Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am very suaku (country bumpkin), I don't remember I ever eat brioche before. I did seeing brioche served in the breakfast buffet spread in the hotel that I was staying during oversea trips but never cross my mind to pick up one and try.

When I started to curious about the taste of brioche after seeing a few bloggers blog about it, I had no luck to find it in the breakfast buffet during my previous trips . So since I can't manage to get "free" brioche to taste it and happened to see this recipe from a cook book and it sound not difficult to prepare so I went ahead to bake it.

Recipe adapted from A Step by Step guide to homemade dessert by Mary Lau. I made in a loaf, too lazy to shape into individual bun :P.

Ingredients :
300g plain flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp instant dried yeast
3 tbsp granulated sugar (I reduced to 2 tbsp)
6g milk powder
3 eggs (about 160g)
90g milk
100g unsalted butter
2 tsp lemon zest (I omit)
1 tbsp rum

Method :
1. Mix plain flour and salt in the mixing bowl.
2. Add instant dried yeast, sugar and milk powder.
3. Slowly pour in the beaten egg and milk into the flour.
4. Knead into soft dough.
5. Add soften butter, lemon zest and rum.
6. [First rise] Put the dough in an oiled large bowl and cover with oiled cling film. Let it raise for 30 mins until double in size.
7. [Second rise] Re-knead the dough and second rise for 30 mins.
8. [Final rise and bake] Grease the baking tin twice.
9. Shape the dough and put into the prepared baking tin and let it final raise for 15 mins.
10. Egg wash the bread and bake in pre-heated 180 degree oven for 30 mins

This brioche tasted tender, a bit chewy and crumby. It tasted totally bland without spread of jam, butter, peanut butter etc. Even with the generously spreading of peanut butter and butter, I personally still prefer soft white loaf. However it tasted so much better if I toasted it with butter and eat it while still hot.


  1. Wow 3 eggs in this recipe.
    I does seem crumbly too me, as u said.
    Maybe you can try another recipe.
    Brioche taste very bread like to me, just that it's richer.

  2. Yes I agree. The brioche has a beautiful sounding name but at the end I also prefer the plain bread. Some recipes you just have to try once in a lifetime and say that you have tried them and been to the world of brioche!

  3. Jess, you do know traditionally, brioche take its own shape/form hor? We need special brioche molds to achieve that. Would you mind telling me how do the brioches in the said book look like?

    I remember when I first saw brioche in the form of a loaf, I went dumbstruck. Haha!

    Yours look good with butter and honey, though, it's already rich enough on its own I suppose. =)

    Got my email lar?

  4. jess your brioche looks so soft how i wish i could taste it now did i mention that i am a bread fan? i can go around sg searching for bakeries and tasting their bread haha but when i comes to baking them i get downright lazy good job jess =D

  5. Your brioche looks yummy!
    I personally like the plain old bread better too. Haha.
    I had a really rich brioche once, it's almost like cake...wouldn't know it was a brioche if it wasn't for the label.

  6. I'm not a big fan of brioche but I might change my mind after looking at your pictures ;D

  7. Oh well, you finally made one! haha.. Really beautiful. Frankly, this is the only type of brioche I don't like. Because less egg more flour and the texture became crumby. But if you reduce the flour and add in one more egg and plus some extra flavouring. Your brioche will become famous within a day. ^_^ Different ingredients give you different result and it may surprise you instantly. Be honest, we should be thankful to the person who share the recipes. Sometimes, different people different taste. It's all depend on your own creation to make it a different thing... something that you like! Hope you will find the type of brioche you like someday. ^_^ And welcome to the world of baking! haha.... Enjoy your journey.
    Blessings, Kristy

  8. Hi Jess,

    U are not the only one.

    Ur broiche makes me feel like tasting it. Anyway, I am a bread person so I am sure I will like it.

  9. I am as suaku, or rather I think I'm way more suaku than you ;) I haven't eaten any brioche before, and this is the first time I have seen it in the form of a loaf. Just like Pei Lin mentioned, the brioche I come across from books look like spiral buns made in special moulds. Brioche is very rich, so I couldn't make myself to bake any...and I imagined that it probably taste like a firm croissant??

  10. I've not try making my own brioche before. Yours look very nicely baked and flavorful! Will look for a chance to try out brioche recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Special loaf shape brioche! I remember I made brioche before in US, but didn't attempt it again when we relocated. I believe it is bread like texture, but rich in eggs. I even got the brioche bread mould.... crazy me. But good attempt, still looks yummy to me! Some jam and butter plus kopi, it's a power breakfast!

  12. country bumpkin-LOL!! Well, it looks delicious...and imagine I wouldn't mind spreading a little something tasty over the top in order to taste it! YUM =)

  13. Wendy, yes 3 eggs, I hesitated for sometimes before decided to go ahead :P. Ya I will try another recipe next time, probably is my prob not the recipe. This brioche taste like bread but I expected to be more buttery :p.

    Jelena, probably is my issue, I am going to try another recipe and see how it will turn out.

