the cake on the night before dear daughter bringing it to school. However, I dozed off (which happen all the time :P) while tugged dear daughter to sleep. The next moment I woke up, it was near 6am and school bus pick up time is 7.40am which I had tight timeline to complete the cake.

At that moment, how I wish that someone is there to give me some helps so that can fasten the process but as it was still early, I do not wanna wake my helper up. So I was like crazy woman with messy hair, half close eyes and half awake mind trying to multi-task by preparing and measuring the ingredients, beating the batter, slicing the apples etc at the same time.

Luckily the cake was done before expecting time, I was still able to let the cake cool a bit and took some photos (which I thought I have to skip the photo taking, phew!) before packing to the cake box.

When dear daughter saw the cake, she asked me "Mummy, this is the cake for teachers? Why so ugly!" My smiling face just fade away, I asked her is it really ugly. Guess she can read my disappointment so she used consoling tone "Because the cake is black! But actually, after seeing it again, the cake is quite pretty lah." She is always so diplomatic, even how she dislike my bakes, she will force herself to eat a bit to entertain me and tell me the bake is nice.

Recipe for apple cinnamon cake adapted from Anncoo Journal, crumbly topping and glazing adapted from Kitchen Snippets.

Ingredients : (for 10" cake pan and 1 cupcake)
For Cake :
275g plain flour
1 1/4 tsp baking powder
1 1/4 tsp baking soda
1 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
1/3 tsp salt
190g butter
190g sugar (I reduced to 170g)
3 large eggs
1 1/4 tsp vanilla flavor
50g whipping cream
2 1/2 apple ~ peeled and diced (not too small)

1 big or 2 medium size apples – peel and sliced
2 tbsp sugar (I reduced to 1 1/3 tbsp)
1 tsp cinnamon

1 mini bottle (28g) of orange marmalade + 3 tsp hot water and mix well

1. Sift all the dry ingredients together.
2. In mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy then add in whipping cream, continue to beat till light.
3. Then add in vanilla flavor and eggs one at a time.
4. Scrape bowl and add the flour ingredients, mix well.
5. Add in all chopped apples and use a rubber spatula to fold well and pour into a 8"round lined cake tin.
6. Lightly toss all the topping ingredients evenly. Arrange sliced apples on top of the cake.
7. Bake in preheated oven 180C and bake at about 50 mins or until skewer comes out clean when test.
8. Removed from oven. Let it cool for 10 minutes in the pan and then turn it out on the cooling rack.
9. Brush the orange marmalade mixture all over the top of the cake.

The cake is soft and moist, delicious as what Ann has claimed. And I totally agree with her that the aroma of the cinnamon is so strong during the baking that left the whole house so fragrant and I kept deep breathing to inhale the nice aroma. Although I don't really fancy cinnamon but the fragrant and taste of this cake bought me over. I love the sweet cinnamon apple topping too, crunchiness from the apple slices and sugar, fragrant from the cinnamon has added extra flavour. However the cake is very sweet, even dear husband also shared the same comment. Probably the cake is sweet by itself and combine with the sweet crumbly topping has doubled up the sweetness. I will definitely bake this cake again but will use the original crumbly topping from Ann's recipe.


  1. If the cake was only done in so little time, it's really a job well done!!!
    Your daughter's so nice.
    My kids will just push it away if they don't want to eat it. Or puke it out if they don't like the taste.

  2. Delicious cake, I can see it soft & fluffy!

  3. Only a superwoman can accomplish a cake with such speed! :)
    I love the cupcake version which is easier to eat and give away. The big cake looks awesome with so many apple slices. Yum!

  4. Oh my, the cake looks absolutely delicous. It'll be in my "To-Bake List"

  5. wow! the cake looks really soft and moist indeed. The larger cake looks really impressive, but i like the mini ones better - so cute, esp with the slice of apple on top.

