Monday, October 11, 2010

Steamed Glutinous Rice

My family loves the steamed glutinous rice that I cooked for them. As glutinous rice is not easy to digest and dear husband has sensitive stomach, so I seldom cook this dish (well, in fact I seldom cook also lah, I bake more often instead heeheehee...).

We went Giant supermarket for groceries shopping on Sunday morning after sending dear daughter to her enrichment class. We had our breakfast at the food court, I dunno what food to eat so finally, I bought a small packet of steamed glutinous rice. I let dear husband tasted some and he told me that the steamed glutinous rice that I cooked previously was so so much better :D.

Since dear husband is craving for it, of course I need to cook for him right :). So I cooked the steamed glutinous rice using the same recipe for our Sunday dinner and on top of that, I cooked additional for him to bring to office for his staff next morning as per his requested. I brought a small portion to my office for my department gals as well.

Ingredients: (for 15 to 20 pax)
6 tbsp chopped garlic
15 shallots (sliced)
250g dried shrimps (washed) - I soaked for 1 hrs + to soften the dried shrimps a bit
1.5kg Glutinous Rice (soaked overnight) -I soaked for about 13 hrs +, I woke up at 5am+ so I soaked it and cooked at 6pm+)
15 pcs preserved Chinese mushrooms (washed and soak overnight to soften, discard stems and sliced thinly) - I just soaked for 2-3 hrs
5 chinese sausage (sliced thinly)
5 taiwan sausage (sliced thinly)
400g chicken fillet (sliced into stripes)
250g pork belly (slice thinly)
3 cup water (I used the water soaked with mushrooms)

6 tbsp Dark Soya sauce
6 tbsp Oyster Sauce
3 tbsp Dark Sweet Sauce
6 tbsp Sesame oil
3 tbsp Chinese Rice Wine
6 tbsp chinese cooking wine
some pepper

choice of toasted peanuts, spring onions (chopped), red chili (sliced)or fried shallots.

1. Wash and drained the soaked glutinous rice.
2. Heat up a wok, add in oil, followed by garlic and shallots. Fry for about 2minutes till fragrant.
3. Add in dried shrimps, fry for another 3minutes till nicely golden brown. (I fried till the dried shrimps became cripsy, gave crunchiness when eating the rice, yummy)
4. Add in the meat, sausage and mushroom.
5. Add in Seasoning, followed by rice. Mix.
6. lastly, add in water, Mix and remove wok from the flame.
7. Scoop rice mix into a dish for steaming.
8. Steam over high heat for 30 to 40 mins, depending on how u prefer your rice, (soft or chewy)
9. Garnish and serve.

This dish is well recieving by all, those that have tasted it. My husband said the glutinous rice is so addictive that he kept craving for more. All his staff and my department girls gave thumbs up, said is no. 1 yummilious lol. Some even suggested that I should open a stall and sell it and some commented that a lot of "liao" (ingredients). Both me and dear husband think that the glutinous rice tasted even better the next day, more sticky and chewy.


  1. looks super tasty whats an enrichment class

  2. yummy this look so delicious jess!! leave me some willya?

  3. Glutinous rice is my hubby's all times favourite too. Your version a lot of "liao", looks so delicious!

  4. Looks delicious with all the generous toppings! I love glutinuos rice but can't eat much!

  5. Wow Jess...I'm drooling. This looks delicious.

  6. Jess..this post of yours makes me miss my mother...

  7. Thanks Chow and Chatter.

    Jess, I hope I can keep some for you but, the rice finished darn fast leh...

    Angie, my favourite too :).

  8. Wen, my husband and my favourite too but due to my husband's stomach condition, I cant cook this frequent. You said a lot of "liao", my husband's staff also said that but my husband said not enough leh, he so crazy rite!

    Thanks Busygran. My husband love it too but he cant eat much too due to his stomach prob.

    Thanks Zoe.

