Monday, November 17, 2014

Mickey Mouse Cake - Chocolate Sponge Cake

see how lousy my frosting skill is lol.


I am down with flu and cough, head is spinning now, so wish I can rest at home but too much works to clear, especially big boss just back from oversea trip so I must be presence at office :(.

I made this Mickey Mouse cake for dear son's birthday celebration at school, as per his requested. Initially he asked for blue angry bird cake, I did a lot of research looking for right design and just a few days before his birthday, he changed his mind and asked for Mickey Mouse cake :(... oh no here gone my effort and I have to start to google again lol. 

Everyone were so impressed when they knew the cake was done by me, dear son's teacher told me even the school cook went to the classroom to admire the cake lol.

I didn't do a good job for the frosting, still need a lot of practising especially the last big birthday cake project was almost a year ago, Dec 2013 for dear daughter's birthday, I made her a barbie doll cake. On top of that, dear son kept disturbing me, he wanna sit on my lap to admire his cake hahahah.... ok lah all are excuses, main reason is because I am lousy at frosting and also I am too too clumsy. Anyway I am happy with the outcome, at least the cake looks quite like Mickey Mouse, and most importantly, dear son loves it to bit :D. 

Dear son likes chocolate cake and I know most kids will appreciate chocolate cake than other flavour. I searched for easy chocolate sponge cake as I need to prepare 3 birthday cakes for dear son. One for school, one for my mum's place and one for home. I remember Karen posted the whole eggs method and has praised about it too. Quickly went through my folders and found it :D.

Chocolate Sponge Cake

Recipe adapted from Karen's kitchen

Ingredients :
4 large eggs at room temperature
120g castor sugar

90g cake flour, sifted
1/4 tsp baking soda, sifted

50g corn oil
17g cocoa powder

40g chocolate milk
Method :

1)Heat up (C), slightly warm, add in cocoa powder and mix well, set aside to cool.

2) Beat (A) in high speed till ribbon stage, batter become thick and able to write word on the batter, turn to low speed to whisk for another 1-2 mins.
3)Add in (B) and fold till mix well.
4. Add a small portion of flour mixture to the warm cocoa mixture and mix well. 
5. Pour the cocoa batter into the egg batter and fold to mix well, pls fold gently not to burst the bubbles.
6. Add in (D) and mix well, pour the batter into the cake pan.
7. Slightly bang the cake pan to release bubbles and bake at pre-heated oven at 170C for 30 mins or until skewer comes out clean.
* can mix milk and oil to heat up then add in cocoa powder to mix well.
* I doubled up the recipe to bake for one 10" and two 5" round cake pan. 10" for mickey mouse's face and 2 5" for mickey mouse's ears.

Chocolate Butter Cream 

Recipe adapted from my Lightning McQueen Car cake

Ingredients :
500g butter (soften)
60g sugar
300g melted chocolate
10 oreo cookies - crushed

Beat butter and icing sugar till light. Then pour in melted chocolate and mix till evenly mixed and pour in crushed oreo cookies.

Whipped Cream 
400g non dairy whipping cream
2 tbsp icing sugar
Whip the colored whipping cream until stiff and use immediately.

Notes : 

* I used non dairy whipping cream cos is much more stable and soften much slower than dairy whipping cream. You will need a lot of times when frosting the cake, the cake and whipped cream need to be in and out fridge very frequently until you completed frosting the whole cake.
* for the Mickey Mouse's chin, I used the left over cakes from trimming to form it.
* for black color, I used Wilton black icing color + charcoal powder, prepare to use a lot a lot until you scare off lol
* for the face color, I used a bit of Wilton brown icing color, mix in the color bit by bit till your desire shade (I used tooth pick to dip the color).
* I asked the teacher to scrape away the whipped cream before serve the cake to the kids, too much coloring that I do not want the kids to consume it.
* I used 16" cake board and 16" cake box, that is the biggest size I can find in phoon huat. This size is just nice for my Mickey Mouse cake, lucky man....


  1. I love to visit your blog.

    Wow...your son is so lucky to have such a talented mum who can bake such a beautiful birthday cake for him. Wishing him a Happy Belated Birthday!


  2. Well done, Jess! It looks like Mickey Mouse so that should be OK liao hah..hah...

    1. ya lor, I was telling myself, the kids won't be able to know the flaw hahaha

  3. Stunning! Did you draw the picture first on the cake before piping the cream?

    1. Hi Angie, yes I used the tooth pick to draw the outline on the cream then pipe the cream within the drawn line :D

  4. 你身体好点了吗?


  5. Everybody must love mickey....Here goes Mickey cake to be eaten. love it.May you recover from your flu and rest plenty dear~

  6. Jess, 你真厉害, 我还不敢做这样的蛋糕, 很辣手吧!

    1. May, you definitely can do better than me, this is not difficult but time consuming so have to be patience. I am impatient person so can see the frosting is very 粗糙, but nevermind lah, the kids won't find out :P

  7. Jess,
    Your little boy must be so happy and proud of his mummy make such a cute and yummy cake.
    Love your Mickey cake to bit!
    Well done!


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