  14. Pei Lin, the brioches in the book looked like those brioches should be, in cupcake size with a knob on top... I dun have the molds and I saw brioches loaf in internet so I reckon should be ok lor :P. Yes my brioche looks better than the taste, too bland for me if without any spread.

    I got your greeting email, replied you leh, you received?

  15. Thanks Jess but my brioche not soft leh.... I love bread too, my favourite is raisin cream cheese bun from barcook bakery, I miss it so much.

    Jet, my broiche dun taste like cake, like bread but very bland.

    Thanks Anncoo, not sure is it my taste bud but this broiche looks better than taste to me :p.

  16. Wow, Jess, this looks amazing.
    Can I trade some of my 'deceiving' double choc chip muffins for some of your brioche??

  17. Kristy, actually I wanna make the one in your blog but I saw the steps like a bit mafan, lazy me chose the simple one heeheehee... Yes, I agreed with you taste is very individually, this might taste bland to me but tasty to others :).

    Thanks Angel :).

    HHB, no leh this recipe dun taste like firm croissant, it tasted like firm, chewy bread, quite hard to describe :P.

  18. Good attempt! I also didn't pay much attention to Brioche but then have been seeing much posts of this from other blogs. Since you said that the taste is quite bland, just like some other bread, except for a name change, then think I'll skip this!

  19. Thanks Grace but this recipe tasted quite bland.

    Bee Bee, yes is bread like texture but more chewy, not the usual soft fluffy bread that we eat. Wow you got the mold, then should make use of it to bake some nice broiche and let me try hahaha....

    Thanks girlchef :).

  20. Cheah, I am not sure is it the recipe or my taste bud. I do see very delicious look brioches in other blog too.

    Thanks Nel, I am happy to trade with you heeheehee..

  21. Jess, could I borrow two, maybe three pieces of brioche to make some French toast? :-)) They look delish!

  22. yeah!!!keep the recipe,thanks for sharing:)

  23. jess,looks so good and yummy,is perfect near a cup of tea!

  24. Kudos to you for the successful attempt!
    I don't mind cakes or pastry but bread kinds are not on my list though I do make them when in the mood!

  25. Broiche is one those things that I've always meant to make and never got around to. Yours looks particularly delicious - great job on the golden color and airiness.

  26. I enjoy Brioche with black coffee in the morning. I buy my Brioche from the grocery stores though.

  27. wow would love a slice of this great job

  28. i absolutely love brioche. it's light and buttery. yum!

  29. Hi Jess

    I have tried your recipe for the Moist Banana Cake & it turned out so moist and soft. Members of my family love it so much. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us.

  30. for me, it look like a banana cake, hehehe..ya, I dont think my kids will like this too, they prefer soft sweet buns.

  31. brioche is a type of loaf? Oh I am more suaku... hahaha...

  32. I agree with you Jess, it taste abit bland for us because traditionally they serve it with very very pure and fragrant butter so they need something very bland to enhance the taste. :) Looks very good and delicious dear!! Can I have some? Hehehe..

  33. I'd make this into a loaf, too! I love the Oreo cheesecake from earlier this week.

  34. It is a beautiful loaf...too bad it didn't have more flavor. Great photo!

  35. Looks perfect. Brioche is a hard bread to make and it seems you got it! It should be eaten with breakfast or witiha lovley slice of Foie Gras! Yumm!

  36. I would love to have a slice of this. You did a very nice job. If you still have a slice or two use it to make French toast. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  37. your brioche looks gorgeous! I have neve made brioche before...I have seen the individual ones, but never in a loaf looks like it came out great, and it definitely works for me!
    Thanks for sharing !!

  38. I don't think i ever tried brioche before also...

  39. it actually looks like cake than bread in the first pic. they're richer type of bread cause they contain more butter and eggs in it.

  40. Thanks Angie. It is such a waste that I forgot to spare some for french toast :(.

    鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝, you like this? It looks nice but taste bland to eat by itself leh.

    Thanks Alison.

  41. Thanks Busygran, this recipe doesnt require much kneading like bread.

    Thanks Indie.

    Tigerfish, make it yourself next time, is not difficult at all.

  42. Thanks Chow and Chatter.

    LimeCake, this recipe dun yield light texture leh.

    Irene, glad that you and family love the banana cake :).

  43. Sonia, I prefer soft sweet bun too :P.

    Neyee, I dun have the mold for brioche so just baked it in a loaf lor hahaha...

    Thanks Weng for your explanation :).

  44. Thanks Cookie Sleuth :).

    Thanks Karen. Ya probably cos I expected "too much" :P.

    Thank Joudie.

  45. Thanks That's Ron.

    Thanks Mary. Next time I will make french toast with it if I bake again :).

    Thanks Chef Dennis.

  46. Somewhere in Singapore, me too until I baked this one.

    Swee San, yes it looks like cake but taste still like bread, chewy type.

  47. i wonder ... if we had all grown up calling every loaf "brioche," then would the word "bread" sound exotic? Cheers!

  48. This is fantastic looking! So glad I found your I can stare at your creations all day long :)

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