Monday, November 10, 2014

Chocolate Pudding Cake 巧克力布丁蛋糕

I first saw this cake at Qi Qi in the house and she was praising it, so bookmarked. Then not long after, I saw it appeared in Victoria's blog and highly recommended by her, so how to resist since I am a chocolate lover lol.

Recipe adapted from Victoria Bakes, Qi Qi in the house and Juling's blog for detail step by step

Ingredients (makes a 6 inch round cake)

80g bittersweet chocolate chips (I used Ghirardelli intense dark sea salt soiree bar, break into small pieces)

Sea Salt Soiré
Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree Bar
Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree Bar

26g cocoa powder
50g unsalted butter
50g whipping cream

3 egg yolk
30g corn starch

2 egg white
70g caster sugar (I reduced to 50g)

Method :
1. Place all of ingredients (A) into a bowl, and heat over a pot of simmering water. turn off fire once some of the chocolate chips begin to melt, and use the residual heat to melt the remaining ingredients, stirring constantly. (the mixture must be warm instead of hot before adding egg yolk)
2. Add in egg yolk, incorporate well.
3. Add in corn starch and mix well.
4. Add sugar in few additions to egg white, beating till stiff, dry peaks.
5. Fold one third of egg white meringue into chocolate batter.
6. Pour the entire chocolate batter INTO THE REMAINING EGG WHITE MERINGUE and fold till well mixed.
7. Pour batter into a 6 inch cake pan lined with baking paper (at the bottom only).
8. Bake in water bath at preheated oven of 175C for 35-40mins. Skewer come out a bit wet is ok, do not need to bake until skewer come out clean, that will be over baked liao.
9. Cool the cake on the rack and remove the cake from cake pan.
10. Chill the cake as the cake will be difficult to slice b4 chill, and it tastes as yummy when chill.

Tips :

1. I baked my cake on the second lowest rack which is the middle of the oven
2. As Victoria mentioned that her cake top cracked  after baked for 35 mins although it was still wet in the middle. So from the beginning, I off the top heat element and on it at last 15 mins bake.

Like what Victoria said, this cake is super duper yummy! When eating, it reminds me of Royce chocolate, which is my favourite lol. This cake is rich, creamy, chocolaty, dense but cottony light that almost melt in your mouth. It is super addictive that you will keep wanting to eat, you must give it a try if you are chocolate lover but do use a premium chocolate. A super duper keeper!


  1. i thought i heard someone knocking on my door ^^ and i heard your shout out... thanks so much for linking back... i love how you describe it as Royce chocolate. why didn't i think of that! indeed it is. love your smooth looking cake

  2. Morning Jess, The choc pudding cake looks so yummy! I'm going to try this soon.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hi Jess,
    This chocolate pudding cake from the look is already very yum yum!
    You highly recommend it again. Oh! I can't wait to try this.
    Can I have a piece from you first :p

  4. Jess, the texture looks like cottonsoft Japanese cheesecake. So yummy and melt in your mouth. I want!

  5. Omg!!! The chocolate pudding cake looks so awesome!! Bookmarked!!!! I bet it taste just as good as it look :) can't wait to try the recipe.

  6. Hi Jess..this chocolate cake looks very rich and creamy. Have bookmarked and will try soon. My sister is a chocolate lover too and am sure she will like it.

  7. 哇。。。yummy,视觉上都那么棒了,味道肯定超标的哦。嘻嘻~~

  8. I find anything with the meringue base,with steam bath or water bath creates super dense cake, this definitely yummy...agree agree, women like us definitely fall in love.

  9. Hi Jessie,

    I'm admiring the super moist texture of this cake... Yum!



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