Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pandan Kaya Butter cake

My intention was to bake a pandan chiffon cake but I was so careless that accidentally broke the yolk into egg whites. The situation cannot be salvaged like my previous chiffon cake cos the yolk was broke and merged with the whites.

For a moment, I didn't know what should I do. Should I use new eggs to carry on with my original plan of baking chiffon cake or should I change my plan to bake other cake that uses whole eggs instead. I decided to use up the eggs cos I am flying off the next 2 days so better dun leave the cracked eggs behind.

I remember that I had bookmarked Aunty Yochana's pandan kaya butter cake before and also saw this cake at Honey Bee Sweet and A Table for 2 or more, both of them gave good comments on this cake so I have no hestitation to try this recipe.

According to Aunty Yochana, put in some flour if the batter is cuddles after mix in the coconut milk. However my batter cuddled a bit when mixed in the 6th egg, not sure is it cos I mixed it for too long cos I was doing other task while letting the mixer whisked the batter. The batter even got more cuddled when I pour in the coconut milk which I had no choice to alternate mixing in the flour and coconut milk. I left some flour to mix in after the milk, actually I was a bit regret to pour in milk cos the batter cuddled again and I left only a bit of flour. Luckily the batter was back to normal after I mixed in the remaining little flour.

You can see there is darker shade of green appeared near the bottom of the cake, I think I have overfolded the batter but cake texture is still taste great.

I am not sure is it I didn't mix well the kaya but I did taste the strong and sweet kaya during some bites, it tasted great that I am thinking I should put more kaya if I am baking again.

Actually the batter is sufficient for 9" cake tin cos when I used 7" cake tin stated as per Aunty Yochana's recipe, the batter still left a lot after I filled up 80% of the cake tin.

Recipe adapted from Aunty Yochana.

Ingredients : for 7" cake tin and 8 cupcakes
250g butter
200g sugar (I reduced to 180g)
1 tbsp kaya
6 eggs
300g cake flour (I mixed with superfine flour since insufficient of cake flour)
1 tsp baking powder
200g coconut milk (I increased to 240g as I wanna finish the whole packet)
1/4 tsp salt
3 tbsp milk powder (I supplement with low fat fresh milk since dun ve milk powder)
1 tsp pandan paste
a few drop of green colouring

Method :
1.Cream butter and sugar till creamy. Add in Kaya.
2. Add in egg one at a time and make sure it's properly mixed before adding in another egg.
3. Mix well pandan paste, green coloring with coconut milk and pour with salt slowly in the batter. If it cuddles, put in some flour.
4. Sieve cake flour & baking powder and fold into the batter alternate with milk, start and end with flour.
5. Pour the batter into cake tin and bake at 175C for about 60 mins. (I baked at at 155C since my oven temperature is hotter, 20 mins for cupcakes and cake tin took 1.5 hr, next time I will increase the temperature to shorten the baking time.)

I never regret of baking this cake, never ever. The cake is full of the fragrant of pandan & coconut, I can't help keep smelling the cake :P. The cake is soft and moist, once u eat a slice, u can't help thinking of another serving. I especially love those bites with the texture and taste of sweet kaya, super yummy. My family likes the cake a lot, all given thumbs up. This is definately a keeper. For those who are pandan & coconut lover, try this cake and I bet you will love it just like me. My dear husband who is not fancy on cake, he ate a few slices.


  1. pure coincidence cos i baked Pandan Chiffon cake over the weekend too... yours looks yummy too.

  2. This cake is very lovely right???
    But I didn't bother to put in kaya, cos it's only 1 Tbsp, lazy to buy some purposely for this.
    I read from somewhere the line is the butter and sugar. I had that too, when I did this cake the 2nd time. Maybe you didn't scrap the bowl properly after the first few eggs and half way through folding the flour.

    I think if you don't have dry milk powder, don't subtitute with liquid milk, cos liquid can't be subtituted with solids. It'll make the batter more "watery". You can maybe try to use condensed milk and cut down on the sugar, as condensed milk is much thicker and contain much much lesser water than liquid milk. Or if not,just skip it, if the amount is not really subtantial.

  3. I baked this cake before, I overfolded it as well due to difficulty handling the flour into the batter. Yours look goods.

    If I want to bake cake with separated eggs, I usually will split the egg yolk from the egg white using a small bowl then transfer it to big bowl. In this way, you only waste an egg rather than spoilt the whole bowl of egg whites.

  4. The cake looks very moist and delightful with the pandan.

  5. Yes Yan, the cake is very yummy.

  6. Hi Wendy, I didnt buy the kaya cos I found 1 bottle in the fridge tat bot by my mil :P. If I dun ve kaya, I think I wil omit as well.