  9. Why Coraine? I sound like your mum? :P.

  10. This dish has to be my favourite comfort food!! Your photos look lovely!

  11. Jess, you have no idea how much I love glutinous rice! I can take 3-4 glutinous rice dumpling in one day. haha... The only problem was my tummy! Otherwise, I want to take more. Yours look really scrumptious. Thanks for sharing & have a wonderful day.

  12. Yum...looks so good. Love the generous toppings.

  13. 哇.....看起来很丰富哦,肚子都饿了~~

  14. Look at the generous toppings and the colour of your steamed glutinous rice, really make me craving over this. Looks so delicious. :P

  15. Wa the look of your 糯米饭makes me hungry, yum yum yum ... :-)

  16. Beautiful recipe recipe, shall try with more veggies minus the shrimps.

  17. Oh Jess, you are making me seriously salivate! I simply love how it looks!

  18. wah you made me so hungry. your rice looks delicious and love the generous toppings too!

  19. I also like this, but i dare not eat too much as i will feel bloated if eat too much of it...

  20. Though I seldom cook, but I still want to jot down the recipe and try it out when hv chance... thks ya

  21. Me and my family also love glutinous rice too! Can sometimes eat up a couple serving. ;) Yours looks so good leh...salivating already! Okay, you have motivated me to make this week. ;)

  22. Such a nice wife.... hubby praise, sure must cook liao, hahaha!!

    I made this 2 years back, got pics and recipe, but then hoh, my desktop crashed and all was gone.
    Never made it again.

    But now u are making me itch,....
    I want to cook this again leh.

  23. I really want to try this, I have a feeling that hubby would love it x

  24. This look delicious. I am salivating just looking at the pictures. I like this type of rice but can't eat much of it.

  25. I have a big packet of brown glutinous rice... Just the did to cook it with!

  26. Looks tasty! I like glutinous rice too, but have yet to cook it myself. I will try your recipe soon, really looking forward to it!

  27. Jess, I myself love glutinous rice too. But, it can't be easily digested. So, I try to refrain myself from stuffing myself with too much of it. If I do, expect a sumo Pei-Lin to see you the next time around. LOL!

    I love, love 糯米雞! Classic!

  28. I love my mom's glutinous rice! Never cook this before as I don't quite like my kids to eat too much as it's difficult to digest :p

    Yours look really yummy, going to ask my mom to cook some for me this weekend :-)

  29. I love glutinous rice very much. sometime I stuffed the glutinous rice in the whole chicken ;DD

  30. I like steamed glutinous rice a lot but it takes too much work though it is a steamed dish. :O ...let me eat yours?

  31. I have never made or tried glutinous rice! Thanks for the introduction!

  32. I've never had this looks wonderful! Great flavors and ingredients. Yum!

  33. Thanks Ellie, seem like a lot of people love to eat glutinous rice too :).

    Kristy, me too me too! I used to can eat a few bak zhang in a day, during bak zhang festive, I will eat whole day for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus tea snack, scary right :p. But now cant any more, not that my stomach cannot take it, is my waistline cannot take it hahaha...

    Thanks Jet. My cooking mostly need to have a lot of toppings, if not my husband will be upset.

  34. 鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝,come over and I will share with you some :).

    Thanks DG.

    Thanks Esther.

  35. Sanjeeta, try it and let me know :).

    Angie, thanks and sorry for letting you salivated heeheehee...

    Thanks Wiffy, I am hungry by looking at the photo too (me so thick skin :P)

  36. Somewhere in Singapore, my husband also the same as you, thats why I cant cook this dish often.

    Neyeeloh, I am waiting for your chance to come :P.

    Bee Bee, me too, my family loves it a lot too. I will wait for your cooking and if have spare so share with me heeheehee...

  37. Wendy, no choice lah, sometimes have to make him happy a bit :P. Oh no, you must have lost a lot of data then. Never, make it again so we can have beautiful photos and wonderful recipe again. Finally, I made you itch, this is your pay back time hahaha....

    How to be Perfect, do try it and let me know :).

    ICook4Fun, same to my husband, you can cook a bit and eat little. Sometimes good food dun need to eat much :P.

