Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marinated Guavas and Apples

This was made for Bee Bee to thank her for helping me to collect the lotus paste that Shirley had helped us to purchase. And also of her generosity to share with me one of the two Korean peaches that Shirley had given her. On top of that, Bee Bee also passed me 2 moonies that she made, I am already have 口福 :P. Initially I thought of just taste a bit (since I have to watch my waistline) but at the end, I finished one moonie by myself hahaha... very delicious that made me wanted to have more :)

Thank you Bee Bee and Shirley!

Bee Bee likes to eat achar but I have yet to learn how to make it (of course I can't let a cooking cum baking expert to be my guinea pig :P) so I made a simple and easy version of appetizer for her. I had made this appetizer before and it tasted so addictive that you just can't stop eating, it was a hit in my office when I brought to share with my colleagues

This appetizer needs to marinate for 6 to 8 hrs in order to be more tasty, the fruits will turn softer when marinated time is longer. I prefer crunchiness than soft, so I do not want to marinate it overnight cos by the time I passed to Bee Bee which is the next day late afternoon, the fruits will definitely become soft.

So I woke up early morning at 6am plus to make this appetizer. While I was slicing the guavas, dear daughter woke up and cried for me so I had to go to her and tug her to sleep again. I shown the sliced guavas to my helper and asked her to follow those as samples and help me to slice the rest of the fruits.

After dear daughter had fell asleep, I went back to the kitchen to continue the preparation. I was upset when I saw those sliced fruits, my helper had sliced the fruits so thick compared to mine. When I asked her, she still replied me innocently that she sliced according to my samples. Hello! Even BABIES also will know that the thickness are so different, the thinnest that she sliced are still thicker by at least 2 times of mine. Urgh.... I told her she is making me more busy than helping me, I need to re-slice all the fruits again.

Hope Bee Bee will like this appetizer, the balance of about 1/2 portion that I kept for own consumption had finished the next day and dear daughter likes it a lot.

This is the preserved mandarin peels that I used.

Recipe adapted from Kitchen Caper forum.

Ingredients :
3 large guava *
2 medium size apple *
2 packet preserved mandarin peels, 15g per packet (you may increase if you prefer sweeter and saltier)
1 chilli (optional)
10 limes (you may cut down if you dun like too sourish)

* total weight of 1.3kg for the guava and apples after remove the core and seeds. ** ingredients for original recipe are 3 guava, 2 packets preserved mandarin peels and 1 chilli (optional)

Methods :
1. Seeded the guavas and apples and slice thinly, approx 2mm thick or your desire size. (You may remove the skin)
2. Slice the mandarin peels thinly.
3. Remove the seeds of the chilli, and slice the chilli thinly into stripes.
4. Obtain the lime juice and chop up 1 lime.
5. Mix guavas, apples, mandarin peels, lime juice, chopped lime and chilli together. Toss to mix well.
6. Transfer into a plastic container and store in fridge for 6 to 8 hrs b4 serving.
7. Serve chilled.


  1. This is good. I love this kind of achar. Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow your blog is awesome I really like it. those cake balls must be delicious

  3. I like this!! I have only tried guavas with 陈皮, but not with chilli and lime juice. Thanks for sharing this recipe :)

  4. Drool, drool..... Just looking at the picture and can't stop salivating! Bet the mandarin peels made a difference.

  5. I have never tried guava except in drinks, and I guess that is not it. Love that you have candied mandarine to buy in a bag.

  6. I feel really bad! You woke up 6am to make this and your daughter cried and your helper made you angry and you had to redo the slicing and and and!!! Ai ya, no need to do this, I feel bad. But rest assured I savored every single bite ( sharing only a few slices with my kids) and finished it with the following day, lol! I have actually made this before, but not with chili and lime. But you know what, the chili and lime gave it an extra 'kick' in the flavor, excellent!! The fruits stayed crunchy and very well flavored, indeed a very appetizing fruit salad! Thanks so so much for taking the trouble to make this yummy snack for me Jess. Lucky me! :)

  7. Ai Mei, I love all kind achar and this is very addictive :).

    Thanks Snooky Doodle for dropping by my blog and do come back often :).

    HHB, I love this too. I prefer the version with chili and lime but I used big chili so not spicy, if you prefer to be slightly spicy you may need to use chili padi.

  8. Busygran, do try to make this easy fruits salad, you will like it too :).

    Thanks Jelena. Are you able to get fresh guava and preserve mandarin peel in your country?

