Friday, September 3, 2010

Sour Mango Salad

This is super easy to prepare, the 1st time I made this sour mango salad to standby for the blogger gathering. As that was last min decision and was very late at night, I just put in whatever I can think of and can find in my kitchen. Surprisingly, dear daughter like it very much so I made another patch as per her requested to go with our western dinner set.

Ingredients :
1 unripe mango, slice into strips
1 onion, thinly sliced
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp plum sauce

Method :
1. Toss the onions with sugar and lemon juice and allow to steep for about an hour.
2. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and toss to mix well.


  1. i love sour food as sour as possible hahaha and ur sour mango really looks good jess!

  2. I love mangoes but have never eaten it as salad, I can imagine that to taste great too!

  3. I like the mango salad so as ur western dinner set.

  4. WOW Jess, this looks very appetizing.可以吃很多哦..

  5. Jess
    This is superb! Salivating already!

  6. I love mango salad. The more sour, the more I lik eit.

    But err... how come unripe mangoes are yellow geh?
    I tot unripe ones are green??

  7. Oh I love this. Btw, what is plum sauce?

  8. what a great idea, a wonderful use of Mango, and certainly something I wouldn't have thought of! Thanks so much for sharing! Hope you have a great labor day weekend!

  9. Nicely done.

    Great combination of sweet and sour flavours.

  10. Hi 月亮, I love mango too, actually my whole family love to :).

    Thanks Jess, I love sour food as well hehehe...

    Thanks cooking Gallery. I only eat mango salad if I am eating at Thai restaurant :).

  11. Thanks Angel.

    Thanks Somewhere in Singapore.

    Yes Ann, thats why my daughter ate a lot :(.

  12. Thanks Cheah, when I think, look and swell of sour food, I will salivate too :p.

    Wendy, I love anything in Mango :P.
    Actually unripe mango is in very pale yellow color. This is the taiwan round mango, the outer layer is very hard and in very pale yellow color (you can see from some part of the mango) and inner layer is more yellow and softer. Outer layer is very sour, inner layer although looks very yellow, though not so sour but not sweet either.

  13. Thanks Chef Dennis, you have a great labor day too :).

    Thanks Angie.

    Thanks Spoon and Chopsticks,

  14. Can imagine the tangy and slight sour taste of the mango salad. Bet it's a nice compliement to that nice plate of steak & fries you made. Perhaps will try it next time since I love Ah zha also. ;)

  15. I love mangoes salad so much especially 'kerabu mangoes'! Super lucious. I can finish the whole dish all by myself. haha.... Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.
    Cheers, kristy

  16. Hi Jess,
    The big chunk of pork chop(?) there has taken the focus away from the mango salad! Hahaha... However, I'll still go for the salad. It sounds sourish and yummy though! *slurp*

  17. Neyee, plum sauce is 梅酱。

    Bee, this is more like salad than pickles. Wow actually we have similar taste bud,I love pickles so so much heeheehee...My mil made very gd achar, next time can pass u some :).

    Kristy, me too!

  18. This is a favourite of my filipino helper. She would use unripe mangoes. I would just watch her eat and salivate.

  19. Your recipes are always so interesting and your photos so beautiful that I look forward to visiting here. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  20. Lovely mango salad to go with the meat. Looks very appetising.

  21. See, I told you you can cook liao. It's hidden in you, just need to dig it out only. =)

    Haha! ZY's idea inspired you to make this sour mango salad. If only I can taste some ... It does look good. A very resourceful idea to put together a healthy meal. (I can take salad as a meal on its own.) I, too, pretty much have all the ingredients listed in my pantry. Will fiddle with that idea when I have sour mangoes. =)

  22. Btw, your daughter is very supportive! She's not a picky eater hor? I'd be so happy too if I were her mom. HAHA! I don't like picky eaters. They drive me up the wall!

  23. Aiyah, you should have brought along and let us try!

  24. Busygran, if I am you sure ask some from your helper cos I cant resist any sour pickles and salad :P.

    Thanks Mary for your support, do drop by often :).

    Thanks MaryMoh :).

  25. Thanks Pei Lin but I can only cook simple dishes :P.

    Yes thanks to ZY. When I saw his msg on making salad, in my mind was how to so I went to kitchen for treasure hunting :P.

    My daughter is not picky or easy eater but she loves fruits and mango is one of her favourite. In fact, she loves most of the food lah. I ever asked her what she dun like, she said poo poo & urine!

    Although I am afraid she will become overweight but I do enjoy her expression when she eating her favourite :P.

  26. Shirley, this is such simple dish I dare 献丑 infront of so many 高手 mah. Jane also said I shd bring this salad cos we didnt prepare any greens.

    Thanks Cookie Sleuth.

  27. This is very appetizing and to me, seems perfect combo with meat/poultry dishes.

  28. Jane, that is lamb chop for my lao gong. Actually my initial plan was to post the lamb chop instead :P.

    Tigerfish, this is a good side dish to go with meat :).

  29. This is great with meat! Love sour stuff =)

  30. thanks pigpigscorner,I love sour food too :).


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