Thursday, September 11, 2014

Simple Moist Chocolate Oreo Muffins


Dear son has a viral cough since Sunday and he has been spreading the virus to almost everyone in the family. I am now having cough, sore throat and running nose, so wish that I am able to lay on my bed now.... to bad I still need to be in my office to clear urgent stuff :(

I was looking for recipes that simple and easy to bake as give-away so when spotted this recipe definitely gonna try it out.

Recipe adapted from Butter, Flour and Me.

Ingredients :
2 eggs
90g brown sugar
75g milk
125g butter, melted

150g self raising flour
1/8 tsp baking soda
25g cocoa powder
20g chocolate chips
6 oreo cookies, crushed

Method :
1. Sift flour, cocoa powder and baking soda.
2. Mix melted butter, eggs, sugar and milk and whisk until well combine.
3. Sift in the flour mixture and follow by chocolate chips and oreo cookies and fold gentle, do not over mix. 4. Fill up the muffin cases 70% full with the mixture.
5. Bake in pre-heated oven at 170C for 15-20 mins. 

The muffins are soft and moist, quite nice to eat but I still much prefer this double chocolate muffins recipe, that is my all-time favourite!

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  1. Hi Jess,Thanks for joining Best Recipes~~Chocolate Wonderland with you lovely & yummy muffin
    Hope you will get well soon,take care ya ^^

  2. Hi Jess, do take care. This oreo looks yummy and got my favourite oreo too.

  3. Hi Jess, who can resist these moist and delicious chocolate cupcakes ?! One dozen for me please :)

  4. Jess, so long already I have not eaten chocolate muffins. You make me want to bake some hee..hee...

  5. 这蛋糕看起来蛮不错的,喜欢~

  6. Hi Jess, hope your boy & you are getting better. I like easy yummy muffins too !

  7. i see the bits of treasure in the muffin... *rubbing hands gleefully* pluck pluck... then eat the muffin by the mouthful

  8. Jess, what a coincidence, I baked a cake using Oreo cookies too. Take care and get well soon!

  9. Hi Jess,
    Hope you and your family are well by now.
    I love simple muffin recipe too.
    These chocolate muffins looks delish!


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