Thursday, November 11, 2010

Banana & Oreo Muffins

I will be flying away for holiday during this weekend and back a week later, need to fly again immediately for my business trip. I had quite a nos of scheduled backlog so you will still seeing my postings during the period of my absent but I won't be responding to the comments and visit your blog. Hope you won't miss me much hahaha.... thick skin me leh :P.

Dear daughter is so excited about this holiday, she has been counting down on the day of departure. When she got to know that we are going to Disneyland Tokyo, she went around to tell her classmates. I was so surprised to know that they as 6 yrs old kids, already know how to share among themselves about the holidays. Dear daughter told me that some of her friends are going to Hawaii, Australia, Korea etc. I was thinking, gosh, when I was their age, my peer don't talk about all these, anyway during my time traveling was not common at all.

Back to my bake, I received sms from S, a mother of dear daughter's ex schoolmate, dear daughter was invited to join their family for an outing. So in order to thank her for bringing dear daughter out, I decided to bake something for the family. I took this opportunity to try out this banana & oreo muffin that is in my To Bake List :).

I would like to thanks 我的厨房乐园for sharing this award with me, I am very happy and greatly appreciated. Again, my dear friend, thank you so much for awarding me.

Recipe adapted from Cuisine Paradise and I doubled up the recipe so I can bring some to office too.

Ingredients: (make 16 muffins cup size 5.5cm wide and 4cm height)
220g butter, soften
180 sugar
220g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
4 egg
4 tbsp condensed milk
3 medium banana, mashed with fork
12 - 16 pieces of oreo cookies
1 tsp vanilla essence / extract

1. Sift the flour, baking power and baking soda together and set aside.
2. Remove the cream from the cookies, place the cookies in a ziplock bag, use a rolling pin, crashed the cookie into fine crumbs.
3. Cream butter and sugar with electric beater till light and fluffy(about 3 minutes on medium speed).
4. Add in egg one at a time and beat till the mixture is well combine without any egg trace.
5. Add mashed banana, vanilla essence and condensed milk into the butter mixture and give it a quick whisk.
6. Lower the mixer speed, add flour mixture and blend till the mixture become smooth.
7. Stir in the oreo cookies crumbs till combined, scoop the mixture into prepared muffin cups to 3/4 full.
8. Top the muffin batter with oreo cookies (or some extra banana slices if you like to), bake in preheated 180 degree oven for about 20 - 25 minutes or till a toothpick inserted in the center and comes out clean.

Like what Ellena had described, the muffin is rather soft and moist that resemble cake like texture. Banana goes very well with oreo too. S sms to tell me that the muffin is very delicious, my colleagues shared the same view and the muffin tasted great even when it is cooled.


  1. I have bookmarked this recipe too but yet to try. After seeing yours were so yummy too, I think I will try soon.

  2. I love oreo muffin, this absolutely looks yummy :p

  3. I'll definately miss you!!
    Have a nice holiday!

  4. Wah! Look so good. Another recipe to add to my 'to-bake' list (which is getting too long).

    Bet your daughter going to have lots of fun there. And I agree with you, kids these days are so different.
    And we will miss you. Come back, have a good rest, then blog your lovely experience/baked goodies to keep us entertain. =D
    Hope you have a safe and fun trip(s).

  5. Enjoy your trip ya... hehe...

    Oreo, my favourite...hehe...

  6. Happy Holiday, Jess.
    I love those muffin, looks so soft. Can I have one please :))

  7. Do enjoy your holidays ! Hear from you soon. the oreo makes this muffin look more attractive and good.

  8. Most kids love Disneyland but pls prepare for the queuing time for at least 30 mins or if long can be 1.5 hr for a game. Enjoy your holiday!

  9. Muffins look delicious and tempting.

  10. Wen, if you like cake alike muffin and banana oreo, you will definitely going to like this.

    DG, I love oreo too.

    鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 thank u.

  11. Thanks Edith.

    Wendy, I am sure going to miss you too, a lot!

    Jet, I am sure she is going to enjoy but probably her daddy and mummy will "torture" by her hahaha... thanks, I can't wait to share my trip heeheehee...

  12. Thanks Somewhere in Singapore and oreo is my favourite too.

    Thanks Ann. Sure, definitely can share more than one with you :)

    Thanks Sonia.

  13. Thanks Cynthia for the "warning", I am praying it wont be worst, I nvr need to q tat long for disneyland CA so hope to have some luck in tokyo.

    Thanks sanjeeta.

  14. Jess! Ha! You've got some wicked muffins here! Hehehe ...

    Ya lor, I'll miss a lot lar ... But the holiday is well-deserved lar ... including your girl. Disneyland Tokyo, I've not been to that one. I went to Disney World in Florida, though. OMG! 4 days of constant walking from 8-ish morning till 10-ish at night also couldn't cover everything there. In the end, our legs almost felt like patah and sour. LOL! Be prepared for LOOOOOOONNNGG queue.

    Have fun! And, you're not thick-skinned, 我的埃及艷後! LOL!

  15. This muffin I like and I'll do!
    Happy holidays, enjoy!

  16. So nice! Going holiday! Mine is next month...still so long! *sigh* you have a good time yah. Will sure miss your supporting & loving comments, lol! The Oreo muffin looks really "oreoy", heehee! Yum!

  17. Pei Lin, I know, oreo is hardly can be resisted :P.

    Ya I will miss you all too, but I need to go for a break, I guess I will have more stress after my daughter go P1 next yr.

    If you went Disneyland Florida b4, Tokyo is nothing lah. I need to save hard now to go Florida, my wish is to bring my daughter there. Wow 4 days still not enough? then I will need to stay for a wk minimum
    there? gosh, I need to calculate how much I need to save to go for the trip...

    Heeheehee... you are teasing me like my CEO!

  18. Thanks Busygran.

    Bee Bee, very fast come one in blink, if not you blink blink and see, next mth is near the corner :P. I will compensate the comments when I am back hahaha...

  19. enjoy your holiday!! remember to post more pictures on japan ok! and delicious muffins shall try this out soon!

  20. How I wish I am in the same office with you! To get some muffins of course, what else!

    Enjoy your holidays :)

  21. Jess, your muffins look very tempting & congrats on the award. Hope you're going to have a fabulous Holiday and a safe trip. Have lots of fun & food.
    Cheers, Kristy

  22. Happy Holiday Jess! Do share with us lotsa great moments capture during your holiday.Enjoy~

  23. Yum oreos always seem to make little cakes more delicious I think :)

  24. What a novel recipe! Your muffins look and sound delicious. I hope you had a great day. Blessings...Mary

  25. A very creative recipe! I really like the oreo in it.

  26. Have a nice holiday! Do let us see your photos when you are back!

  27. Enjoy your holiday in Japan! Looking forward to more great bakes from you when you're back!

  28. Looks moist and delicious! Kids favorite with the added oreo.

  29. Orea muffins!! Love it!

  30. Tried the recipe. Fabulous! Moist and fluffy. Thanks. Look forward to more from you. BTW, if I do not remove the cream from the oreos, would that make any difference to the muffins?

  31. Thanks Ken Bakes for trying out this recipe and hope you like it. If you dun remove the cream from the cookies, your muffins will have some white cream appears if didnt mix well, and some bites with the cream will b slightly sweeter. If you do not want to waste the cream, what I will do is scrape the cream from cookies and mix in to the batter and slightly reduce the amt of sugar.


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