Friday, December 4, 2015

Pandan Butter Cake with Gula Melaka Filling

This post was actually prepared during LTU Coconut theme period but I have no chance to post since the schedule was fully occupied then. However, this is one of the bakes I like a lot, and received a lot of compliments even with the not successful topping :p.

As usual I am busy with work, there is some re-shuffling again and I will be even more busy :(. However I have some bakes (hope will have more) for Christmas which I will be sharing soon.

Back to this cake, after seeing Irene's Gula Melaka Pandan Cake, I so keen to try. However, I think I over fried the grated coconut that became a bit dry so when assembly the cake and the coconut fillings, both cannot stick together, I can only filled with one layer of coconut fillings. During assembling, the whole table was so messy, even the floor as the coconut fillings dropped everywhere, think my helper must be thinking is a nightmare to clean up hahaha....

As I was craving for Mrs Ngsk's butter cake, I decided to modify it.

Recipe adapted from  最爱的...  for the coconut fillings and here for the cake.

Ingredients : for 8"x 3" x 3.5"
For Cake :
115g salted hard butter
100g eggs, no shell (2 large eggs)
25g + 30g sugar
90g self raising flour, sifted 
10g coconut cream powder
15g coconut milk
20g homemade pandan extract


Method :
1. Preheat oven at 180C. Line the base and grease the sides (greasing helps the cake’s sides to rise)
2. Separate the eggs, and place the whites into a medium sized bowl. Beat egg whites until soft peaks, gradually add 25g sugar and and beat until stiff. Set aside.
3. Cream butter and 30g sugar until pale and fluffy. Put in egg yolks one by one and beat well after each addition.
4. Put in half the flour and mix on low speed until incorporated. Put in pandan extract + coconut milk in 2 additions and mix until well incorporated. Mix in balance of flour.
5. Put half the egg whites in and mix on low speed. Pour the balance of egg whites in and FOLD.
6. Pour batter into pan and level. Bake for about 25 to 30 mins or skewer come out clean.
7. Cool the cake at wire rack.

For Topping :
400g grated coconut
200g gula melaka

Method :
1. cook the gula melaka till melt then add in grated coconut and fry till well mix then dish out, set aside to cool.

Assembly : 
Slice the cake into half horizontally, and sandwich the coconut filling in between the sliced cakes, press to flatten.

Although my cake don't look pretty but the taste is heavenly. Pandan, guala melaka and coconuts are really perfect match, love the combination. With the coconut fillings really enhance the favor further, dear husband even my picky colleagues, raved about it. This cake is definitely worth a try but I will do some improvement on the topping part. 


  1. 我也很爱这样的组合,超好吃!

  2. I love the beautiful green colour and with that amount of coconut, I have no doubt at all that this would be a hit in our house too.


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