Thursday, April 18, 2013

Non Bake Coffee Cheesecake

This cake was for my best friend M's birthday. As that was my busy period thus I opted for an easy going cake and since she like cheesecake so non bake cheesecake is the best choice.

Since I was on coffee craze during that period so no hesitation on choosing coffee flavour for her lol.

 Recipe adapted from Kitchen Corner.

Ingredients : (for 8" round cake but I made in 6" and 4 cupcakes)

Bottom base: 
90g digestive biscuits crumbs 
30g oreo biscuits crumbs 75g butter (melted)  

250g cream cheese 
60g sugar 
12g instant coffee (dissolve with 1 tbsp water) 
2 tsp gelatin (dissolve with 1 tablespoon hot water) 
170ml whipping cream 
40g chocolate beads (I used chocolate rice)

150g whipping cream 
50g dark bitter chocolate

1.  Mix the crumbs and melted butter in a bowl. Press crumbs mixture onto bottom baking pan and keep in the fridge.
2.  In another bowl, beat cream cheese until soften, gradually beat in sugar until the sugar dissolve. Add in the coffee mixture until well blended. 
3.  Whisk the whipping cream in another bowl until thicken. 
4.  Mix the dissolved gelatin into the coffee mixture until well incorporated. Fold in the in the whipped cream until everything well combine. 
5.  Pour into the baking pan or chef rings and chill in the fridge until it set. 
6.  After the cheesecake has set. Melt the chocolate with the whipping cream. Pour a thin layer on top of the cheesecake. Let it set in the fridge. 
7.  Run a sharp knife at the edge of the cake pan and unmold when everything has set. 

Like what Grace has claimed, the cheesecake is creamy with rich coffee flavour. M is so happy to receive the surprise cake, she shared with her colleagues and all likes the cake a lot.


  1. Hello。。。我已经闻到好香,好香的蛋糕了。很美丽哦!

  2. Wow~~ Jess~~
    looks so smooth~~~ lovely mouthfeel~~~

  3. Jess, I need a slice to pamper myself. haha.... I should live next door.

  4. Wow, your coffee cheese cake looks so good! Like those from the shops.

  5. looks so delicious.. i'm a cheese lover, can i have one piece plss..:)

  6. 我不贪心,我只要那个小的就好了:)

  7. Looks so cute and delicious! Love coffee in my desserts :)

    1. Thanks Fern by dropping by. I love to drink coffee but I never like coffee in desserts until recently, after baked a very yummy coffee cake :P

  8. Jess, the last picture looks like ice-cream cake hoh? I like any non=bake cheesecake, hehe!

    1. Jessie, you know what, I always like to freeze my non bake cheesecake, it will really taste like ice cream lol.

  9. I love cheesecake! May I have a slice please :)

  10. wow..this must be so cheesecake..a real indulgence!

  11. 下次我生日你也做个给我啦,嘻嘻!
    对了,Penang花花帮7月来,回来我家吃饭,你也记得来噢 ^_*

    1. Sure Cass, let me know when is your birthday :D. Oh thanks for inviting me, I will definitely turn up, will whatsapp u on the date and time.

  12. Jess,
    This is 'Sui Sui ' cheesecake.
    I love coffee Flavour though I can't drinking coffee. :p
    I also not greedy just the small cupcake one for me will do ... lol

    1. Thanks Mui Mui. I love coffee but I cant drink coffee too, I have to force to stop again cos of the side effect sob sob :(

  13. 我闻到芝士和咖啡香了,只要一个就够了不过要麻烦你给我泡咖啡,嘻嘻嘻~

  14. Love a good cheesecake. This one looks delicious.

    PS: I am hosting a Bits of Brit giveaway currently(open to Singapore residents only), so I really hope you will enter:

  15. Thank you for sharing us your recipe. The food looks delicious and so attractive. I would like to try this one. You did a great job in explaining the process it so easy to understand.

  16. Hi Jess,

    You are always good with all cheesecakes baking/making. This one looks wonderful too!


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