Monday, November 1, 2010

Baked Durian Cheesecake

I have been very busy for the past few days, guess this busy period will be continued for the next 3 months as one of my department gal has gone for maternity leaves since last week so one manpower down.

I hardly have times to visit blogs for the past few days, I can only read/scan through the blogs while I was in public transport using iphone, totally no time for me to leave comments. I was too tire after reaching home and now almost sleep throughout the night. As usual, my weekend are always jam pack, full of visiting, outing and also sending dear daughter for her classes so when I have times, just wanna lay on the sofa or bed to rest or take a nap.

I am also getting quite lazy recently, no time plus no mood to bake, I didn't bake for about 3 weeks, luckily I still have some backlogs that scheduled for posting.

This durian cheesecake was for my MIL's birthday that I just baked last week. I have 2 boxes of durian meat in the freezer so I decided to use it for my MIL's birthday.

I had reduced the ingredients to fit into 6" cake pan and did some adjustment but the batter was too much that almost filled up the 6" cake pan. Due to the insufficient space to leave for the topping, my durian cheesecake yield a thin layer of topping which is ok for me since I love the filling much more than the topping :P.

When I whipped up some durian cream for decoration, I forgot that there will be a lot of fiber from the durian meat. It was so difficult to pipe cos the durian fiber kept stuck in the pipping tip, the cream that squeezed out from the pipping tip cannot form a nice pattern, next time I will sift the blended durian meat 1st before mixing into the whipped cream.

The cheesecake was soft when sliced and actually quite messy even I had chilled the cake overnight, probably due to I have increased the amount of durian meat and reduced slightly the cream cheese. For the sliced cake that looked so neat, because I freezed it and sliced it next day for photo shooting.

Recipe adapted from Aunty Yochana.

For Base:

80gm oreo cookies - blended
30gm butter - melted

Mix all the biscuit base ingredients together and press into a 6" springform tin. Baked at preheated oven at 200C for 10 mins and cool aside then chill in the refrigerator while preparing the filling.

350gm durian meat
250gm cream cheese (soften)
55gm sugar
25gm cornflour
120ml coconut milk
70ml whipping cream
2 eggs (beaten)


100gm durian meat
40gm fresh milk
30gm whipping cream
15gm sugar
1 egg

For Decoration :
100g durian meat - blended
150g whipping cream - whipped

Mix both together until well mixed.

Method for Filling:
1.Cream cream cheese and sugar till well combined. Add in corn flour follow by the rest of the ingredients. Mix till smooth.
2.Pour cream cheese durian mixture onto the chilled biscuit base and then steam bake at 160C for about 50 to 60 mins.
3.Mix the topping ingredients together and pour on top of the hot baked cheese cake. Bake for about 15 to 20 mins.
4.Leave to cool on a cooling rack and then chill for at least 4 - 5 hours before serving.
5.Decorate as desire and chill for at least 2 hours before serving.

The cheesecake is rich and creamy, full of durian flavour. The topping tasted like durian kuih, the durian cream tasted good only if you tasted it 1st before the durian cheesecake and topping, if not it will tast too bland. Even the oreo cookies base also tasted great, a bit crunchy since I baked the base.
If you are a durian and cheesecake lover, you will definitely fall in love with this cheesecake. I asked dear husband how is the cake, he answered "I am serving myself 2nd slice, so what do you think?" :D. Those that tasted this cheesecake given a thumb up excluded dear daughter, she wants a ice cream cake :(.
Definitely a keeper but only can indulge once in a long period cos the smell of the durian is so strong that stay long period in the fridge and even in the house.


  1. Oh.. I hardly resist durian cheesecake. The cream cheese and the durian are such a great combo!

  2. looks & taste very sinful indeed!!

  3. The frosting is so pretty, like a huge rose. Very nice, Jess.

  4. WOW...durian + cheese = ???
    i c't imaging the taste. Ha!ha! Hopefully is nice & suitable for me.

  5. -drools- The cake is beautiful and it looks sooooo good. Love the frosting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jess, your durian cheesecake looks so tempting. I have not baked this for a long time, I must dig out my recipes again.

  7. this is sinfully delicious!! i agree with you that the piping would not be easy with the durian meat..maybe next time you would like to try by just spreading the whipped cream and the durian flesh over the cake and make patterns using your pallete knife.

  8. I like your frosting, esp it looks like there's a little rose in the centre. Durian cheesecake I never try before. But must be very nice since I love both durian and cheesecake. :)

  9. The cake looks rich & creamy. I'm going to try this, as I still got some durian meat in my freezer. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  10. Very rich and decadent looking durian cheesecake! I remembered I made one for my ex-maid's birthday a couple years back. She finished 3/4 of the cake! But this is definitely a durian indulgence for durian lovers. ;)

  11. Oh my, durian cheesecake??! yum yum!

  12. hey Jess,

    this is a tall looking durian cheesecake. after looking at the pan size, i realised it 6 inch.

