Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Braised Soy Sauce Chicken

I really cannot believe that I am missing from the blogging again, really too many stuff to settle and too little times for me. If is not because I need to post this up to support Mich's Little Thumb Up, I am not sure when I will be back to do some posting :(. I guess slowly I will be forgotten by my blogger friends hahaha... Sorry Mich, I cannot make it to submit more post to your event :(.

This was cooked long time ago, think at least 6 months ago and finally given a chance to post it up lol. For chicken I will normally bake since I am not so good at cooking. When I saw this recipe and highly recommended by Anna, plus look at the ingredients that I can locate them at my kitchen, except Lee Kum Kee Chicken Marinade which can easily find it at supermarket. I decided to try it and after that, I had cooked a few times, this is actually an easy dish :).

 Recipe from  小雨伞の天空

Ingredient A :
4-5 maryland chicken or 1 chicken

Marinated Ingredients :
4 cloves garlic, smash
4-5 star anise
1 cinnamon, split into half and wash the internal thoroughly
3 tbsp dark soya sauce
4 tbsp Lee Kum Kee chicken marinade / SOS Perap Ayam or soya sauce
4 slices ginger

Ingredient B :
3/4 bowl Lee Kum Kee chicken marinade / SOS Perap Ayam or soya sauce, use rice bowl
1 bowl water
4-5 tbsp sugar, can adjust to suit individual taste
2 stalks scallion (cut into parts, separate white and green parts)
Method :
1. Wash the chicken and use kitchen towel to pat dry. Prick the chicken with fork so that the marinated sauce will penetrate in.
2. Marinate the chickens in the marinated ingredients for at least 3-4 hours, the longer the better. Leaving overnight in the refrigerator is best.
3. Heat up the wok with some oil, saute the marinated ingredients (leave out the sauce) for awhile, add in chickens and pan fry both side for awhile.
4. Pour in the sauce from the marinated ingredients and ingredient B, add in scallion white parts and cover the wok with lid.
5. Simmer in low heat for about 45 mins or the chicken has soften.
6. Add in the sugar and taste, add in the scallion green part and simmer for awhile.
7. Serve the chicken with gravy.

Notes :
1. Open up the lid to check once in awhile to avoid the wok turn charred.
2. Turn the chicken in every 15 mins and continue to simmering.

This chicken is really delicious that I had cooked a few times, pour some gravy onto the white rice and I can eat one big bowl although I am not a rice person (no choice since need to cut down carbo) lol. Next time, I wanna pair it with noodle, yum yum, salivating now :D.

 I am submitting this post to the Soya Beans Event, Little Thumbs Up organised by Doreen from my little favourite DIY and Zoe from bake for happy kids, hosted by Mich of Piece of Cake


  1. 我来了。。


  2. Jess,你弄的我肚子很饿了啦!赶快请我吃。。。嘻嘻嘻~

  3. 对啦!我是多么的想念你啊!你最近一定很忙了。所以没时间上来。
    没关系,你的心里有着我们就可以了。哈哈哈哈哈哈 。。。。。。


  4. Thanks for your support Jess! This chicken looks really delicious.

  5. Who can resist this yummilicious dish? Best with plain rice.

  6. 哈哈。。晚餐时间来你家吃这个正好哦!Yummy~~

  7. You really have heart, do this just for LTU! I've eyed on your whole chicken there, the skin looks so shiny. Love it love it!

  8. Hi Jess, You must be very busy between work and home. How can I forget you... hahaa
    BTW your braised soy sauce chicken look very delicious, I'm sure your family enjoyed this dish very much.

  9. This dish is so perfectly done! :) I can imagine how delicious it is...

  10. hi,can u help,,note 3,
    how to saute the mairnate ingredient?u mean to take out all the spice
    and only add in the sauce follow by ingredient B,,
    hope u can share,,thnaks,,mika--sg

    1. Hi mika apologize for late reply. What I did was dish out the spice and leave aside the sauce, then put the spice in heated wok and sauté for awhile then add in chicken and pan fry the pour in all the sauce.

  11. Hi Jess,

    Being in, out and back into action is better than not blogging at all :p Totally can understand that being a mum plus blogging is not easy at all.

    Your braised soy chicken looks good!


  12. HIi,can u help note 3,-when u mention saute the marinate
    ingredient,, n mean jus to take out all the spices,follow
    by the sauce and go on with the rest,,sori,,first timer
    hope u can share,,,mika---sg

  13. Hi Jess,
    You are always on my know that
    I love your braised soy sauce chicken, look so inviting. I think i need extra bowl of rice too :D
    Thanks fir sharing this to LTU.

  14. Jess, one of my favorite chicken dishes! Must cook soon!

  15. nice , nice, nice! havent had this for quite some time. dont worry, will nvr forget you...your blog is still on my dashboard list..:))). take care yaa!

  16. I can have this braised chicken with steamed white rice only, already very good!

  17. Braised Soy Sauce Chicken is one of the favorite dishes I love to cook for my family. The kids love them so much that they finish dinner in no time! :) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous picture and recipe.


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