  6. That's one lovely looking and sounding cake. So perfect for fall.
    Though the cupcake is so cute and comforting-looking that I might be tempted to make only cupcakes out of your recipe :)

  7. Wah your daughter so sweet... How I wish my sons are as sweet as her.

  8. WOW Jess! You're superb! Wish I can do it in short time like you and your daughter is so sweet too.
    Thank you for trying this cake and you really add lots of apples on the cake. I also love the mini cake, so cute ;DD

  9. love the way you arrange the apples on top. You girl is smart and sweet :)

  10. HAHA! I couldn't stop laughing as I read. You should have brought your daughter to the meet-up, too! So cute! She's one of the least fussy eaters I've heard of so far. Hey, you know polishing off three apples per day is a good thing! Most kids have to be cajoled to do just that. =D

    No worries. Have you ever seen me the moments I'm in the kitchen and the moments thereafter? I look like a siao za bo! HAHA! My hair looks like Einstein. =P

    I love anything apple-ish! I'd have to say this cake is very presentable. Am sure the taste is good, too! The folks at the kindergarten are so lucky!

  11. It sounds like a really lovely apple cake. It is so nice to have the recipes and food of fall waiting for us. Your recipe is a treat. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. Your daughter eats 3 apples a day?! Wow...but no wonder she lost interest, since she ate so much of it already, lol! The apple cake looks really soft and fluffy! Mm...apples and cinnamon, a wonderful combo! Hahaha, you know my younger daughter behaves just like your girl! She would entertain me by giving my bake a small bite sometimes and give me a weak smile. *sigh* Kids...what to do?!

  13. *Ouch*! Doesn't that hurt? It's okay, children are just so innocent and frank. My kids did the same to me all the time! However, I must really salute you for able to complete the cake JIT for her to bring to school! And so early! Gosh, you're really something Jess! I would have been stressed to death and not able to do anything at all with such a short time! :p

  14. Thanks Wendy. Oh cos I will use emotional threatening sometimes, will either tell her if she loves me she have to eat a bit, or tell her must eat everything if she wanna travel to oversea or will tell her I like this and if she dun like means she is not my daughter etc and most of the times, she will fall into it and give in heeheehee... Now cos me and husband a bit worry on she is putting on weight, if ask her to eat something she dislike, she will say "I cannot eat any more, what if I become fat? how?"

  15. Thanks DG.

    Thanks Busygran. I guess will power can make magic :). My initial intention was baked into cupcakes too but cos too time consuming that I changed my mind to bake into cake pan.

    Thanks Jet. Do try it and let me know how is it :).

  16. Thanks Nel, I prefer the cute cupcake version too :).

    Thanks Indie Tea.

    Neyee, oh that is cos u dunno about her naughty version!

  17. Thanks Ann for both your nice words and also the recipe, we like the cake. Me, my husband and my mil shared the small cupcake, so chiam. I am going to bake again for family so we can eat until siok siok heeheehee...

  18. Pei Lin, if I bring her there, I have to bring a lot of tidbits along. Whenever she is too noisy, too active, I will stuff her a sweet treat and she will be well behaved.

    I dun consider her as fussy eater but she neither easy eater but she is easy to "cheat". I always will force her to try on food that 1st introduce to her. If she refuse any food, like I shared with Wendy, I will "trick" her and most of the times she will give in :P.

    I know apples are good but so many in one day leh. Her record so far is 3 apples but she can eat more if we didnt stop her, that is terrible manz.

    Hahaha... I think I looked like Einstein that day too :P.

  19. Thanks Wiffy :).

    Thanks Happy Flour :).

    Thanks Mary :).

  20. Hi Bee Bee, I think she has my gene, I can eat a lot if is something I like. My closed friends know that I have flexible stomach, I can eat as little that they think is kitten food, and I can eat as much as they think my stomach is going to burst :P.
    Luckily now she is back to 1 apple a day, not so bad :).

    I agree with you, apple & cinnamon are perfect match.

