Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mango Pamelo Dessert

My health isn't in good condition for quite sometimes since Feb that badly affected me and my daily activities. On top of that, my work has been extremely busy due to one man power down, luckily I managed to get the replacement fast so at least free me from all the interviews which also occupy a lot of my times. So now I am counting down on the day for the new staff to come on board which is next month.

I would like to thank all the blogger pals who sent me your kind greetings and concerns on my health, really appreciated your nice gesture. I am feeling better this week, hopefully the improvement will be continued so that I can regain my energy to resume back my favourite activities - baking and blogs visiting which I have been neglected for quite awhile.

As the recent hot weather, it is best to make cold dessert and since now is mango season which can find lots and cheaper mangoes everywhere, is perfect time to make this easy, refreshing and delicious mango pamelo dessert.

I used my old and regular recipe for this mango pamelo dessert which is different from the one I made previously.

I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #5 : Fruity March (March 2011) hosted by myself.

I forgot where I got this recipe from as I scribbled down the recipe on my note pad many years ago.

Ingredient :
600g mango (abt 2 mangoes)
1 bowl (250ml) mango juice (use marigold brand or any packet mango juice)
1/2 bowl (125ml) evaporated milk
300g pomelo (spit into small pieces)
1 bowl (250ml) water (cooked cool water)
1 bowl (250ml) water
50g sugar

Cornflour mixture
1 tbsp cornflour + 1 tbsp water

1. Bring 1 bowl of water and 50g sugar to boil until sugar dissolve, add in cornflour mixture, stir in slow fire until the mixture is smooth then off fire and leave it to cool down.
2. Cut the mango from both side, and cut the mango fresh into cube. Then the remaing mango put in a bowl, add 1 bowl of water (cooked cool water) then send to blend. Then put aside.
3. 300g of pomelo, split them into small pieces.
4. When the pot is cold, add the grinded mango juice, cube mango, mango juice, evaporation milk, then stir, lastly add in pomelo to stir, if too thick, add water.
5. Chill it in fridge and serve as cold dessert.


  1. This is an interesting combination. This dessert looks very refreshing for warm summery days.

  2. Good that things are getting better my friend. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you....but rest first ok?

  3. Jess, I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. Sorry. Very sorry. Please take good care of yourself. If you feel really tired, take a good rest. None of us wants to see you wind up falling sick. And I remember your "yong ji gam lou" from the meetup ... Thank you for that. =)

  4. ooh i wanted to try this dessert as well, but i couldn't find any pomelos near my place :(

    do take care of yourself :)

  5. Yum~~Yum~~~Already bookmarked dis! thx for sharing, gonna try it out soon!

  6. this is delicious i only buy this in bugis lazy to make my own haha!

  7. hey jess,

    hope you will recover fully soon. take care ya. cheers

  8. it look so nice and refreshing! yummy! (:

  9. Glad to hear that you are recovering and manage to get replacement to lessen your burden.

    Just came back from NTUC, they are selling 3 mangoes for $1.99... should hv grabbed some

  10. This is always one of our all time favourites :p

  11. I remember I tried this kind of dessert before during my Hong Kong trip. Do take care and rest more ya!

  12. heya, are you doing HR? saw you mentioning abt interviews. Take care ya. Seeing so many of you making mango desserts makes me feel like doing one too, but not sure what to make hmm.

  13. hope things are getting better for you. it's really lovely looking at this dessert. you take care!

  14. Poor Jess, do take good care of yourself, dear friend. Guess, this mango dessert will helps to comfort you a little bit. Have a fine day.
    ((hugs)) Kristy

  15. I hope that you continue recovering and are feeling 100% soon.
    And the dessert sounds delicious, nice and relatively light too.

  16. Mango lovers at home, maybe I will try this without the pamelo.

  17. I love this sago dessert. Can't wait for mango season to make it.

  18. Hope things will get better for you soon...take care. I love this dessert, I just need to get pomelo :)

  19. Mangoes are back in season now and this is definitely a great dessert to use up any surplus. Hope you are better.

  20. I've never tried making this, but I think I can! Thanks for the details...

  21. wishing you a speedy recovery. This is one of my favourite Chinese desserts and your version is beautiful.


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