Friday, September 19, 2014

Singapore Black Fried Carrot Cake Chai Tow Kway

After I made the radish cake, I decided to keep some to try out my favourite black fried chai tow kway. as I just aga aga (estimated) used the ingredients and churn out this dish, so I do not have the exact measurement, just adjust to individual liking. As I love black black chai tow kway, I added some dark soya sauce to enhance the color :D.

Ingredients :
radish cake, chopped into small pieces
1 tbsp garlic, chopped and minced
2 eggs
sweet preserved radish or chai po 甜菜脯 , rinsed and drained
dark soya sauce
fish sauce
mushroom sauce
sweet soya sauce (I used a lot lol)

Garnish :
spring onions, chopped

Method :
1. Heat up the wok with cooking oil, add in garlic and sautee until golden brown and fragrance.
2. Throw in the chopped radish cake and sweet preserved radish or chai po 甜菜脯 and stir fry for awhile.
3. Add in dark soya sauce, sweet soya sauce, mushroom sauce, fish sauce, pepper to your taste, mix well. Lastly pour in 2 beaten eggs, mix well and dish out.
4. Garnish with some spring onions and serve immediately.

Dear daughter and husband commented that the tasted is near to the store-bought. However as my radish cake was a bit hard to begin, although the radish cake is soften a bit after cooking, but still a bit too hard but taste wise they gave high marks hahaha... 

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