Friday, October 10, 2014

Pumpkin Raisins Mantou 南瓜葡萄干馒头

Another busy week as need to churn out a lot of reports and attend meetings to get ready for the visitation of VIP from HQ next week.

During the mixing of ingredients, I forgot to add in the water slowly, instead I just mixed all into the mixture, thus the dough is so so sticky that I have to add in some flour to make it pliable.

Recipe adapted from 搵到食

Ingredients :
6g pumpkin (I used 130g)
90g water (I used 20g)
3g instant yeast
250g hong kong flour
25g caster sugar
10g oil
some raisins

Method :
1. Remove the seeds and skin from pumpkin, steam till soft and mash.
2.  Mix instant yeast and water, add in flour, mashed pumpkin, sugar and oil, knead till dough become smooth.
3. Rest the dough in room temperature for 5 mins.
4. Roll the dough into rectangle shape, brush some water on the surface, spread the raisins evenly on the dough.
5. Roll up the dough like swiss roll and cut into pieces equally.
6. Place each dough onto the greased paper and put into the steamer. Proof for 45 mins.
7. Steam the mantou for 15 mins at big fire.
8. Do not remove mantou from the steamer. 9. Open the steamer lid a bit for 5 mins, then remove the lid and serve.
* do not add water at once, add in slowly bit by bit.

The mantou is fluffy but not so soft as what Cass had described, I think I had added too much flour that also caused the mantou to be a bit dry, my bad :(. I like the mantou to be soft but it is too fluffy for my liking, may be is affected by the dryness as well. And the mantou is not sweet, quite bland but as I added some raisins and it helps to enhance the sweetness. I think if the mantou is soft and a bit sweeter, definitely will be very nice to eat.

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  1. Nice pumpkin mantou. I always want to try making mantou again but since I moved into this house which is using ceramic stove, steaming buns seem to be more chanlleging. Hard to control the heat. I actually made some pumpkin mantou few months ago but over-steamed though I turn off the heat earlier. By the way, your mantou looked so nice!

  2. Hi Jess, your pumpkin mantou look so tempting with the raisins...
    Come ! Let's have breakfast together! :)

  3. Sometimes, i will also forget this, forget that...

  4. ok, mine has no add-ins... can i exchange mine with yours?

  5. Jess, Today is 1010 Mantou's Day...hahaa I also made pumpkin mantou with black sesame seeds but I think adding raisins into it is much tastier.

  6. Jess, it is a good attempt. Can make adjustment next time :)

  7. 我来了,馒头吃了很多家,可有杯茶请我喝吗?

  8. 南瓜的香气配上葡萄干,非常可口

  9. Pretty pumpkin mantou,you add in raisin,must be so it
    Would like to have you in my BREE to for this yummy mantou
    because it;s Bun In My Hot Steamer and it;s also include Mantou,my dear^^

  10. Jess - keep on practicing and you will get the perfect one. Yours kook ok to me..

  11. 加料的馒头一定更加好吃哦~~

  12. 这个南瓜因为含水量不同,所以有时候很难操作,但加了南瓜,这馒头又柔软到不行。


  13. pumpkin mantou, i call it golden mantou, the colour is so vibrant and eyes catching. Very lovely mantou indeed

  14. Pretty and nice mantou with added raisins ... so I suppose can have other nice dried fruits like cranberries, apricot to be added ? Thanks for sharing ^-^!

  15. Jess,
    I love that you added raisin in your mantou.
    It looks prettier and spice up the bland taste.

  16. Agree with mui mui that your addition of raisins make this mantou so special. I am sure my kids will like this if I were to make them =)


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