    I have'nt tried making durian cheesecakes. I would gladly have a slice since its a cheesecake =]

    For the durians, you bought the kind that is already nicely packed?

  13. Can I have one slice? I'm a durian lover, and like durian cake very much. However, it's not easy to get a yummy durian cake I want to try yours, hehe.

  14. Durian cheesecake? This is a first for me. 2 stinking ingredients in one great dish.

  15. I also haven't been visiting blogs regularly these few weeks coz I'm still finishing up the Samsung recipes. But glad I caught this post ... the durian topping looks really great on the cheesecake. I want a slice hehe

  16. Talk about rich and sinful - this is it! Awesome!

  17. You are fine. You still managed to bake such a gorgeous delicious cake!

  18. Wow~this cake looks superb yummy! the taste must be really amazing though..

  19. Grace, I hardly can resist cheesecake, actually this is the 1st time I ate durian cheesecake, I fall in love with it :D.

    Peng, indeed this cake is sinfully delicious.

    Thanks Nel.

  20. Joceline, great combo leh. Try it, if you like both cheesecake and durian, you will definitely like this cake.

    Thanks Jet.

    Ann, look forward for your durian cheesecake.

  21. Thanks Lena, will do it next time.

    Thanks SSB. You give it a try, I actually never try durian cheesecake b4 too before baking this.

    Thanks DG and look forward for your durian cheesecake.

  22. Bee Bee,I remember seeing durian cheesecake at your blog too. Wow your ex helper really love durian, can finished 3/4 of the cake.

    Thanks High Plains Drifters.

    Pigpigscorner, yes yum yum :).

  23. ZY, the original recipe is for 9" so I reduced accordingly for 6" but turned out a tall cake, can actually use 7" cake pan. I bought the whole durian and removed the seeds and stored in freezer, I made the purchase when still durian season:).

    Min, here you go, hope you like it :D. Give it a try and let me know whether you like this cake or not :).

    Shirley, same for me, this is 1st time I am eating a durian cheesecake, and I so glad that I baked it :).

  24. Wiffy, thanks. I have been following your samsung recipes too:).

    Thanks Busygran.

    Thanks Tigerfish.

    Ah Tee, thanks for dropping by and your nice words :).

  25. Jess, I've been busy too! Hope you don't mind. Your durian cheesecake looks so tempting. Your MIL must be thrilled to see this luscious cake. Have a great day and stay calm & relax.
    Cheers, Kristy

  26. Even by listening to the name this sounds super delicious.

    The top pipping looks like a big rose, nice!

  27. so nice,like rose

    but i dun't like durian^^

  28. Wow! A perfect cheesecake. Looks gorgeous and delicious.

  29. looks wonderful have fun in Japan be sure to share pictures love Rebecca

  30. Jess, no worries lar ... If you're really busy, dun need to blog hop! Seriously! It's not like ur mandated to do that or else we'll boycott you. Can you see I've slowed down a lot in that? I wanna keep myself sane, especially after work and during weekends. Take care, K?

    Btw, grand, tall cheesecake! I still got 900 g of durian pulp in the freezer. The durian is from the season back then!!! HAHAHA! Dun the 2 of us have a habit to freeze so many things? HAHA!

  31. What a lovely cake, the durian topping looks like a rose, so pretty! Thumbs up, Jess!

  32. Oh wow...! Durian with cheesecake! This sounds like a wonderful combo :).

  33. wow...simply heaven!a piece is never enough!

  34. Jess your cake is loaded with durian goodness. I llllloooooveee!

  35. Look at the photo, how could one resists the durian cheesecake???

    Btw, do take good care of yourself ya ^_^

  36. Somewhere in Singapore, I like durian too :).

    Kristy, I know you are busy, no worries :). You take care ya.

    Thanks Angel :).

  37. Thanks 月亮. You dun like durian ar...

    Thanks Sanjeeta.

    Thanks Chow and Chatter, I will heeheehee....

  38. No lah, Pei Lin, is just like I feel quite lost if I am not able to visit blogs, is not obliged but I love blog hop to see fantastic bakes and cooking from other bloggers.

    I still have another box of durian pulp too, think may be about 500g? Same same here, I bot those durian when still durian season. Tell u, I will freeze more if my freezer has more space. I have to quick go buy a fridge back so I can store more stuff :P.

  39. Thanks Cheah *blush*

    Cooking Gallery, it is a wonderful combo, truely yummy.

    Jessie, you are right, 1 slice is never enough but have to control myself *looking at my figure*

  40. Edith, oh yes every mouth can bite intp the durian pulp, super yummy.

    Yes Neyeeloh, non durian eater will hate it e.g. my CEO hahaha... Thanks for your concern :).

  41. I really liked the durian fruit. it's also very unique and diverse kinds. but I do not understand, why many people who do not like durian


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