Thursday, May 14, 2020

Black Sesame Rice Flour Chiffon Cupcakes



I always wanted to bake a black sesame cake, I ever baked one black sesame cheesecake as give-away, I didn't have chance to shoot the pix and taste the cake. Thus, I decided to try this variety in my favourite rice flour chiffon cake recipe.

For Cake  

Ingredients : for 18-20 chiffon cupcakes cases base about 5-6cm
5 egg yolks

10g caster sugar
40g corn or sunflower oil  
1/8 tsp salt
70g milk
30g cake flour
15g black sesame powder
15g pine nut walnut powder
30g rice flour 

5 egg whites
45g caster sugar
1 tsp lemon juice or vinegar (I only used 1/4 to 1/2)

Method :
1. Sift cake flour and rice flour twice.
2. Mix egg yolks and sugar in a bowl, whisk till sugar has dissolved.
3. Add in oil, salt, ribena, mixed berries yogurt and mix well.
4. Sift in flour mixture, black sesame powder, pine nut walnut powder and whisk well.
5.In another bowl, beat the egg whites and lemon juice/vinegar till frothy. Add in sugar gradually and beat until approaching stiff peaks (meringue stand straight with a little curve at the tip) or till stiff peaks (this stage is a bit difficult to fold with egg yolk mixture). 
6. Use whisk to loosen the egg yolk batter a bit, then take 1/3 of meringue and use a hand whisk to mix well with egg yolk batter.
7. Fold in 1/2 of meringue and use a silicone spatula, gently fold with egg yolk batter till slightly combined. Fold in the balance meringue and gently fold till well combined.
8. Pour the batter from a considerable height into cupcake cases, lightly shake it left and right to level the cake, then gently bang the cupcakes on the table top to release air bubbles. 
9. Bake at pre-heated oven at 160C at center rack for 20-25 mins.
10. Knock the cupcake on table top once and set aside to cool completely.

For Vanilla Custard Cream Filling

Ingredients  :
150g dairy whipping cream
3 tsp custard powder 
1 tsp homemade vanilla extract
2 tbsp icing sugar

* this amount of cream is just nice with little left over as my cupcakes are full of cream. 

Method :
1. Whisk whipping cream, vanilla extract, custard powder and icing sugar till peak form (not too stiff) under a bowl of ice water. Pls ensure not to over beat the cream.
2. Chill the vanilla custard cream in the fridge for at least 15 mins to let it set a bit. I put in the freezer to fasten the process.

Assemble :  
1. Insert the long narrow pipping tip into the center of the cupcakes and squeeze the whipped cream in (I like the generous of cream so I just press as much as I can, until the cake fluff up lol).
2. Sprinkle with snow sugar and garnish with fruits if desire.

3. Serve cold!

The cupcakes full of nuts fragrance but when tasted, a bit like sandy texture. This is not the flavour that will be like by many, ny friend said is tasted funny 怪怪的lol. However, when eating with the cream, the texture of the cake plus the ice cream alike cream can cover the funny texture heeheehee....

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