Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Easy Taiwan Style Steamed White Radish Cake 簡易台式蘿蔔糕

I am so tire now, didn't sleep last night due to dear son. Last night he got rashes suddenly, he was so itchy 't that kept scratching, he can't really sleep well due to the itchiness too and that caused him double frustrated. I need to pacify him, need to apply aloe vera gel for him, need to scratch for him until he fell asleep. And this cycle kept repeating a few times until dawn, rushed to bring him to consult doctor. Hope after medication, he will feel better today.

I always wanna make Chinese dim sum, more for my family as they are kind of "tire" of my cakes lol. Although I have more confidence and preference on western style of snacks but sometimes I have to make something to suit my family taste as well heeheehee.

Recipe adapted from Carol杨桃美食网, Cass, Irene, Ann.

Ingredients: 7" square cake tin, greased and lined
600g radish grated
100g carrot, grated (about 1 big carrot)
1 tsp salt
400g water


300g rice flour
50g wheat flour (澄面粉)
1.5 tsp salt 
1.5 tsp sugar
600g water

1.    Toss grated radish with salt, leave aside for 20 minutes. Squeeze out excess water from grated radish. (I really squeezed hard and pressed all the water out which I think I had over do it ;P)
2.    In a wok, boil 400g water, add radish and cook for 5 minutes at medium low fire.
3.    In a large bowl, mix (B) ingredients together and stir mixture well till smooth. Gradually pour mixture into the radish.
4.    Stir mixture until it becomes thick paste until low flame. Stirring constantly to prevent mixture get burnt.
5.    Pour radish mixture into prepared cake tin and steam at high flame for 1 hour.
6.    Leave radish cake to cool before slicing.
7.    Pan fry the sliced radish cake to golden brown with some dusted rice flour on both sides. Serve immediately with some chili sauce. 

Due to my over squeezed of the juice out from the grated radish, My Mil commented that the radish taste is not strong which not suppose to be as I put in so much radish. On top of that, the radish is a bit hard so MIL said I squeezed out too much water from the radish that result the mild taste of radish and also caused the radish cake a bit hard, and probably due to my over steamed as well. As my family are those strong taste kind of person so this steamed radish cake to them is a bit blend but they are ok with the fried version, especially both of helpers actually love to eat with lots of chili sauce.

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  1. Hi Jess, I like steamed radish plain with lots of chilli sauce ! Yummy! May I have some .... hee hee !

  2. Jess, this is good when fried, I like lah. Must have lots of chilli sauce :)

  3. One of the must have during the Chinese New Year. Yours looks perfect, Jess.

  4. Hope your son recover from the rashes soon...

  5. I loves this, but a lot of work, lazy to do...

  6. 希望你的boy boy的rashes好了,痒痒的,真的很难受哦。

  7. Hi Jess, understand what it's like when our children are unwell... hope your son is feeling better and that you get to rest. This is in my to-do list as my daughter and I like it very much but till today I still have not tried it as there are to many other bakes which kept over taking it in the list. Hope to make this one day!

  8. Hi Jess...hope your son is getting better now. Is tough on you but do take care too. I love this radish cake too.

  9. Hi Jess,
    This is nice to eat with a dip of chilly sauce..hehe

  10. Hi Jess,

    Hope that you are feeling better and energize with all these delicious white radish cake!

    Dip dip with chilli and munch munch... I think your eyes must be sparkling now :p



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