Monday, October 18, 2010

Cook and Feed with Love @ Peace Connect - My 2nd Blogger Meet Up

Edith had suggested to us during our 1st blogger gathering that we can make our next blogger gathering more meaningful, cooking for the needs.With great responses from us, she went ahead to organise this event - cooking and feeding for the old folks near her place - with committee members of Josephine, Shirley and Zhouyuan. Through words of mouths, more bloggers and even friends and relatives of bloggers participating in this event.

These are the participating bloggers including the committee members :
Edith @ Precious Moments
Shirley @ Kokken69
Josephine @ Sugar & Everything Nice
Zhuoyuan (Baker Tan) @ Baking Library :
Jane @ Passionate About Baking
Judy @ A Busy Gran's Kitchen
Wendy @ Wens' Delight
Doris @ Tested and Tasted
Winnie @ Winnie Bakerz Corner
Christine @ Yummy Koh
Esther @ Baking on Cloud 9
Sheryl @ Sweet and Happy Ending
Eelin @ The batter Baker

Please hop over the blogs for for more photos and write up if you are interested.

The committee members had meeting, discussed and came out these low salt, low sugar and healthy dishes and churned out with the help of volunteers for the elderly @ Peace Connect :

Edith's Taukwa with Beansprouts
Josephine's Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables
Shirley's Braised Mushroom with Meat Sauce
Jane's Fried Bee Hoon
Zhuoyuan's Red Bean Soup

When Edith asked me which dish I would like to cook, I told her of course dessert since I can't cook well :P. I am afraid I might over cook the dishes, green veggie become yellow, tender pork become hard like rock hahaha...

I cooked pulau hitam (black glutinous rice dessert) and tau suan (split green beans dessert) before but not red bean soup,when I have craving, I simply request my mum to cook for me :P.

According to ZY, the red bean may need to cook for up to 2 hours or more to soften, soaking the red bean overnight will helps to fasten the process. I soaked the red bean overnight, woke up at 6am to cook the red bean soup since I need to leave the house at 9am plus. I put a porcelain spoon in the red bean soup to cook with it, this method can fasten the cooking too, the red bean soup was ready in about one hour. When I asked my mum to try the sweetness of the red bean soup, then I realised that I used the wrong red bean, instead of the small red bean that commonly use, I used the bigger version :P. Well, size doesn't matter, as long as it is still delicious heeheehee...

I am a lucky sister that having wonderful and helpful sister and brother. Both my late" wakers' sister and brother, one who volunteer to drive me there and one to look after my active daughter so that I can concentrate helping in the center, woke up early despite they only slept for little hours. However I was still late for the event, the time to meet up was 10.15am to 10.30am but I reached at about 10.45am when all the volunteers were inside a small room for the briefing from the Center Manager, Lucy. The journey from my mum's place (oh ya I stayed over at my mum on Fri night) to the center is about 20 mins but we took about an hour to reach. Beside the traffic jam due to car accident, dear brother's GPS failed to perform that took us more than 15 mins to hunt for the centre :(.

Beside cooking the dishes, we were helping to serve the elderly with the food. The elderly enjoyed the food so much and they were so happy, our effort were being appreciated as I can kept hearing the elderly saying thank you to us. I believed beside enjoying the food, they appreciated our accompany and effort too.

I am really glad that I was able to be part of this event, contributed a tiny bit of my effort to these needy elderly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Edith for her initiative to organise this meaningful event, thank you the committee members and the volunteers. And also happy to meet up again with blogger pals and also get to know some new friends - bloggers and non blogger. Looking forward for our next session, hopefully a yearly event and also our next gathering.


  1. Wah... you guys had a really nice time hoh? Wish I could join.
    If the red bean is ready by 1 hour, then its really fast.
    Usually I boil it for almost 3 hours to get the texture I need, even after soaking. But sometimes it also depends on the beans, some bigger variety beans that I've bought before took me 1.5 hours without soaking, and some small varieties took me 3 hours with soaking. But somehow I prefer the smaller version, taste smoother, but so so long to cook.

  2. Hopefully i got chance to participate in you folks next event...

  3. Wow Jess, I am so impressed! You guys are actually cooking for a real huge party. lol! Must be so exciting to meet up all the family members. So much fun & food at the same time. At the beginning, I thought you guys were cooking for the old folks home! hehe... Maybe next project huh! ^_^ Have a wonderful day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  4. very nice way to make friends...

