Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Garlic Fried Rice aka Sinangag

I am very busy recently due to officially on board of new boss who posted to Singapore recently. Too many new systems implementing, making most of us so busy, hardly can "eat snake" now lol. However I need to steal times to post this up to catch Asian Food Fest - Philippines. 

I tried my 1st Sinangag when I was 1st time to Manila which was 10 over years ago. Although I was not a garlic person then, in fact I dislike garlic in my dish, will definitely pick up if see any garlic hahahaha... But that sinangag serving to me was way too fragrance for me to resist and also dinning with customers too  paisei to reject any food. So I forced myself to eat, once the spoon of rice was inside my mouth, I fell in love with it immediately. After that, there was 2 things die die must eat when at Philippines, one is Sinangag and another one is green mango juice, both my super favourite :D.

Actually I have a few recipes in mind to participate in this event but due to my busy schedule, I am not able to make it on time, sad :(.

Recipe adapted from Tickling Palette and Jinkzz's Kitchen

2 cups cooked rice
10 cloves garlic, finely minced
3 shallot, finely minced
salt to taste
soya sauce to taste
fish sauce to taste
pepper to taste

Method :
   Heat a wok with oil. Add garlic and shallots, sauté over low flame for 3- 4 minutes. The garlic should become brown in color, crisp and aromatic and shallots should become translucent.
2. Add rice to mix with garlic and shallots to cook over medium flame for another 2-3 minutes. Toss rice well so that the garlic and shallots and oil will coat the rice well.
3. Add soya sauce, salt, fish sauce, pepper according to taste and mix well.
4. Continue to cook for a few minutes then remove from heat and transfer to a serving dish. Serve warm.

The rice is very fragrance, my family members including my 3 yrs old son also like it.

I am submitting this to Asian Food Fest Philippines Month


  1. Looks delicious Jess! It reminds me of the dish of chicken with forty cloves of garlic. A "famous" recipe of the 70s or was it the 80s, lol...I'll be pinning this recipe Jess. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Your fried rice looks mouthwatering, Jess. Love the presentation.

  3. 我闻到了那香味, 好料的一餐!

  4. 我超级喜欢Garlic,每次吃多多,吃到老公讲“僵尸”看见我都会怕我,哈哈哈。。。

  5. Hi Jess...I liked this garlic rice. Like you, I have a few recipes that I liked but I don't have the time to cook. Once of my favourite is the Crispy Pata.

  6. Jess, your serving of this garlic fried rice with fried chicken and vege looks so appetizing!

  7. My hubby loves this, will try it sometime!

  8. 哇。。。garlic rice,我们家的最爱!


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