Monday, March 23, 2015

Purple Sweet Potato Hee Pan 紫薯喜粄


It is just like a blink of eyes but I have MIA from blogosphere for a month, not able to pay a visit and drop any comment at my baking buddies' blog even longer period. I miss those days that I can steal sometimes for one of the favouritie hobby which is blog hopping but now, I dun have the leisure any more. I dun even have times for my children except for weekends, which actually what I need most is to rest, my energy always use up during the working days :p.

Anyway I had promised Joceline that I will give her event a support, so even how tire and busy am I, I must keep my promise heeheehee...

I am always a more "westernize" person when come to baking, see most of my bakes are more towards "ang mo" style. Thus, I have no confidence on making kuih, although I am very keen to learn and explore but I would prefer to do more "effortless" recipes for now so I do not need to "squeeze" my brain juice, my brain juice always dry out during weekend after 5 days of maximum squeezing :p.

When I know that hee pan is considered as the Traditional Kuih, I am so happy cos it is a easy recipe for me and I had made a few times before. This time round, I decided to try purple sweet potato version.

Recipe adapted from Cass.

Ingredients :
250g plain flour, sifted
250g glutinous rice flour, sifted
150g castor sugar (I reduced to 135g)
150g purple sweet potato puree
6g instant yeast (or 1 1/2 tsp)
310g water (I replaced 200g water with sprite)
30g sunflower oil
banana leaves (cut, washed and steamed)

Method :
1. Dissolve the instant yeast in 50g sprite, mix well.
2. Mix plain flour, glutinous rice flour, sugar, sweet potato puree, yeast water and knead into dough, add in the balance sprite and water slowly and knead till dough is smooth.
3. Add in oil bit by bit, mix well with the dough. If dough is too sticky, use the plastic spatula to scrape. (I used my KA mixer to do the job)
4. Divide dough into 50g portions (do not need to proof), brush some oil on palm and roll into balls.
5. Place the ball onto the greased banana leaves or parchment paper and flatten it using palm.
6. Let the shaped hee pan proof for 25-30 mins.
7. Use finger to press the hee pan, fermented hee pan will be spongy, once ready can start to boil water in the steamer.
8. Once water is boiled, steam the hee pan for 12 mins at medium low heat. Turn off the fire immediately. 

9. Do not remove the hee pan from the steamer.
10. Open the steamer lid a bit for 5 mins, then remove the lid carefully not to let water drip on the hee pan.
11. Remove the hee pan and cool on the rack.

This purple sweet potato flavor is as yummy as pumpkin and pandan version, and the purple color of the hee pan is so beautiful. Thumbs up!

I'm submitting this post to Best Recipes for Everyone ~ March 2015


  1. 哇!很美,很美。而且又 pom pom 圆圆的。 jin jia sui!

  2. I love the beautiful purple colour in your hee ban, love the texture too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How come my purple hee pan was not as pretty as u guys?

  4. Very beautiful! Did you stamp the 'double happiness' after steaming?

  5. 终于看到你回家了, 嘻嘻。。。
    很美的喜粄, 就是喜欢紫色, 很浪漫!

  6. Jess, agreed that the purple colour is beautiful! Can also see that your hee pan is soft and spongy :) Can also see your teeth mark, leh! hee..hee...

  7. I loves the hee pan you made, all very nice...

  8. Jessie, your hee pan looks yummy! Jia you and we all miss you!

  9. Hi Jess,
    This is indeed a pretty purple color Hee Ban.
    Love the spongy texture. Thumbs Up!

  10. Jess,I miss u so so so much
    Thanks for stealing your time to support Best Recipes
    Ur hee pan look so pretty!

  11. 很喜欢你的喜板圆嘟嘟又pom pom的,再加上浪漫的紫色,太喜欢了。。

  12. Hi Jessie,

    I have not hear from you for a while and reckon you must have been busy...

    These hee pan are so pretty... did you make them for a wedding or something?


    1. Hi Zoe, ya super busy with the new big boss :(...
      actually these hee pan are not for any occasion, just to support Joceline's event heeheehee

  13. 你的喜板太美丽了,圆嘟嘟的,看了我好喜欢哦 :)还有那个印,也是印得很漂亮哦,我就不行,印的乱七八糟的,呵呵。。。
    谢谢你的link ^^

  14. May I know where did you get the 'Double Happiness" imprint?

  15. May I ask how u stamp on the hee pan so clear? Do u use any special stamp or ink. TQ


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