    Bee Bee, dun need to feel bad, is my honor hahaha... so glad you like this fruits salad too :).I thought of adding chili padi initially but afraid might be spicy for your daughters. Not trouble at all, you really dun need to feel bad, I felt happy that I can made something you like heeheehee...

  9. Wow, this looks like a healthy snack to have! I only know about marinating the mandarin peels with guavas, but with apples and chilli and lime. How cool can that be! Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely gonna try this out! :)

  10. What a great sounding the simplicity of it and I bet it tastes fabulous =)

  11. A simple, but very delicious fruit salad!

  12. what great friendship i see here! so heart warming :)

    I think it must have taste really appetising! Bee Bee : you are so lucky, haha! i will try this recipe! never tasted marinated guava before, always had them fresh. Think the marinating process must have added a whole new dimension to the guava!


  13. Jess, this is a lovely dessert. I'm sorry you had so much trouble assembling it, but the finished product looks wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary.

  14. Sometimes it is hard to depend on others :O ....a very appetizing appetizer indeed :p

  15. What a delicious sounding (and looking!) salad! Love the simplicity!

    Great blog!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  16. My sister will love to have this!

    Envy you gals that stay close together. Now I am wondering who stay close to me to have that kou fu. hahaha

  17. Mmmm....healthy and delicious. I wish I can get guava here...really miss it.

  18. This is such a healthy dessert! I think I need some dessert like this nowadays. I'm putting on weight :(

  19. Wah, this looks very refreshing esp in this hot weather.

    I also like to marinate guava and apple (esp guava) with mandarin orange peel but I never add lime juice and chili before. I shall try next time. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Oh a perfect snack on a hot summer day!

  21. I also learned this from KCF, but I didnt know can add chilli, lime & apples, what a great idea

  22. A very interesting recipe! That is a delicious dessert.



  23. I like this type of "kai wei" appetizer hehe

  24. Jess, what's up to you? haha.... Be happy! Frustration cause you wrinkles-leh! haha... Btw, I love these spicy & sweet & sour mixed fruits! REally appertizing! Thanks for sharing. & have a nice day.
    Cheers, kristy

  25. Delicious, I loved this! Too bad, we have no guava here.

  26. what a wonderful fruit salad that would make, a great appetizer to serve before any meal! I don't use Guava enough, this is certainly and excellent way to present it!

  27. hey hey,

    fyi - i m in the kitchen now baking, following your moist banana cake recipe.

    show you once it done, u want a slice ?

  28. Jane, adding chilli and lime will enhance the taste, try it :).

    Thanks girlchef.

    Yes it is, Angie.

  29. Thanks Yan Ee :).

    Mary, not trouble at all since I enjoy making something for friends :).

    You are right Tigerfish, I am trying to do myself but sometimes just need to get some helps.

  30. Thanks Somewhere at Singapore.

    Thanks Mary,do drop by often :).

    Edith, make it for you sis heeheehee... Actually me and Bee Bee not staying nearby leh, but luckily my working place is not very far from her place.

  31. Mary, you can replace by othe fruits too. Anyway you can get to eat guava soon when you are back to Msia visiting.

    Grace, you are so slim leh, you can still afford to put on some more!

    Angel, yes this is good for the hot weather now. Try it next time :).

  32. 3 hungry tummies, yes is perfect now as the weather here is so hot.

    neyee, try it :).

    Thanks Rosa.

  33. Me too, Wiffy, I like it very much too.

    Kristy, alright alright, I shdnt add burden to my face hahaha...

    Little Corner of Mine, you can replace with other fruits like unripe mango, papaya, apples, pear etc.

  34. Chef Dennis, yes this is my favourite salad :).

    Jackie, oh yes spare me a slice hahaha... hope you will like the cake :).

  35. hey jess,

    opps....they are all gone now...hehehe

    you may see the outcome in my blog.

  36. Woke up at 6am ah??
    Wah, I'm still counting stars in my dreams, ahahah!!
    So nice of you to make this for Bee.

  37. Hello Siao

    Thanks for bring these marinated appetizer to sis party!

    Saw I ate quite a huge portion right? Very refreshing and yummy! I'm going to try my hands to make some real soon ;-)

  38. Jackie, I will pop over to your blog soon.

    Wendy, if I sleep early I will wait up early too. You are still in dreamland cos you are late sleeper mah. I will do this for you too lah, I so sick also remember you leh :p

    Hi Cat, glad that you like it too. Sis SMS me this morning too, said her guests like it s lot too. She asked me for the recipe, guess she will make this salad too ;).


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