Monday, January 11, 2010

Beginning of Blogging Journey

I always like to bake since school days. I enjoyed and looked forward for every home economics class. Even though I have no oven at home then, I was still able to bake cookies and small little cupcakes by using the oven toaster.

I stopped baking many many years ago due to my hectic and busy working life which basically I stayed in the office from morning till midnight everyday except weekends for many years. And of course after stopped baking for long period, the interest and enthusiasm just die off.

I picked up baking again 1/2 year ago, the interested was triggered by my friend E. She suddenly has interest in baking and bought a lot of baking stuff, not sure was it due to she has moved in to her new house that comes with a very nice see through kitchen with built-in oven and big long working desk. Her baking really made my hand felt itchy and I started to think that I should go into baking as well. Especially since my daughter enjoyed the making of waffles and pancakes from her school, it will be fun if we can bake together and this will be a good bonding time for us (imagining the happy and warming moment). Well, I was wrong! I kept pulling my hair because she only likes those messy and dangerous tasks e.g. sift flour, frosting the cake, cracking eggs, fold the batter, whisking using electrical mixer etc. She made me even more busy and frustrated that I decided I should wait for another year before getting her to involve again. And of course, she has lost her interest as well although sometimes she will still come in to the kitchen and offer helps.

Well, I still glad that I started to bake again as for so far, I still enjoy baking especially when receiving positive comments and praising hee hee hee.

My dear hubby and friends have been encouraging me to set up a blog to post all my baking but I am hesitating because I am not good in writing and neither good at taking pictures. And blogging might be taking up a lot of my times which I am not a hardworking person. However, I am keen to keep a record on my baking so finally, Bakericious is born.

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