Thursday, May 29, 2014

Magic Custard Cake

If not I saw this magic custard cake from 蓝色小厨, I almost forgot that I had baked this magic custard cake before. Looking at my record, this was baked more than 6 months ago hahahaha... ya I still have many bakes or dishes that done even earlier than this but have not posted out yet :P.

As the batter is very watery and my 8" baking pan is with non removable base, I afraid the batter will leak out so I used my glass dish which is bigger so the cake become very short lol.

From the photo can't see any obvious 3 layers probably I took photos before chill.

Recipe adapted from White on Rice Couple.

Ingredients :
113g unsalted butter
480ml milk
4 drop vinegar (I omitted)
4 eggs, separated
150g icing sugar
1 tbsp or 15ml water
115g Flour
1 tsp or 5ml vanilla extract
extra icing sugar for dusting (I forgot to dust when taking photo hahahaha...)

1.    Preheat the oven to 160C. Lightly butter or grease a 8"x8" baking dish.
2.    Melt the butter and set aside to slightly cool. Warm the milk to lukewarm and set aside.
3.    Whip the egg whites and vinegar (I omitted vinegar) to stiff peaks. Set aside.
4.    Beat the egg yolks and sugar until light. Mix in the melted butter and the tablespoon of water for about 2 minutes or until evenly incorporated.
5.    Mix in the flour until evenly incorporated. Slowly beat in the milk and vanilla extract until everything is well mixed.
6.    Fold in the egg whites, 1/3 at a time. Repeat until all of the egg whites are folded in.
7.    Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for 45-60 minutes or until the top is golden. Allow cake to completely cool before cutting and then dust with confectioner's sugar *see Note 1.

Note 1: For faster cooling you can place the cake in the fridge. Even after fully cooled, it will still be slightly jiggly.

 The cake has different texture so different taste. The bottom layer taste like kuih, middle layer taste like custard and top layer like very moist sponge cake. This indeed is a "magic" cake as one slice of cake with 3 types of taste, very special, it taste better when is chilled.

I am submitting this post to Little Thumbs Up May 2014 - Milk host by Ah Tze of Away of Mind, organized by Zoe@ Bake For Happy Kids and Mui Mui @ My Little Favourites DIY.


  1. Can i have a pc for my tea break this afternoon?

  2. Jess, when I look closely at your last photo, I can see 3 layers. Bottom layer very thin, middle is thicker and more or less same thickness as the top layer. I saw this yesterday at Karen's blog and I am planning to try it this weekend. Very exciting that one cake batter can give 3 layers!

  3. 我已经noted了几个你家的蛋糕。就是还没办法把它们一一变出来。哈哈哈 。。。。。。

  4. Hi Jess, looks like I'm really behind time. So many wonderful magic bakes posted by food bloggers and I haven't got down to do it. It's really magic and whoever eat it will be surprised. I like this 3 in 1 cake.

  5. Magic happened in your house, well 6 months ago, hahaha! I'm also tempting to try this magic cake but hoh I have others in my list too so I better stick to my priority first. This cake has 3 different layers in a batter, very special!

  6. 这个我也做了, 只是感觉蛋糕好像不熟而又矮矮的, 家人又说这是不熟的蛋糕。。所以没拍照片了! 哈哈哈。。。。

  7. Hi Jess,
    This is indeed a magic cake. Amazing, with three different textures in one cake!

  8. hi jess, i hope i can create some magic in my kitchen too when i bake this day :D


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