  5. Hi, your photos are well captured.

  6. Hi Jess,

    Nice meeting you at the event. Hope to catch up with you again!

  7. So meaningful, all for a good course! Thumbs up!

  8. many food bloggers there in Singapore! That's such a wonderful fun event to get together to bless the old folks! Well done!

  9. It was very nice meeting up with you and others. Hope to see you all again :)

  10. Glad to hear that you enjoyed at the event. Thanks for joining.

  11. Hi Jess,
    So happy to see you at the event that day! It's a pity we didn't get to try the red bean soup! I didn't know about porcelain soup trick. You sure it works? :P I shall try it the next time. Hope to see you again soon!

  12. Wah...looks like it's not only a meaningful but also a fun fun event! Too bad I can't join you all this time...missed the chance to catch with you all!! BTW, how come no one takes pictures of the old folks eating ahh?? Heehee...just curious only. ;) Great job done!!

  13. That is a wonderful things that you guys did for the communities. I am sure they appreciates it.

  14. Wow ... looks like you guys have a fun time! If there is next time, I wish I could join but I can't cook and have never cooked any Chinese dessert b4 .. I can only contribute the baking part ..that's all I know :(

  15. this is so wonderful for all of you to come up with this is all of your care and love that matter most..great!!

  16. Jess! Yay! You made it to the event and be part of it! Glad that everything turned out great! All the po-po's, ye-ye's, ah-ma's, ah-gong's enjoyed the healthy and scrumptious buffet spread that was prepared with TLC!

    Also happy that some of you got to catch up with each other again since August. =)

    Heard from ZY that you had to leave earlier ... just like last time ... LOL! You're missing in the group photo! Wendy was like where's Jess. LOL!

    Take care, yea?

  17. Very meaningful event, wish I could join but I can't cook as well :P

  18. For such a good cause, I wish I were there :)

  19. What a wonderful occasion! Wished I was in Malaysia to join you all!

  20. Wendy, I wish you can be here too! Yes I am surprised that the red bean soup was ready within 1 hr, I still woke up 6am to cook it leh heeheehee... I prefer small red beans too but I so blur lah...

    Somewhere in Singapore, you are definitely welcome to join in :).

    Kristy, I didnt cook all lah, I cooked a portion for 20 pax. We are not cooking for old folks home but a community center for old folks :).

  21. Zoe, this is great event cos beside making friends that sharing the same intersted, same passion and at the same time, we can do something meaningful.

    Thanks Yummy Koh and nice meeting you :).

    Hi Wen, thanks meeting you too and hope to see you soon.

  22. Thanks Cheah.

    Thanks MaryMoh.

    DG, nice meeting up with you too, see you soon.

  23. Edith, thanks for the organising and look forward for the next.

    Jane, me too! I didnt taste the red bean soup too leh hahaha... As for the porcelain spoon, yes I think so it helps, thats why my red bean soup cooked within an hr. This trick was taught by my mum and mil, you try it next time.

    Bee Bee, you can join in next time, we won't be stopping at one :P. Actually I took the photos of old folks eating but I forgot to upload hahaha....

  24. ICook4Fun, the old folks appreciated a lot :).

    Cynthia, you can join in next time. Dun worry, recipes are given and we have so many cooking experts here to "teach" you :).

    Thanks Lena.

  25. Pei Lin, yes I am so happy too that I am able to be part of this event! I not only able to catch up with Jane, Jo, Edith, ZY & Shirley, I was able to meet up some other bloggers too :). Ya I need to leave earlier again that I am not in the grp photo, so sad.... You take care too.

    Neyeeloh, you are welcomed to join in next time and dun worry, I cant cook well too :).

    Tigerfish, next time join us if you are in Spore :).

    Ellie, wish you are able to join in too!

  26. Hey Jess

    yay! the event was a success. had lots of fun and a meaningful time =] thanks for being part of the red bean soup team man.

    now that the event is over, we shall have a proper catch up soon. Cya then =]

  27. wow what a lovely thing to do and great food and great bloggers love it

  28. Let me know if there's any event next round ya...

  29. It's nice to have met you & the rest of bloggers/ friends at this meaningful event! Hope to see u guys soon (>,*)

  30. This is really a meaningful event. :) It's a pity I didn't join you guys but I had my little charity event at work too. :) Great job!

  31. this is indeed a great idea and event!


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