Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Snowman Steamed Milk Mantou 雪人牛奶馒头

Have fun making these cute snowman mantou :D.

Ingredients (yield 940g dough)
500g plain flour
130g caster sugar (can reduce 10-15g if you have no sweet tooth)
4g or 1 tsp instant dry yeast
15g organic coconut oil or any vegetable oil
300g milk

Method :
1.   Mix all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and knead till well combine.
2.   Knead till become a soft and smooth dough, and do not stick to the mixing bowl. Proceed with first proofing for about 50 mins or double of the original size
3.   After proofing, punch dough down the dough and divide into equal portions. Shape into balls and place onto baking papers. Or shape to the desire patterns.
4.   Proof for another 30 mins or till 1.5 times of the original size
5.   Turn on fire to high heat and steam buns / mantou for 20 mins
6.   After steaming, turn off fire. Do not open the lid immediately. Lift the lid up very slightly and keep it ajar for 5 mins before removing steamed buns/ mantou.
7.   Cool buns / mantou.

Notes :
·      Use Kitchenaid mixer beat the dough about 15 mins, using 2-4 speed, occasionally speed 6
·      The dough is sticky and soft.
·      Proofing time is for reference only and should be adjusted according to room temperature
·      Take note of the water, dun let it dry
·      Steamed buns / mantou are soft and sweet, chewy kind of texture.

To make snowman :
40g body
15g head

50g red color – 2  tsp red yeast color + red coloring
30g green – 2 tsp green tea powder
20g brown – 2tsp cocoa powder

Notes :
·      Not sure why the snowmans cannot secure and sit still, probably too fat.

·      Do not need to proof again, can steam immediately after shaping as it take quite a bit of times to do the shaping. 
·      accidentally knocked the steaming tray and unaware of it, thus the snowmen came out in funny positions.

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  1. hi...the ingredients dry yeast..this one can skip? or can replace to other ingredient? From mimi

    1. cannot skip the yeast and I am not sure what else can be substitute with, sorry.

    2. Thank you for replied.finally i get my dry instant yeast...what is red yeast colour? Not same as the instant dry yeast? The eyes and the nose just stick it like tat?

    3. The mantau can keep till next day? Need put fridge?

    4. red yeast and yeast is different. I used red yeast to get the red color, you can use coloring.
      And yes, the mantou need to put in the fridge if you cannot finish within a day.

  2. So festive and too adorable!!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Such cute and adorable snowman mantou! That's very creative of you!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. you made me smile when you said that your snowmen cant sit due to overweight..hehe..kudos to you for making something so christmas-ty using mantou recipe!

  5. Hi Jess,

    Your mantou snowman are cute! Must be fun making these for your Christmas celebration :)



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