    Your daughter also so sweet but at least she is not as cunning as my gal. Initially I got fooled by her, I really thought she likes my bake. When she said very nice after having a bite (she even can gave me 2 thumbs up), when I offer her another bite, she quickly shake her head and said no thanks, she is full.

  21. Oh Jane, of course it hurt! But ok lah, I told her she has no taste, she dunno how to appreciate good stuff hahaha...

    Jane, trust me, when you are in same situation, you are able to make it!

  22. The cake is pretty with the apple topping. I enjoy cakes like this - no cream :) you can give me a slice or maybe just one cupcake.

  23. I think the cake looks scrumptious!! It's so stressful baking with a timeline--sometimes I do it before heading off to work so I have some goodies to bring the other lifegaurds!
    I was searching for an apple cake recipe! Thanks!

    with love and cupcakes,

  24. Something about apple and cinnamon goes so well together. Lovely photos!

  25. So beautiful...wanna try to make it!!

  26. Your apple cake looks lovely :) I like this type of rustic looking, very homemade cake, I can't recall since when, I have lost 'interest' at those perfectly frosted, decorated cakes...太完美就变得不真实了! I hope I will start baking something with apples soon :)

  27. Makes me think of fall. I bet this is delicious. great recipe and pictures.

    Plan B

  28. wow so much apples for the topping. this is a great cake - i have tried anncoo's receipe. Super Mum!

  29. Ur cake looks very beautiful. I like the way the apple slices is arranged.

    I have collected quite a few apple cake recipes but have yet to try out any. My excuse is there is no apple at home. :P

  30. Hi Jess
    Your apple cake look both yummy and well-decorated with the apple slices, given that you had so little time to prepare and with "half-closed eyes". :-P

  31. Jess, the first picture looks almost edible! You are a baking queen!

  32. I think she's pretty honest to you! My son would did the same thing too but he'll tell me if anything wrong in the cake or whatever. So that I can correct the recipe for my future baking. See, not bad huh! He's my advisor. haha.... Over all, I think the cake is OK. So, not to worry. Btw, I also like baking things at the very last minute. haha.... Hope you're enjoying your day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  33. Thanks tigerfish :).

    Thanks CookTeen. Yes indeed it was so stressed but I enjoyed the satisfaction once task accomplished :P.

    Thanks SK :).

  34. Thanks Christy. Bake it cos this cake is delicious :).

    Thanks HHB. You can definitely find imperfect cakes over my blog so do drop by often hahaha...

    Thanks Chef B.

  35. Thanks Yummy Koh. I tried to put as many apple slices as possible, I am very tam sim (greedy) :P. I agreed with you, this cake is yummy.

    Thanks Angel. I never really keen on apple cake but this cake has changed my concept :).

    Thanks Esther :).

  36. Thanks Angie, the cake is more than edible, is delicious :).

    Wei Kristy, so you agree the 1st or latter comments from my daughter :P. Good to have an advisor, my daughter still not able to perform this job yet.
    You are experb so you are alright to bake last min but not for me, too stress liao heeheehee..

  37. Your cake have got lots of sweet apples on it. Love it~

  38. I saw this on Ann's blog too and have been wanting to make it for a while- this makes me want to make it even more!! I think it's awesome how you woke up so early to bake a cake for your daughter =) And really sweet too!

    And who cares if it doesn't look pretty?? As longs as it's delicious!!

  39. Beautiful! And apple and cinnamon go so well together.

  40. I think the cake doesn't look ugly at all! It looks great and apples and cinnamon match well. It must have tasted wonderful :).

  41. you did a great job making this cake so quickly! I love apple cake and yours looks delicious! I'm sure your daughters teachers loved every bite!

  42. Thanks Christine.

    Von, go ahead and bake it if you like apple cake, you gonna love this cake.

    Thanks Little Corner of Mine.

  43. Thanks Cooking Gallery and yes, cake tasted very good.

    Thanks Chef Dennis. I hope the teachers will enjoy too :).


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