Monday, August 3, 2015

Siew Mai 鲜虾烧卖 LTU #1

before steam which I think look nicer than after steamed lol.

meat version for my FIL

This 烧卖之约was set during our Pattaya trip, when we were shopping and spotted this little green leave shaped plate. A few of the "疯娘子" (dun mind I called that ya heeheehee) which one of them, of course is me lah hahaha...bought on the spot and came out with the idea of using it to shoot and post at the same.

I love to eat dim sum, super love, but if thinking of preparing myself, always 有心无力. Probably also once touches cooking, 1st thing come into my mind is, I sure cannot make it. If not Cass mentioned that siew mai is very easy to make, I think I will 1st to surrender to give up joining this cook and post it together event :p. And yet, I still drag till last min, yesterday morning then got dear husband to drive me to the wet market to buy all the ingredients, and final products only came out at 5pm, just on time to take some photos before dusk lol.

Thanks to all the pretty ladies for coming up with the idea of making siew mai, if not I am sure I will not attempt it. And if I didn't, I will not know that siew mai is really not difficult at all to make. At least, not difficult as I thought of especially the wrapping part.

I am definitely gonna make again, but next time, I will read through the bloggers's tips and info given which I actually skip due to rushing of times that I chose the easy way out.

My FIL is allergic to prawn, thus I made 4 pcs without prawn version for him.

Adapted from Butter, Flour and Me小小米桶, Honey Bee Sweets,  厨苑食谱, Nasi Lemak Lover with modifications

Ingredients : make 15 big pcs
300g minced lean meat
200g prawn, cut into small pieces
5 water chestnut

brown sugar
sesame oil
light soya sauce
fish sauce
chinese wine
pinch of salt
corn flour

siew mai or wanton skin

For Garnishing
prawns, left with 1/3 prawn tail portion, marinate with baking soda for about 15 mins for crunchiness, rinse it before use
carrot, cut into tiny pieces

Method :
1. Mix all the ingredients and seasonings in a bowl.
2. Mix thoroughly until become sticky.
3. Cover with cling wrap and chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
4. Prepare a small bowl of clean water with the siew mai/wanton skins, the prawn tails and the fillings.
5. Dap some water around the rim of the siew mai/wanton skin.
6. Place the siew mai/wantan skin on your palm.
7. Place one table spoon of filling in the centre.
8. At the same time, close your hand as if making a fist, cupping the siew mai with your thumb and index finger.
9. Insert the prawn tail in the center of the filling, use the back of the teaspoon to press down the fillings to have a flatter surface.
10. Give the top rim of the siew mai a gentle squeeze. Top with carrot bits.
11. Brush lightly with a bit of oil around the siew mai.
12. Arrange siew mai in a single layer on the lightly oiled tray.
13. Steam over boiling over for 7-10 mins.
14. Serve hot.

The siew mai/wanton skin is a bit too thick so taste a bit hard, the filling also a bit too hard due to using lean meats, next time must add in some fats. Or is it I had over steamed which I steamed for about 10 mins. Overall, the taste is nice, at least I dun mind having 2nd serving hahaha... As for dear husband, I saw he helped himself for the 3rd serving.


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  1. 除了大伙儿一起上烧卖外,这碟子的出镜率也蛮高的啊!?这也是说好了的吗??O(∩_∩)O哈哈~

  2. I also like dim sum, if ask me to make, I give up...

  3. 嘻嘻,不难做hor,我的也是和你同一天出炉滴。。。

    1. Cass, you are right! now my mind keep thinking of making again hahaha

  4. 嗨!Jess, 终于看你浮面了, 谢谢你忙里偷闲的赶着这批烧卖啊!
    匆忙中还能做出sui sui的烧卖, 而且天都要黑黑了, 照片也能拍到美美, 你超厉害了!
    废话不谈了, 进来饮茶哦。。。嘻嘻

    1. May, you are always welcome and thanks for the encouragement too :D

  5. Yeah! So happy today! Our mission Successfully Completed! Jess, your siu mai look yummy!

    1. Yes, Esther, finally for me, thanks to you too!

  6. The plates very pretty leh! I like your siew mai-got a lot of liew and big and fat like me :D :D

    1. PH, ya I like big big fat fat one, like me too hahaha

  7. It looks really nice, I'm sure that the taste will be good too! ^^

  8. Homemade siew mai must be very fresh and flavoursome.

  9. 哈哈哈。。。我们真的是疯娘子,一款烧卖一个碟子我们都可以讲个不停。

    1. hahahaha.. ya I enjoyed a lot too. and yes, lets encore again, next yr? heehee

  10. Yummy!Yummy!!Can I have a plate?

  11. HI Jess,
    Your shu mai sure look inviting!
    I would love to join you for dim


  12. Hi Jess,

    I'm allergy to fresh prawns too... but this doesn't stop me from admiring your prawn siew mai :D



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