Thursday, January 14, 2010

Steam Glutinous Rice

This was the 2nd time I cooked this dish, 1st time was cooked at home and the feedback was so good that I decided to cook for my mother at her place. I cooked 500g glutinous rice during 1st time and finished up by 4 adults and 1 child and left a portion for my dear husband’s breakfast. At my mother’s place, I cooked nearly 1.3kg and finished up by 9 adults and 1 child.

Recipe from Held by love, Baked from scatch but I doubled the ingredients.

Ingredients: (for 5-6 pax)
2 tbsp chopped garlic
5 shallots (sliced)
100g dried shrimps (washed) - I soaked for 1 hrs + to soften the dried shrimps a bit
500g Glutinous Rice (soaked overnight) I only soaked for about 10 hrs for 1st time cooking, rice not sticky and a bit chewy, 2nd time cooked soaked overnite for 19 hrs, the rice was soft, very sticky and chewy. Rice texture different depends on the duration of soaking too but both taste yummy
8 pcs preserved Chinese mushrooms (washed and soak overnight to soften, discard stems and sliced) - I just soaked for 2-3 hrs
2 chinese sausage (sliced) (original recipe used 2 of either chinese or taiwan sausage but I increased to more of each since my husband like more "liao")
2 taiwan sausage (sliced) (original recipe used 2 of either chinese or taiwan sausage but I increased to more of each since my husband like more "liao")
350g meat of your choice (original recipe used 100g but I increased to more since my husband like more "liao")
1 cup water (original recipe used the water which soaked the mushrooms with but I used plain water because my helper poured away the mushroom water)

2 tbsp Dark Soya sauce
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 tbsp Dark Sweet Sauce
2 tbsp Sesame oil
1 tbsp Chinese Rice Wine
2 tbsp chinese cooking wine
some pepper (I did not add pepper during 1st cooking because original recipe did’nt call for it but I added during 2nd cooking and personally I think taste better with pepper because I like the peppery taste)

Toasted peanuts, spring onions (chopped), red chili (sliced) - I omitted toasted peanuts and chilli

1. Wash and drained the soaked glutinous rice.
2. Heat up a wok, add in oil, followed by garlic and shallots. Fry for about 2minutes till fragrant.
3. Add in dried shrimps, fry for another 3minutes till nicely golden brown.
4. Add in the meat, sausage and mushroom.
5. Add in Seasoning, followed by rice. Mix.
6. lastly, add in water, Mix and remove wok from the flame.
7. Scoop rice mix into a dish for steaming.
8. Steam over high heat for 20-30 mins, depending on how u prefer your rice, (soft or chewy) (I steamed for about 40 mins)
9. Garnish and serve.

Everyone said the rice was very delicious, my husband likes it very much. My brother commented that the “liao” too much where my husband said was just nice.

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