Thursday, November 8, 2012

Banana Sponge Cake

Hurray! After a long period of waiting, I am finally out from "maidless" day! So glad that at least I have some leisure times rather than busy all the way.

I cannot make any comment on this helper too early but so far so good, at least she is obedient type so my mil is happy with her. And she has more patience with the kids so I won't get to hear any high pitch voice like my previous helper. Most importantly, I am happy and stress-free to be at home all time since I won't get to hear any complaints and fights :D.

I didn't bake for a month plus, getting lazy after stop for a period lol. I have many backlog to clear and I wish to post some of the food that prepared for my little kicker birthday party but lazy to clean up the photos hahaha...

This cake was baked a few months ago when I had too many bananas sitting in my freezer (the bananas are accumulating again lol), so I decided to bake a banana cake. Well, although my heart was ready to go for my all time favourite banana cake but my mind telling me that I should give other recipe a try.

I first saw this banana sponge cake was when Wen submitted to Aspiring Baker : Fruity March 2011 hosted by me. As during that period, I was still glued tightly to my all time favourite, so didn't pay much attention on this recipe. When I decided to try other banana cake recipe and this recipe immediately caught my attention. Beside this is Wen's all time favourite, and also the 2 bloggers that I admire, HHB and Sonia given good review on it.

Recipe adapted from here which originated from Richard Goh Baking Class Stage 1.

3 eggs (medium)
130g sugar
200g banana (ripe & cut into small pcs)
150g cake flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
100g vegetable oil
1/8 tsp vanilla extract

Method :
1. Preheat oven to 160 degree C.
2. Grease and line a 8" round tin with paper.
3. Sieve flour, baking powder and soda together. Sieve twice and set aside.
4. Whisk eggs, sugar and banana at max. speed till stiff/ribbon stage. (For Kenwood Chef - approx 10-13mins)
5. Fold in flour and mix well. (Can use spatular or hand to mix)
6. Add in oil and mix well till batter is shiny and flowing.
7. Bake for 40 - 45mins

The cake is soft and spongy, much lighter than butter cake. If you are looking for a lighter and healthier version of banana cake, this is the recipe for you. I will definitely bake again if I want a lighter banana cake. Although dear husband and brother think the cake is nice but they still prefer this banana cake, well they have "heavy" taste bud lol.


  1. The cake does look spongy and light. I am so going to bake this!

  2. Me more lazy, didnt do any baking for quite sometimes liao, lol

  3. Jess, it's so much easier to have a helper at least after baking someone can help to clean up the mess... I also make banana cake today but different version. Today I come to eat urs soft and spongy banana cake, next week I'll invite u to share mine ( provided it sets...hehe)

  4. Thanks for the mentioned. Actually I have so long did not bake this cake again because keep trying with others new recipes, hehehe ..I like this recipe because this is light and nice.

  5. I love banana cake and have tried many versions. Will add this on my list too, looks really soft and delicious.

  6. I love making banana cakes too! One of my frequently bake sponge. Love the smell of it while it's baking in the oven! Yours looks light and spongy.

  7. This has made me very hungry for soft and spongy Cakes! :)

  8. Men somehow prefer heavier cakes leh, dunno why :)
    I think I'll like this too

  9. Your cake look so spongy and soft. Love a piece with a cup of hot black coffee in this cold monsoon weather. :)

  10. Thanks for trying out my all time favourite recipe! Yours look perfect!

  11. Hi Jess,
    A light version of banana cakes!!
    I like to try it out.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. banana cakes are many favourites. I dont mind trying different versions of banana cakes too!

  13. hi,may i know how to folding in flouur?i always be make it deflate at this part.the flour need divide few times to adding in?the oil just pour into mixture at once?the finish batter should be thick like chiffon batter isit?

  14. Hi Anonymous

    I always have this issue of deflating the batter too, thats why my success rate of chiffon cake is only 50% :(.

    As for how to fold in flour, I suggest you google and there are a lot of info sharing in the internet cos I am not expert to teach you as well, do not want a blind to lead you lol. Normally I will add flour in 3 times rather than add all into the batter.

    For this cake, I pour in the oil all at once and use spatula to do the folding. And yes the batter is thick like chiffon/sponge cake batter.

  15. Made! Actually this is the first time I have bakes a cake that I would say I was 100 percent happy with. Thanks so much.

  16. Hi Jess

    I've tried your recipe twice but failed :{ the first time, cake sink in the middle. The second time, cake sink slightly but is very crumble. I only reduce the oil to 80gm instead of 100gm... Please help.... thnaks

    1. Hi Christine, you may over fold the batter, this cake is sensitive so be extra careful when do the folding if not will burst the bubbles.

  17. Hi Jess, I made this banana sponge cake and I really really like the spongy texture. Thank you for sharing.

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  19. Thanks for your recipe, I am very happy with the results compared to regular banana cake recipes found on other blogs. Yours was light, perfect for teatime and also breakfast :)

  20. Is this suitable to be used as cake base for birthday cake purpose ? Tq

  21. I love you page. The information is really specific. I am going to try this and give you feed back

  22. Oh my god your recipe is wonderful! I just done with the recipe and the cake is super soft and yummy!!! Thank you for sharing your recipe!


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