    Ya probably I didnt well mix the batter cos I am bad at folding, if I mix well the chances of overfolding is high :(. I just baked again on Sat and this round even worst cos more dark shaded area cos I overfolded the batter, this time I know well cos I took longer time to mix well the lumps.

    I subsituted the milk powder with milk according to Aunty Yochana but I wil definately omit it for my next baking to see any diff. Thanks for the advise.

  7. Hi DG, I actually baked again last Sat and result was worst than my 1st baking cos of ovefolding, same experience as urs.

    I wil use your egg sep method in future, thanks.

  8. Hi Angie, the cake is yummy, do try it if u like pandan flavour :).

  9. Jess, Thanks for sharing, since you strongly recommend this cake, ok, bookmark this, will try soon.

  10. Hi Sonia, do try it and update me ur comments :)

  11. Jess, according Beranbaum's troubleshooting on making butter cakes, the denser & darker shade/line at the bottom can be due to either cold butter or insufficient mixing. Not overmixing, eh? Maybe you can figure this out again and let us know of your opinion ...

    Well, when I accidentally have the egg whites "polluted" by yolks, I'll crack more eggs again ... Hahaha! Then, I bake/cook one more thing with the yolk(s), whatever that may be ... Sound so 敗家女, right? Hahaha!

    Nowadays, when I make anything pandan/pandan + coconut/ pandan + durian, I have to add a bit of pandan paste to the batter/dough for that green effect; otherwise, I'd feel it's just not pandan ... No feel whatsoever ... So bad ... Haha!

  12. Hi Pei Lin, oh I thot the darker shade/line was caused by overmixing cos tat was according to Aunty Yochana when she replied to one of the comment. Definately not due to cold butter as I always ensure my butter to be soften. I am not sure is it due to under mixing for the 1st time baking cos I remember I dun take long time to fold the batter. When I just baked this cake again and this time, I knew I had overmixed even b4 sending the batter to the oven cos I stil can see quite a lot of lumpy flour in the batter when used spatula to fold so I had to give up and used mixer instead :(. The result out was with even more dark shaded, if not 40% then wil b definately 30% of the cake. And the cake was more compact too....

    Yes I will be like u and was like u, cracked more eggs again but cos previously when I did tat and put the "polluted" eggs in the fridge, got my helper to inform my mil but she didnt use those eggs n ended up in dustbin after a few days. And I was flying off soon after the baking so I cant ensure the eggs will be used up.

    me too, I even will add green coloring cos I dun like my cake to b pale in color :P

  13. WOW! Looks moist and yummy. The color green is beautiful too!

  14. Hi tigerfish, yes the smell is superb, I seldom smell the cake like dogs :P.

  15. Ann, indeed it is and I like the color too.

  16. both the cupcakes and chiffon cake looks moist and delicious :)

  17. Sometimes, I did the same thing too! No worries, just scoop them up & throw it to the egg yolks mixture. It doesn't bother even there's just one less egg white in the other side of the whisking. Can still be doing well! Well, except that's a spoilt egg then I can't do anything! haha... You have a great weekend, dear! Btw, your cakes still look fantastic.
    Cheers, Kristy

  18. Thanks Kristy for the tips, I wil do it if next time kena again. And also thanks for the compliments. Have a nice wkend too :).

  19. Hi pigpigcorner, yes the cake is moist :).

  20. Thanks Jess for sharing this wonderful recipe..."thumbs up"..it tasted gr8..love it but i will reduce the sugar to 160g nxt time cos i find abit sweet after reduced the sugar to 180g n i used fresh pandan juice+coconut milk..delicious!!

  21. Hi Anonymous, thank you for trying out the recipe and glad to hear you like the cake.

  22. Hi jess
    Haha i am the lor so lady again!
    When u said add in kaya do i continue to whisk it?
    Also u mention add in salt slowly... I dnt get it do i add salt in pandan mix then to batter or add salt to batter separately from pandan mix?
    Also i hv kara coconut CREAM is that the same as milk or i need to dilute?

  23. Hi Xris

    What I did was I added in kaya and do nothing, mix it together when add in the egg.
    I mixed well the pandan paste, green coloring and coconut milk in a cup then pour in mixed with the batter then I added the salt slowly and mix well again.
    Kara coconut cream should be coconut milk instead of milk, do not need to dilute.

  24. Hello. This looks lovely but did you know you have a funny typo? Batter does not 'cuddle', it 'curdles'. Cuddles are better with little children, kittens, puppies and teddy bears.


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