Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Light Fruit Cake

JQ, a closed colleague of mine, likes fruit cake, he has asked me a few times whether I know how to bake a nice fruit cake. Whenever I brought my bakes to office, he will ask me when am I going to bake fruit cake. However he is the one and only one in my office likes fruit cake. However, I have in mind to bake one for just for him but as I have a long baking list, this has been pending for quite a while.

Until 1 months plus ago, I told him officially that I am going to bake him a fruit cake to return his flavour - he helped me brought back some baking books from Taiwan :P. However this has been delayed again due to our schedule, when I am available to bake for him, he was not in town. When he was in town, it was my turn to fly. This year is going to be over, I do not wanna drag it any longer so even I have tight schedule recently, I still squeeze out time to bake this fruit cake for him.

The cake looks nicer with dusting of snow sugar right?

I am submitting this entry to the Christmas Giveaway hosted by Swee San of The Sweet Spot.

I am also sending this to Aspiring Bakers #2 Christmas (Dec 2010) hosted by Jane of Passionate About Baking.

I used the recipe from Aunty Yochana that I had baked before and recieved good comments. I baked a 6" cake for him and balance in cupcakes for dear husband as fruit cake is also his favourite.

Ingredients: (for 6" round cake pan and 6 cupcakes)
400 gm currants/sultanas/Raisins/glaced cherries/mixed peel
3 Tbsp rum
230 gm Butter
190 gm sugar
finely grated rind of 1 orange
finely grated rind of 1 lemon
4 eggs
50 gm chopped almonds
50 gm ground almonds
230 gm plain flour

1. Soak currants, sultanas, raisins, cherries and mixed peel with rum. (I soaked for months)
2. Prepare an 8" round cake tin and lined the side and base with double layer of greaseproof paper.
3. Cream butter and sugar till creamy. Add in orange zest and lemon zest and continue to beat till light and fluffy.
4. Add in eggs one at a time till thoroughly mixed before adding in the next egg.
5. Mix 2 Tbsp of flour into the soaked fruits.
6. Fold in soaked fruits. Fold in sifted flour to make a soft dropping consistency.
7. Pour batter into prepared cake tin and bake at 160C for about 1.5 hour or until centre is firm to touch until skewer comes out clean. For cupcakes, I baked for about 25 mins.
8. Let the cake cool in the tin for 20 mins. then remove it onto a wire rack and leave it to cool completely.
9. Leave the greaseproof paper intact and remove it only when you want to serve so as to keep the cake moist while stored.
10. Drizzle some rum onto cake once a while to keep cake moist.

Wishing all my friends and readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. 很棒哦,后面的摆设很有气氛:)

  2. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family too! I baked a batch of fruitcakes as X'mas present for my colleagues who love it too!

  3. wow jess your cake looks very tall! must be very yummy! hehe~

  4. I just posted a fruit cake today as well, LOL.
    I love the "snow" on the cake.

  5. wow what a great work colleague you are this looks amazing

    merry christmas again


  6. Nice fruit cake :)
    Happy Holidays!

  7. Merry Christmas Jess! I love fruit cake too! I would always eat up that piece of fruit cake they used to serve after wedding dinners, lol! Somehow they don't have it nowadays. :P yours turned out come no verdict this time?

  8. Jess,

    I like fruitcake with nuts.

    Urs look good. I hope to ake one also but I guess it's too late for X'mas, maybe for CNY will be in time.

    Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  9. I never make a fruit cake before, i must try this one day. Wishing a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all at home.

  10. Nice nice neh...

    I also saw the receipe from Aunty Yochana blog, at first thought of baking it, in d end, too lazy to bake...

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  11. Lovely fruit cake.. always love this kind of cake during festive season!

  12. Love the cute little cup cakes alongside the big daddy Christmas cake.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  13. So nice la you! Here's another fruit cake! HAHA!

    Yup, nice to share your food with those whom you care and who care about you. That's the spirit of the festivities! But then, like what I'd told Wendy many a time, I'm never a fan of Western fruit cake. Too heavy for me!

    Merry X'mas! Happy 2011 to you and family!

  14. Jess
    Your fruitcakes look so yummy!
    Can I replace rum with blackcurrent fruit juice?

  15. Lovely recipe. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family!

  16. Merry Christmas to you and family, Jess!
    The fruit cakes looked very nice. I'm still contemplating to bake it. Maybe I should just buy and eat it! :P

  17. Happy Christmas to you Jess! I didn't manage to make any fruit cake this year. Looking at yours really wish to eat them. You've a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!

  18. I also wanted to try and bake fruit cake too ^_^

  19. that's a great looking cake!btw, i dont really know what is a light fruit cake..sounds so it in terms of texture or taste??

  20. hey Jess,

    I love fruit cakes and yours look nice. Haha I feel like taking a bite into them.

    Merry xmas and have a great weekend!

  21. Your fruit cake nicely baked.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family, Jess!

  22. They are so beautiful and festive looking! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ♥

  23. Hai Jess!

    Wishing u the most wonderful Christmas and happy New Year! Enjoy your day!

  24. merry xmas jess and your family! have a fabulous xmas!

  25. Merry Christmas, Jess!!! I look forward to following your blog in 2011.

  26. Baking fruit cakes will boost up festive mood at home. Lovely!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  27. Jess, these fruit cakes are perfect for Swee San's event! Merry Christmas and here's wishing you many more delicious treats to come bin the new year!

  28. Thank you for visiting my blog, Jess. Shen dan jie kuai le!

  29. I loved fruit cake! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  30. Beautiful and festive fruit cakes!

    I wish you and yours a merriest holiday season!

  31. I think my comment went missing! Yesterday, the site traffic was terrible. However, wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas. Hope you're all having a terrific time & enjoy the day. God bless you all.
    Best wishes, Kristy

  32. Merry Christmas and a happy new year Jess ! :)))

  33. Thanks everyone for the season greetings and nice words!

    Bee, no verdict cos I have not tried this cake yet. I am not fan of fruit cake but I remember I like this cake previously when I baked it and since recd lots of gd comments so I used it again :).

    Esther,you can substitute the rum with any fruit juice or even artificial rum flavoring.

    Lena, from my understanding, light fruit cake is made with light-colored ingredients such as granulated sugar, light corn syrup, almond, mix peels, golden raisins and also lower content of fruits. For dark fruit cake uses darker ingredients are used such as molasses, brown sugar, and darker-colored fruits like raisins, prunes, dates, cherries, pecans and walnuts and contains a higher content of dried fruits and they are often include rum.

  34. Jess,

    Wishing you a merry Xmas and a happy new year!

  35. That's a great looking fruit cake Jess...looks yum! Merry Christmas & a great new 2011.

  36. merry christmas and happy new year! have a safe and sound holiday :)

  37. Hey Jess, Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  38. I love those cute little fruit cakes, very nice for a wrapped gift for Christmas! Merry Christmas.

  39. Hi Jess, I must say that your fruit cake looks really moist.
    Wishing you and your family happy holidays.

  40. These look amazingly good! I might make something similar to hand out as New Year's gifts (since I was a slacker and didn't have time before Christmas.

  41. I have never made this cake b4, but truly love them especially with rum. Thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  42. How thoughtful of you to squeeze time to bake this fruit cake for your colleague! It looks gorgeous! Have a wonderful holiday!

  43. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you ! :)

  44. jess, thanks for your that!


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