  38. Shirley, good idea, I will get brown glutinous rice, more healthy!

    Min, try this, is easy and tasty. I look forward for your attempt too.

    Pei Lin, this is the prob of glutinous rice. A lot of people love it but a lot cant take it cos of the digestion issue. Hahaha... ok let wait for sumo Pei Lin meet up with sumo Jess lol.

  39. BH, my daughter love this but seldom let her eat too due to same reason :). I bet your mum's glutinous rice is very yummy, you are so lucky.

    Ann, I love glutinous rice too. I tried stuffed glutinous rice in chicken but cant stuff much, so the glutinous not enough for whole family hahaha.... Thanks for reminding me, I shall try it again.

    Tigerfish, actually not a lot of work leh, just the soaking take up a lot of times and also the slicing of ingredients. No prob, I will cook for you when you are in Spore :).

  40. You are welcomed Cookie Sleuth :).

    Karen, hope you will have chance to try this, is yummy!

  41. i love this ... must find a chance to cook this. yum yum..

  42. Jess,

    U deserve all the compliments because ur glutinous rice looks very very good.

    I always have digestion problem after eating glutinous rice so I hardly have it.

  43. Ooh, this looks so good! I've not have this glutinous rice for a long time! You really tempt me to make it again... Yummy yummy!

  44. 我刚在吃饭,看到你这个

  45. HEHE..another hot post of yours!!
    reminds me of my mum~ cos the one that u made is so similar to my mum's...... can feel the motherly love in your food~

  46. Oh no, this is my favourite, can I have some please...

  47. Yum...! This is very comforting! I always order sticky rice every time I eat in a yum cha restaurant, I love the other version as well, bakchang (or nyonya chang).

  48. That looks rich and delicious - just the way I like my loh mah kai!

  49. Jess, all I can sing is "yummy, yummy, yummy, give me some now, yummy all night long"

  50. Yum! I am also a glutinous rice lover, give me anything cooked with glutinous rice I will be happy.

  51. This look so hearty and comforting and delicious.

  52. I love to eat this but also find it difficult to digest glutinous rice. But sometimes I like it so much I think it's worth suffering...haha. Yours looks very delicious. Everyone in your office is so lucky! Wish I was there :D

  53. Jess, you are making me hungry looking at your glutinous rice. Love it with so much leow, must be full of flavours.
    Love your presentation and clicks too. Are you using a DSLR? Nice shot!

  54. My husband loves this too! Looks so yummy!

  55. I don't know if I ever have had glutenous rice, it sounds delicious!!
    what an incredible combination of flavors... I can see why your husband loved this dish!

  56. Hi Yummy Koh, do cook this when you have chance, very yummy :).

    Thanks Angel.

    Jane, cook it quick quick, is delicious :).

  57. 月亮, I am so sorry, next time dun visit blog before or while having meals, I always have this feeling too heeheehee....

    I know lah Coraine, I treat it as compliments :).

    Sonia, here come a bowl for you :P.

  58. Chef B, here come a bowl for u :).

    Thanks Alison.

    Cooking Gallery, I like to order 荷叶饭when I go eat dim sum, one of the must order dish for me :). I prefer nyonya chang than bak chang, yum yum.

  59. Maya, I love loh Mai Kai too, yummy!

    Jo, ok ok I give you a bowl right now :).

    Lydia, me and my husband too but we have to restrict ourselves, my husband cos of stomach prob, me cos of diet hahaha...

  60. Thanks Indie.Tea.

    MaryMoh, this is what my husband's thinking thats why even know he will suffering but he just eat 1st heeheehe...

    Jessie, this is the greatest compliment! I am not using DSLR, just point and shoot old camera, you are making me a happy gal... sorry old lady now hahaha...

  61. Thanks Pigpigscorner.

    Chef Dennis, this rice is delicious, hope you have chance to try it.

    Thanks Mr Pineapple man.

  62. I've never tried glutinous rice. Your photos have convinced me to try this dish. Looks very delicious.


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