Monday, January 24, 2011

Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake

During one of the outing, dear brother was looking at the leaflet from Coffee Bean and eyeing on the oreo cheesecake. I told him I will bake one for him, I fulfilled my promised and baked this oreo chocolate cheesecake for his birthday.

I love the rich, creamy and chocolatey chocolate cheesecake that I baked previously so I decided to bake it again and add in oreo cookies.

Recipe modified from here.

Ingredients : (for 7" cake pan)
100g Oreo Cookies (minus the creme), crushed
30g unsalted butter

375g cream cheese, room temperature
100g caster sugar
2 eggs
75g chocolate, chopped (I used Valrohna 66%)
75ml whipping cream
30g cocoa powder (I used Valrohna)

10 pcs oreo cookies, crushed

Chocolate Ganache:
100g chocolate, chopped (I used Valrohna 66%)
60g whipping cream
20g butter

1. Melt the butter and mix together to the crushed oreo cookies. Press the mixture into the cake pan base and chilled for later use.
2. Heat up the whipping cream and add in the chopped chocolate and stir till mix well and smooth.
3. Preheat the oven to 160°C. Pour some water to the base of the baking tray to create a water-bath. Wrap the base of the cake pan with aluminum foil to protect the water from sipping in.
4. In a mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese and sugar till fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time and beat again till combined.
5. Add chocolate mixture and stir well. Lastly, sift in the cocoa powder and crushed oreo cookies, and combine till mixture is smooth.
6. Pour the cheesecake batter into the prepared cake pan with the cookie base. Bake in the oven for 45 to 50 minutes (I baked the round cake for 35 to 40 mins. Make sure not to over bake, the center of the cake should still be a little "wobbly" when done.
7. Remove from oven and let cool for awhile.
8. Boil the chocolate, whipping cream and butter until mix well and smooth.
9. Pour onto the cake and let it cool completely before refrigerating. Chill for at least 4 to 6 hrs before serving.
10. Decorate the cake as your desire.

The cake is rich, creamy and chocolately, tasted so heavenly especially if you are using premium chocolate. The chocolate ganache tasted slightly bitter but it complement so well with the chocolate cheese layer. A non cheesecake person like dear husband, praised so much on this cake and even serve himself 2nd slice.


  1. What a lucky brother you have. This cake looks so delicious!

  2. Looks so delicious and was nicely decorated! U are really good cheesecake!

  3. The cake looks wonderful! For certain it taste heavenly - so chocolaty and rich! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks sinfully delicious :) yumm yumm . You are creative !

  5. wow this cake is packed full with chocolatey goodness! can i have a slice as well? haha

  6. Eh, you super love Oreos ah?
    I think Oreo should sponsor ur blog la since you feature so many cakes using Oreos. hahah.

    Ur brother is so lucky, make sure he treats ur well later, if not, hahaha, no more cake next year.

  7. Another great recipe from you Jess, thks for sharing ^_^

  8. ooh lah lah ... I love this - bake or non-bake cheese cakes are my favourite!

  9. I love cheesecake, bet yours taste wonderful =)

  10. You can giving those bakeries a run for their money :)

  11. Can't never get enough of cheesecake!

  12. Oh my! Gorgeous!

    This looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

    I love your blog so I've passed on a little award to you via mine. x

  13. Gee! I'd better hide this from my eldest son! He'll bugged me to bake this for him if he sees this! He loves Oreo cheesecakes. I think he will definitely love this! It's so beautifully decorated and looks so yummy!

  14. WOw!!!! Lovely!!!! This is my boy's fav :)

  15. wow...absolutely luscious and flavourful! What can i say, Cheesecake Queen? *thumbs up*

  16. That's a pretty and delicious cheesecake! Happy belated birthday to your lucky brother :)

  17. I'm attracted to the different tones of chocolate colour, and it give the cake so much depth! I would love to have a slice ;-))

  18. Jess, you done it again! Oh yes, this sinfully good. I am salivating. Hope you're having a great day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  19. Oh, my God! I didn't think anything could look or sound this good. This is truly a to die for dessert. It is gorgeous. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  20. very nicely decorated cake. Your brother is so lucky to have such a great cake for his birthday.

  21. pretty cake, jess. i also hope to make the oreo cheeseckaes one day, maybe the unbaked one.

  22. Thanks Ann.

    Thanks Wen.

    Thanks Jess.

  23. Thanks Somewhere in Singapore.

    Thanks Jet, the cake is tasted heavenly.

    Thanks Elin.

  24. Swee San, it is tasted creamy and luscious :).

    Thanks Busygran.

    Jean, I hope can share a slice with you but too bad the cake finished fast :P.

  25. Wendy, you are right, I love oreo in my cakes heeheehee... good idea hor, wish oreo will sponsor me soon since I always keep stock for my daughter consumption and for my baking :).

    鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 thank you.

    Thanks Neyeeloh.

  26. Yummy Koh, me too, cheesecake is my all time favourite.

    Cathy, I love cheesecake too and this cake, really best.

    Tigerfish, you have brighten my days, thanks for your nice words.

  27. Me too Angie.

    Thank you so much How To Be Perfect for sharing your award with me.

    Jane, yes I remember your eldest son is the fan of oreo cheesecake. Do bake it for him, is really good.

