Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tapioca in Coconut Milk 泰式椰奶木薯(Mann Supalang Cheamm) LTU #6

This is my favourite Thai dessert. The coconut milk is too thin and watery that just sip into the tapioca once pour into it, thus not able to see any coconut mil trace on the tapioca.

Recipe adapted 搵到食, original source from The Best Of  Thai Home Cooking

1kg tapioca roots, peeled and cut into 5cm or 2" length, then soaked in water until use
1 liter water 
1-2 knotted pandan leaves
250g sugar

coconut milk

Method :
1.     In a pot, bring water to the boil over medium heat. Add pandan leaves and tapioca pieces, then add 125g sugar. Stir to mix well, then leaves to simmer for 30 minutes.
2.     Add the remaining sugar, then reduce heat to low. Leave to cook until tapioca pieces turn soft and translucent, the remove from the heat and drain well.
3.     Drizzle coconut cream over tapioca pieces and serve immediately.

Notes :
* next time I will increase the water till cover all the tapioca cos 1 liter can only cover 3/4 of the tapioca which I afraid that the tapioca not able to get the sugar coating so I kept scooping out the sugar water to drizzle.
* some of the tapioca turned mushy before end of the cooking time and some still hard. Next time will just scoop out those have turned soft and translucent and continue to cook those not yet.

This is an easy and delicious dessert, although I thought some tapioca are overcooked but everyone said taste perfectly and great. The sweetness of the tapioca is just nice for us except FIL and one of my colleague who think is very sweet. But this is a dessert leh, suppose to be sweet right lol, anyway this recipe is much less sweet comparing to those serving in Thai restaurant or store-bought so if you have sweet tooth, you need to increase the amount of sugar. 


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