Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 -Tier Princes Castle Birthday Cake

I have promised to bake a Princess Birthday Cake for my daughter to celebrate her birthday in her school. Initially I was thinking of baking a strawberry sponge cake since she likes pink and decorated by using the edible icing image printed with Disney Princess picture. I changed my mind after my friend B had offered to lend me the princess castle cake decoration kit that she had bought from ebay for her daughter’s birthday, so kind of her.

This cake was a nightmare for me, it took me more than almost 20+ hrs to complete. I started the baking on Sun morning 10am+ and finished the decorated on Mon morning 6am+, I didn’t sleep the entire night :(

I met a lot of obstacles when baking this cake such as need to re-bake the cakes due to cake deflated and changed to another recipe last min, the lower tier cake didn’t raise as what I have expected so the cake is not tall enough to hide the the tab of the castle tunnel, insufficient of whipping cream that I am not able to layer the cakes to increase the height, pink chocolate ganache cannot be harden at all, it was so watery that I was not able to frost the cake, running out of pink chocolate to make additional ganache to cover the flaw of the cakes, the cake has to be in and out the fridge for many many many times after each coasting of the thin pink chocolate ganache, didn’t expect the difficulty of stacking the 2 cakes together after frosting (I need another person to help but it was after midnight so I was alone struggling) and many many others that I can’t recall right now.

All these hiccups had made me so discouraging that I almost give up this cake. I had to bite my teeth, swallow my tears to carry on as I cannot afford to let my daughter go to school without a birthday cake as I have made all the arrangement with school, I can’t bear to see her disappointed face as well. And worst, I do not have any back up plan (I was really too confidence on myself that I didn’t think there will be any hiccup or failure), I cannot buy another cake at store because it was after midnight and the cake need to be in school by 8am.

Anyway I was so glad that I finally made it and the teachers were so impressed with the cake, they cannot believe that I made it myself .Well, all these praising and compliments make me carry on with my baking. :)


  1. Very nice cake. Where did you get the castle? Thank you!

    1. Hi my friend lend it to me, she ordered from Amazon.


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