  28. Thanks Cuisine Paradise.

    Thanks Hearty Bakes for your nice words :).

    Thanks Ann.

  29. Thanks Quizzine.

    Thanks Kristy.

    Thanks Mary.

  30. Thanks Chow and Chatter.

    Thanks Zoe, I must remind my bro how lucky he is hahaha....

    Lena, do find time to make cheesecake, you wont regret. Non bake cheesecake is my favourite too, if you freeze it, tasted like ice cream yum!

  31. You had me at Oreo....or maybe it was cheesecake. Well it's such a great combination it sure got my attention, looks totally delish.

  32. Yummy, yummy cheesecake and an oreo one is so good!

  33. Jess,
    I am looking for a chocolate cheesecake and decide to use this coz my BIL loves chocolate! May I noe if I need to use springfoam tin? and also what kind of whipping cream to use? and the measurements for a 6" tin? Urgently need your help coz BIL bday is coming sat. :) Thanks a million! Actually wanted to do a non bake chocolate cheesecake for him but cant seem to find one. Any recommendation? Anyway can this cake stand transporation to another venue? Really sorry by my million qns! :)


  34. Hi Admin, it will be easier to remove the cake from cake tin if you using springform. If not, you may use cling wrap or aluminium foil to wrap up the cake tin, to be sure the cling wrap or aluminum foil is bigger/longer than the cake tin so when the cake is set, is easier to remove. For this cake, since involve baking, you can only use aluminum foil.

    I use any brand of the dairy whipping cream, you can get President brand from supermarket or many choices from Phoon Huat.
    For measurement of 6" cake tin, you can actually do the calculation by using the amount of ingredients for 7" divide by 7 and times 6, you will get the amount of ingredients for 6", this is what I always do if I wanna shrink or increase from the original recipe.

    I have no bake chocolate cheesecake in my blog too, you may go search for it under no bake cake.

    As for transportation, so far I have no problem for non bake cake, if you are not serving immediately when you reach the designation then you have to get to freeze or chill the cake until serving time. for baked cake, definitely no issue.

  35. Hihi!

    Me again.... So sorry! Do you know what other good brand can I use to substitute the Valrohna chocolate? Coz no time to go Sun lik. Can oni drop by phoon huat. :)


  36. Hi Admin, I am using Hershey too which you can get it easily at any supermarket.

  37. Hi Jess,

    Can i know what do use to pipe on the cake? Non-dairy or dairy whipping cream?


  38. btw, can use bulla thickened cream for the whipping cream?

    Saw that can use hershey chocolate... issit the hersey baking chocolate or normal chocolate?

    Thanks a million! :D

  39. Ann, I used my left over chocolate DLL whipping cream to pipe the side of the cake. You may use either non-dairy or dairy whipping cream and added with some melted chocolate to come out chocolate whipped cream to do the pipping. As for non-dairy or dairy is depending on individual, some only swear for dairy but for me, I dun mind use non-dairy for frosting or piping as non-dairy is much more easier to whip up and handle.

    I am not sure whether bulla thickened cream is it for whipping. At NTUC or Giant or any supermarket, I believe you can easily can president brand dairy whipping cream. I think there are so other brands too. If you go phoon huat or baking stores, you will have more choices on brand.

    As for hershey chocolate I mentioned, is cocoa powder. This recipe involve 2 types of chocolates - cocoa powder and chocolate bar which you can use either baking chocolate or normal eating chocolate, any brand at your preference.

  40. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for your prompt response. Really appreciate it!

    My nearest NTUC just ran out of president and other dairy whipping cream! Oni left bulla lor.... :(

  41. Hi Anne

    I have checked, you can use thicken cream to replace whipping cream.

  42. Jess!

    Thanks you SOOOO much for your help! :)

  43. Hi Jess,
    thk u thk u ever so much for this Delicious n Awesome recipe :) its one of the best and really easy to bake oreo cheesecake.
    I'm going to bake a 2nd time using only 250g cream cheese instead of 375g. Do u think it will still be ok?
    Which is your favourite cheesecake recipe that turns out good every time? cos i want to try *v*

  44. Hi Belle, you are welcomed and thanks for trying out the recipe. Yes, you can reduce the cream cheese to 250g, I done it b4 for the birthday cake of a 8 yrs old gal. Taste wise not a lot of different, just only not as heavy and thick.

    I like cheesecake so I love almost all the cheesecake I have done but the recipes that I keep repeating due to demand are (except for chocolate oreo cheesecake)

    1. chocolate swirl cheesecake
    2. non bake rum & raisin cheesecake
    3. non bake oreo cheesecake

  45. Yummy! It looks so tasty. I would like to try of some of your recipe. Thank you for sharing!

  46. Hi Jess! I was wondering where you managed to buy Valrohna chocolate? I've checked Poon Huat and all the major super markets but haven't had any luck.

    1. Hi Beatrice, Phoon Huat and supermarket dun carry Valrohna, I always get from Sun Lik at 33 Seah Street. There are a few other stores selling too e.g. Bake It Yourself at Bt Timah, Kitchen Caper at Kallang Bahru, Shermay's Cooking School at Holland Village.

    2. Thank you Jess! :)


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