Friday, March 8, 2013

Almond Coffee Pound Cake

I am not sure is it due to the stress recently, I started to crave for coffee frequently after stopped drinking it for 20+ years. I used to be a loyal coffee drinker, forced to stop due to the overdose caffeine symptoms such as accelerated heartbeat and jtteriness, which I was badly affected. 

I am not a coffee cake lover, although I like coffee but not any bakes with coffee, be it cake, bread or cookies. This is the same like 2 of my colleagues, love to eat durian but simply just refuse to eat anything that make with durian, they only want to consume fresh durian lol. I will not be interested at all if I get to know that the bake is coffee flavor, I usually will not consume too as I do not want to load additional calories to my body for the food that I dun really fancy lol.

During Christmas, I baked some cupcakes as give away to my colleagues and also for my Christmas eve dinner at my place. At the night when I was baking, I decided to bake more varieties rather than just to stick to 2 flavors. But that was a so last min decision, I was not sure are there sufficient ingredients in my pantry. Thus I decided to look out for recipes with easy and simple ingredients but of course cannot compromise on the taste as well. I remember I saw this almond coffee pound cake that Ann was raving about and Jessie had given good review as well. Quickly checked my pantry, luckily I still have ground almond but no almond flakes, never mind I can replace with oreo biscuit :D.

Recipe from Anncoo Journal

150g Butter
120g Brown Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
3 Eggs (60g), lightly beaten
1/2 tbsp Instant coffee powder (Nescafe classic) 
1 tbsp Kahlua/rum
170g Plain flour + 1 tsp Baking powder,   sifted
 2 tbsp Ground almond
1 tbsp Fresh milk
Amond flakes for topping (I used oreo biscuit)

1. Cream butter, sugar and salt at medium speed until light and fluffy.
2. Gradually add beaten eggs little by little until combined and add coffee powder and kahlua it and mix well.
3. Sift the plain flour and baking powder the second time directly to the batter with ground almond and gently fold well with a rubber spatula. 
4. Then add 1 tbsp fresh milk into it and fold the batter to smooth.
5. Pour batter into prepared cake pan or cupcake cases and sprinkle almond flakes and oreo biscuit on top.
6. Bake at preheated oven at 190C for 10 minutes. Then reduce temperature to 170C and bake for another 25 - 30 minutes or skewer inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. (I baked for about 20 mins or less for cupcakes)
7. Leave cake to cool in cake pan for 10 minutes and remove cake, then place on to rack to cool completely.

I totally agreed with Ann that coffee lovers will not resist having a slice or two of this almond coffee pound cake. Even a non coffee cake lover like me, I must admit 100% that this cake is so yummy, it is soft, moist and flavorful with very nice coffee fragrant. This cake has totally changed my concept on coffee cake, I do not mind trying other coffee cake in future lol. I wish to have more but I need to share half of the cupcake with dear husband since the rest had distributed, I had left one for photo-shooting lol. Dear husband also given thumbs up on this cake, definitely a keeper! 

Take a peep at the cupcakes galore that served during Christmas Eve dinner , can you spot the almond coffee cupcake?


  1. Hi Jess, thanks for trying this recipe and glad that you and your hubby enjoyed it :) Lovely pics!

  2. Hohoho, saw my name was mentioned here! I'm kind of opposite with you. I don't drink coffee but I eat anything is baked with coffee, hahaha! Coffee is too heaty to me & for once after drinking, sorethroat won't be far away or next day grows 2 pimples on my face, hate it lah! So many cupcakes there! Yum! I just spent my last hour searching for easter recipes, hai, very tire now. I think I just do a simple one for Ethan as we are having Easter picnic at his school on 28th Mar b4 the easter holidays. You ok now with your tummy?

    1. HiHi buddy, I went thru your blog to check out any recipe for me to try out leh.... lol. Oh I didnt know coffee will get heaty too. I think drinking coffee making my stomach upset too, a lot of gas leh :(

  3. Hi Jess,
    I miss this coffee pound cake. I remember the first time I saw this cake in Ann's blog I told her I am going to make this. I did and I love this cake. You are brilliant making the cake into cupcakes and top with Oreo. Yours look moist, soft and i like the Oreo topping. Looking at yours I am craving for some now :p

    No worries, about what to cook for LTU. Our event now open until 31 March (a month event) take your time and do it at your own pace.
    You can make a simple salad or bake a cake with tomato ..LoL

    1. Mui Mui, you baked the cake too? nice hor...

      ok will try to squeeze my time to join the fun :)

  4. Jess, I must have coffee everyday. But I drink 1 mug per day only, if not I have no energy. Like you, I am not keen on coffee cakes but since you are now "converted", I should give this a cake a try. By the way, I am now a Nutella addict thanks to you. Hah! Hah!

    1. Phong Hong, I have quit my nutella craze, hope you wont be like me get so addicted lol.

      Do try out this recipe, is really nice.

  5. 咖啡简直是我的最爱

  6. Everyday I must have a cup of coffee, so I am ok with this coffee cake for sure ^_^

    1. Sonia, then go try it out, this recipe really good.

  7. whoah Jess! =) professional!
    and I love the lighting of your pictures!

  8. Hehe.. i am a coffee lover but have never make coffee cake also :)

  9. I don't drink coffee, but really love to flavour the baked goods with it. It smells just heavenly.

  10. Hi Jess,

    I'm not a coffee but a die-hard Oreo fan. Too much caffeine is bad for me too and I choose to use decaff for my baking.

    Love the Oreo topping :D


    1. Zoe, I love Oreo on my baking too, I used too much oreo until Wendy, Table for 2 or more, commented that Oreo should give me the sponsorship hahaha...

  11. I also don't drink coffee, but I love coffee cakes! So weird right. The cupcakes look so fluffy and moist.

    1. Mich, then fast fast try Ann's recipe, wont regret!

  12. hi,,may i know can i subsitute with nescafe rich(3in1),,
    or coco,,,thanks for sharing,,

    1. I guess no problem to subsitute with nescafe rish 3 in 1, you can give it a try but may b need to adjust the sugar.


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