Thursday, May 5, 2016

Gula Melaka Butter Cake 椰糖牛油蛋糕 - Bake Along Final Post : Bundt Cake

When I was informed by Irene that the event of  Baking Along - Bundt Cake organise by Zoe of Baking for Happy Kids will be the final theme, and invited us to join in the post-it-together. Without hesitation, I immediately agreed to join in.

I am so unlucky or if positive side, so lucky cos my oven dead after baking this cake lol, if not I will not be able to join in this event.

Baking this bundt cake gave me obstacles too. Initially I wanna bake a passion fruit bundt cake, however the passion fruits that I bought are not ripe enough so I have to forgo the idea. So I changed to orange bundt cake using this recipe, I only realised the orange has not much of liquid after I blend it and I dun have any spare orange at home (which is unusual cos my MIL normally will stock up a lot of oranges) so that's it. Finally, I decided to bake a gula melaka cake since my colleagues just hinted me they want a gula melaka cake as recently they ate a very nice cream cake that I will post it up soon.

Recipe adapted here.

Ingredients :
250g butter
200g gula melaka aka palm sugar
100ml coconut milk
40g brown sugar
5 eggs (my eggs are small)
200g top flour
20g coconut powder
5g baking powder
1/8 tsp baking soda
adequate shredded coconut 

Method :
1. Cook coconut milk and gula melaka until melt, set aside.
2. Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
3. Add in eggs, one at each time, beat thoroughly after each addition.
4. Fold in sifted flour, baking powder and baking soda, alternate with melted gula melaka, well mixed.
5. Sprinkle dessicated coconut on the baking pan.
6. Pour the batter into the cake pan.
8. Bake in pre-heated oven at 170C for about 35-40 mins or until the skewer come out clean.

This cake is moist and soft, full of coconut fragrant, yummy.


  1. layover copy the recipe.. :D
    tq for sharing...

  2. A rich and very delicious bundt cake!

  3. Hi Jess,

    Thank you thank you so much for supporting our bake-along for all these years! If you ask me, I would prefer baking this gula melaka bundt cake rather than the orange or passionfruit ones as this combination is rather special! :D


  4. hi jess, as far as bake along is concerned, we are lucky that have you sharing with us this delicious sound bundt cake. Thank you very much for supporting bake along all these years.

  5. Hi Jess,'
    Your bundt cake looks lovely! I have never made one with gula melaka before. Thank you for baking along with us and for the support during the past five years!

  6. Hi Jess, where can I buy coconut powder? Can I replace it with something else?

  7. Hi Jess, do you have any cake or muffin recipes which you would use Coconut Oil?

    1. Hi Felicia, I love using coconut oil for my pandan chiffon. You can use the coconut oil to replace any oil that use in any recipes as I see some bloggers doing that.


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