Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mango Pudding with Jelly 芒果布丁

I have planned to make so mango dishes, bought quite a few mangoes but this is another busy month for me, so end up, the mangoes almost rotten in the fridge. So no choice I have to forgo some of the mango plan so ended up with this easy pre-mix mango pudding. The top layer was the jelly which compliment so well with the mango pudding, super yummy!

No recipe to be shared, just buy the pre-mix from supermarket and follow the instruction on the packaging.

This post is linked to the event Little Thumbs Up (November 2015 Event: Mango) 


  1. Hi Jess,

    When I read that your mangoes almost rotten in the fridge, I was ai yo!!! Lucky you can still use some to make these puddings!



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